RadhaKrishn 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Draupadi Impresses Durvasa

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Pandavs inform Draupadi that they are going to city to seek charity and will return by evening. Durvasa’s disciple asks him how will they get food in this jungle. Durvasa says they are Shiv devotees and Shivji will feed them; there is a hut nearby and let us go there. He walks to Pandavs’ hut with disciples. Draupadi greets him and asks who is he. Durvasa angrily shouts if she doesn’t know him, he is rishi Durvasa. Draupadi greets him again. He blesses her and asks her to feed him and his disciples and if she doesn’t, he will curse her. He goes near river to freshen up. Draupadi gets tensed that there is no food at hut, how will she manage. She checks utensils and finds only 1 grain of rice, gets tensed how will she feed rishi Durvasa and his 100 disciples. She prays Krishna for help.

Krishna takes Radha to same jungle. Radha asks why did he bring her here. Krishna says he is feeling very hungry, so she should arrange food for him. She asks him to stop joking, how will she, she can arrange only fruits. He says anything, he can’t even walk, so she should go and search food. Radha walks searching for food and seeing a hut walks in where she sees Drauapadi. Draupadi asks who is she. Radha says she is Krishna’s Radha. Draupadi says she heard about it. Radha says Krishna is here and she came in search of food for him. Draupadi says there is only a single rice grain and explains whole situation. Radha says Rishi Durvasa is an angry guru and will curse her if she doesn’t feed him. She picks 1 grain and keeping it on banana leave says this one grain will feed Durvasa and his disciple, Draupadi should serve the plates while she brings rishi Durvasa.

Durvasa walks in jungle fuming that Pandavs should have made their hut near river. He gets happy seeing Radha and imagines her divine form. He greets her. Radha says she is a common woman and should greet him instead and invites him for food. Durvasa via telepathy tells Krishna that he forgot Radha is in human form. Krishna says he will notice Radha’s divine form soon. Durvasa walks back to hut and unravels banana leaves to find a feast. He enjoys feast and says he never had such a tasty food in life and blesses Draupadi with his magical food pot saying Pandavs will never fall short of food from hereon. Draupadi thanks Krishna for his help. Krishna says Radha helped her today instead. Draupadi then thanks Radha. Radha says Durvasa and his disciples had only Krishna’s share, now Krishna and others will have Radha’s share. Krishna reaches there. Draupadi serves him food and requests to stay back till Pandavs return. Krishna says though she forgave Pandavs, he hasn’t forgiven them for insulting a woman and objectifying her as personal property for gambling. Pandavs return and Krishna leaves. Draupadi informs them that friend Krishna had come. They get happy and says Madhav should have stayed to meet them. They take Krishna’s leftover food and feeling it taste ash realize that Madhav hasn’t forgivn them yet. Krishna tells Radha that Pandavs has to become someone’s slave to realize their mistake.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna that 12 years have passed since Pandavs vanvas, when will he meet them. He says its time now. Pandavs are seen working in disguise. Duryodhan orders to search Pandavs in whole Bharath. Radha asks Krishna in which disguise will he meet Pandavs. Krishna disguises himself as Gopadevi.

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