RadhaKrishn 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha and Banke Bihari’s Competition

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Radha asks Banke Bihari who is he. Banke Bihari says he is her heart, but she doesn’t remember him. Sam tells Banke Bihari that he sings really well, what is his name. Banke Bihari says he is Banke Bihari. Sam asks if he thinks he sang better than Radha. Banke Bihari says he also thinks same. Radha asks how can he say so. All citizens back Banke Bihari. Sam says its proved that Radha is insane. Radha says she is not. Banke Bihari says when love crosses its limits, it becomes insane. Radha asks how can he say that. Banke Bihari says he proved that he loves Krishna more than Radha. Radha says her love Krishna is forever. Sam asks if she can prove that she is not insane. Balram says they cannot test Radha to prove her love for Krishna. Banke Bihari challenges Radha that they should see who can draw Krishna’s picture better. Radha agrees. He says then they should go to ashram.

Tulsi continuing to pray Mahadev requests him to show her truth as she cannot tolerate pain anymore, she wants to know if she did right with Radha and Krishna; Mahadev should emerge and show her truth. Mahadev tells Gauri how to tell Devi Tulsi that he is bound by Krishna’s promise and cannot reveal truth until he wants. Gauri says Devi Tulsi’s path is very tough. Mahadev says she is right. Tulsi says she will engrasp herself into ground now and continues chanting Om Namah Shivay. Gauri says Tulsi’s pain should end. Mahadev says only Krishna can answer it.

Banke Bihari asks citizens to let Radha see his painting to show her how well he can draw Krishna’s picture. Radha asks how much he knows Krishna well, she draws Krishna’s pic by heart. Banke Bihari says let us see. Sam says who will decide who drew pic better. Balram says he will as only he can examine Krishna’s pic in detail. Banke Bihari via telepathy tells Balram that he wants Radha to win always and shouldn’t be emotional this time. Balram says he has to find some other way to send Radha to ashram as he cannot prove Radha wrong. Sam tells Balram that since Radha is participating, he cannot judge as everyone knows that Radha is his most dearest. Banke Bihari says Sam is right, Balram can do injustice as he always will favor Radha. Sam says he will judge then. Balram confronts him. Jamvati says she will judge the competition. Citizens agree. Radha and Banke Bihari starts drawing Krishna’s picture.

Gauri asks Mahadev how can Krishna draw picture peacefully when Devi Tulsi is risking her life. Mahadev says Krishna’s picture competition and Tulsi’s meditation are related; they should wait and watch if Krishna draws pic better or Radha. Gauri says Radha will win. He says he let us wait and watch.

Banke Bihari asks Radha to see how well he has drawn Krishna’s eyes. Radha asks him to stop disturbing her. Banke Bihari says she is right. Sam asks Banke Bihari not to disturb Radha. Banke Bihari says he is tired and wants to walk a bit. Radha asks him to go and draw pic. Banke Bihari says he is sure that he will win for sure. Radha warns him to draw his pic peacefully. He says what problem she has if he is relaxing and asks her to look into his eyes and tell if he is a liar. Radha looks into his eyes and gets hypnotized. Balram fumes seeing that. Sam says Banke is a trickster and before competition ends, he has to send Radha to ashram. He meets Shukracharya. Sukracharya asks how did he go into coma. Sam says it was Krishna’s trick for sure and asks him how to get Radha out of Dwarka. Sukracharya says he has to awake a powerful asuri power to kidnap her. Sam asks him to do it then. Sukracharya says he will start awaking asur then. Sam thinks Radha will be kidnapped now for sure. He returns to competition venue where Banke completes his picture. He asks Radha when will she complete her pic. Banke says she is an adamant opponent and gets Radha out of hypnotism with a snap of a finger. Radha gets happy seeing her drawn pic. Sam asks if its complete. She says not yet and completes her pic. Jamvati asks them both to display their pictures. Banke says he wants Radha to show her pic first. Radha asks why is that so. Banke says he doesn’t want Radha to feel humiliated seeing his pic. Radha says he cannot draw pic just by people’s description, it is drawn by heart. Banke shows his pic, and Radha is surprised to see such a beautiful picture of Krishna. Sam praises Banke and asks Radha to show her pic. Everyone insist her. She shows her pic and everyone are surprised to see exact pic like Banke’s.

Precap: Sukracharya orders asur Dantavakra to emerge and kidnap Radha. Dantavakra kidnaps Radha. Krishna informs Tulsi about Radha’s kidnap and requests her to free him from curse to save Radha.

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