RadhaKrishn 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayan’s Eligibility Test

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RadhaKrishn 28th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Narayan as brahmin gives some moral gyaan to raja Bali. Krisna continues that this is how raja Bali got a chance to become devraj for the next session. Radha thinks she should understand Krishna doesn’t have control on other’s issue and she wrongly asked him to interfere between her father and brother because of which they both are hurt emotionally. Krishna says she will get what she desired. After sometime, Krishna with Balram meets Brahmin whom they helped get huge wealth from Kans. Brahmin sees them and excitedly says Kans gave him lots of gold coins. Balram says for their help, he should do a small favor to them. Krishna explains his plan.

Vrishbhan is about to coronate Ayan as Barsana’s sahayak/mukhiya in his absence when Brahmin enters and stopping Vrishbhan

says he wants to test whether this boy is capable of becoming sahayak or not. Vrishbhan permits him. Brahmin questions howmany cows are there in Barsana, howmuch milk, butter and ghee they prepare each day, etc. Ayan stands dumbstruck. Radha signals Dhama to speak and prove his competency. Dhama walks away. Krishna walks behind Dhama and asks him to prove his competency. Dhama says Radha didi chose Ayan instead of him. Krishna says Radha wanted a fair competition and a competent person to be chosen, so he is the right competent and should go and prove himself. Dhama happily walks towards venue. Brahmin scolds Ayan for not knowing anything about Barsana and confronts Vrishbhan that he was selecting an incompetent person. Vrishbhan says Ayan disappointed him. Dhama walks in answering all questions correctly. Brahmin says Dhama is the right contender. Vrishbhan praises Dhama for surprising him with his knowledge. Nand asks Dhama to take his responsibility as sahayak. Dhama says he wants Barsana and Brindavan’s friendship to be more strong and wants Nand to become sahayak instead. Nand says Dhama earned this designation with his competency. Dhama requests again backed by all villagers. Ugrapath says Dhama is right as Nand is more experienced. Nand takes his seat and announces this year’s navratri celebration will be more lavish one. Vrishbhan scolds Ayan again that he disappointed him and should assist Nand for 9 days. Ayan and Jatila stand fuming.

Radha meets Krishna and speaks. Krishna says he is happy to see her breaking her moun vrat. She tells after hearing his 5 stories, she got a question that Narayan gave knowledge to many asurs, if Lakshmi didn’t do anything. Krishna says devi Lakshmi’s 9 natris are more tough on even Narayan as devi killed most dreaded asurs in these 9 nights and her powers are immenses. Radha lying on bed reminisces Krishna’s gyaan and thinks if these 5 stories are related to her, but she need not worry when Krishna is around her and she is eager to hear next story from Krishna.

Kans gets angry on Ayan and Jatila for failing all his plans. Ayan says they tried hard, but wicked Krishna failed their plan this time. Kans asks if he doesn’t know about Barsana, then he doesn’t deserve to be trusted. Jatila requests to forgive her son. Akroor says instead of fighting among themselves, they should find a solution. Kans says if Krishna is not coming here, Radha will bring him here.

Precap: Krishna describes story of Lakshmi Narayan’s Ram and Seeta avatar.

Update Credit to: MA

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