RadhaKrishn 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Dilemmatic Request For Krishna

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Guard informs Radha and Krishna that Shani got well. Radha is surprised to hear and seeing Shani’s all wounds healed asks Krishna how did he get well so soon. Krishna says because of Hanuman’s treatment. Shani thanks Hanuman for treating him instantly. Hanuman says its because of his prabhu Ram’s blessings and he wants everyone to chant prabhu Sri Ram’s name once. Shani says he whoever submits mustard oil in his temple, he will gentle his vakra dhristi on them; he wants Hanuman to be prayed in his temples first and wants hid devotees to submit mustard every Saturday. Hanuman agrees saying how can he reject his kind request. Shani praises him. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna’s every act is for betterment of the universe. Mahadev agrees and says in the future when Krishna is not on earth, Shani will protect the people. Shani leaves chanting Jai Sri Ram. Krishna tells Radha that even Shani chanted Jai Sri Ram, so even she should. Radha says as she said, only Krishna will be praised in Dwarka.

Nishat and Ulmukh help Radha prepare laddus for Hanuman and get tired. They ask her why she is preparing laddus for his opponent. Radha says challenge is fine, they should respect their guest first. They both run away seeing Hanuman. Hanuman greets Radha and says he got tempted seeing laddus. Radha says these are for him. He thanks her and says she cannot win over him though and wants to compete right now. She asks which new knowledge he gained know that he is eager to compete right now, let us go to sabha then. He says he will finish laddus first and then meet her in sabha. On the other side, Balram complains Krishna against Hanuman and says let us go to sabha. Krishna says still there is time for that and shows Radha coming. Radha walks to him and says Hanuman is eager for competition and himself invited citizens for sabha, she is sure he gained a new knowledge. She says he is his bestfriend and lover, so he should tell what it is as he knows everything; she further asks him to promise her that if Hanuman is about to win, he should not let him win and support her instead. Krishna agrees. Mahadev hearing that thinks why did Krishna promise Radha and put himself in a tough situation.

During sabha, Balram announces that they will continue the competition and see if Hanuman can prove that his devotion is superior than Radha’s. Citizens says Radha’s devotion is superior. Krishna asks Hanuman to prove his superiority. Hanuman asks Radha to speak first. Radha says she doesn’t want to say anything. Radha says she doesn’t want to say anything. Hanuman says it proves his devotion is superior than Radha as he proved it repeatedly. Balram agrees followed by Sam. Krishna says as a judge, Hanuman is right and everyone present here have witnessed Hanuman’s devotion. Hanuman says when Krishna himself has agreed, he should take a decision. Radha hopes Krishna will speak. Hanuman asks if anyone has a problem, they should speak or else chant Jai Sri Ram with him. All citizens chant Jai Sri Ram. Hanuman tells Radha that she should accept her defeat now. Radha asks Krishna to speak as she did all this for their love. Krishna tells Hanuman that everyone accept his devotion, both Radha and Hanuman proved their devotion in their own ways; he accepts that Radha is her superior devotee, but they don’t now if Hanuman’s prabhu also accepts that Hanuman is his superior devotee, so if Hanuman can call his aradhya to prove it. Hanuman says he didn’t understand what he means. Radha says Krishna means like Krishna is present to prove she is his biggest devotee, even Sri Ram should be present to prove Hanuman’s devotion. Hanuman asks if they mean his devotion is not superior. Radha says they need mean it, they just want Sri Ram to accept it. Hanuman asks Krishna why don’t he speak, he considered him as his friend, judge is considered superior here, but he proved him wrong; if they all want Prabhu Ram to present here, he will find his prabhu somehow here and will bring him here. Radha says they didn’t mean to insult him and everyone chanted Jai Sri Ram here. Hanuman says he challenged Radha not to insult her but to increase his prabhu’s divinity, he will not let his prabhu insulted and soon will return with his prabhu.

Precap: Hanuman realizes Krishna is Ram.

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