RadhaKrishn 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan Tricks Bali

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RadhaKrishn 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kans calls Asur Dainikasur who emerges as donkey and tells him that even Krishna cannot kill him, so he should go and keep Krishna busy while Ayan completes his task. Whole Barsana people gather to select sahayak in absence of Vrishbhan. Jatila seeing Krishna present thinks when will he go. Ayan says he will and if he doesn’t Dainikasur will destroy Radha’s built market. Vrishbhan says let us select sahayak. Yashoda says Radha should select one. Vrishbhan asks Radha to point at her selection. Radha points at her brother, but Ayan standing behind her brother than her for selecting him. Jatila says she knew Radha would select Ayan. Ugrapath says he is proud of her. Radha prays Narayan to get her out of this dilemma and thinks only Krishna can help her now. Krishna walks to Dainikasur

and fights with him. Radha’s brother walks away disappointed. Radha thinks why Krishna broke promise. Vrishbhan announces Ayan as sahayak for 7 days in his absence and will be coronated officially.

Dainikasur continues attacking Krishna an Krishna easily escapes and taunts donkey Dainikasur. Dainikasur says he will end Krishna or he has to kill him. Krishna ties Dainikasur. Dainikasur is amazed to see a simple boy controlling him. Balram walks to them and asks Krishna if he didn’t end this asur yet. Krishna says he will end this asur. Dainikasur asks if this boy will end him. Balram says he is Seshnag and Krishna is Narayan. Dainikasur says he is happy to get mukti/his end from them. After ending Dainikasur, Balram tells Krishna that now he understood why he told Radha that he will try, he just didn’t want to help her, now he has to bear Radha’s ire. Radha walks angrily to meet Krishna. Krishna asks why she is silent, if she wants him to dance. Radha warns him to stop joking and tell why he broke his promise. Radha says he wants to continue his story.

Krishna continues describing his story that raja Bali decided to show his kindness to become Devraj and asked people to seek whatever they want. Narayan disguised as brahmin reaches there and requests Bali to grant him land worth 3 steps. Bali says he could have asked his whole kingdom and wealth. Narayan says he just needs 3 step land. Bali’s guru Shukracharya realizes his enemy Narayan came in disguise to defeat him is in disguise. Bali says he is Prahlad’s grandson and will fulfill Narayan’s demand. Sukracharya curses Bali that he will lose all his lakhsmi/wealth and walks away. Bali asks Narayan to take his 3 steps. Narayan with steps on whole earth and universe and asks where he should keep his 3rd step. Bali asks to keep it on his head. Bali’s wife requests Narayan to stop as she realized her mistake. Narayan gives them gyaan that in love one shouldn’t go overboard and get trouble for dear ones and should always be in limits.

Precap: Krishna tells brahmin that he gained wealth via his help, now he should help him more. Vrishbhan is about to coronate Ayan as sahayak when brahmin enters and stops him. Radha thinks if she is related to the stories Krishna is describing.

Update Credit to: MA

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