RadhaKrishn 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fails Sam’s Plan

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Krishna informs family that Anirudh is trapped in a trick and he has to fight a battle which no one has seen or heard of. He apologizes Mahadev as he doesn’t any other go. Mahadev pleads not to do that as if they fight, the world will destroy. Banasur praises Usha for captivating Anirudh and says now nobody can save Krishna from him. Balram asks where Anirudh must be. Krishna says he is at Banasur’s place. Pradyumna and everyone present there get worried and plan to attack Banasur and free Anirudh. Krishna stops them and asks them to wait till he says. Jamvati with Sam and Lakshmana returns to Dwarka and says she wanted her daughter-in-laws entry in a grand way, but nobody would come as she didn’t inform anyone about it. Sam says Krishna, Balram, and Pradyumna must have left Dwarka by now. Jamvati asks where did they go. Sam says Krishna thinks he is very intelligent, but he can easily manipulate Krishna.

Radha walks to Krishna and asks why is he sitting here instead of going on a war. Krishna says he wants to give one more chance to Anirudh. Radha praises him that everyone father should be like him who forgives his son even after his repeated mistakes. Sam walks into palace and is shocked to see Krishna present with whole family greeting him and his new bride. Krishna welcomes Lakshmana and says her father was a great warrior and she is happy to have her as daughter-in-law. Lakshmana is also surprised by his kind gesture. Jamvati thinks why everyone doesn’t look happy except Radha and Krishna. Balram greets them next. Jamvati asks Rukmavati why she is crying. Revathi says Anirudh is kidnapped. Krishna announces Sam and Lakshmana’s lavish wedding celebrations

Anirudh requests Banasur to leave him as he came here by trick. Banasur says he is not a fool to leave him easly, he is a guinea pig to call Krishna here. Usha asks him not to leave Anirudh easily. Banasur gets Krishna’s letter and opens it happily blabbering that as he thought Krishna will come and fall on his feet begging for Anirudh’s life, but is shocked to see Sam and Lakshmana’s wedding invitation and shouts that Krishna is busy celebrating wedding instead of saving Anirudh.

Krishna gets Banasur’s reply that he will kill Anirudh first and then Krishna. Pradyumna and Balram fume hear that. Krishna asks Pradymna to visit Banasur and request him to free Anirudh. Pradyumna asks what if Banasur attacks him. Krishna asks him to take army along. Pradyumna gets ready and asks Balram what should he do. Balram suggests not to attack Banasur first, but if Banasur attacks him, he can attack him back in self-defense. Sam hears their conversations. Sam and Lakshmana’s wedding rituals start next. Sam tells Lakshmana that Radha is Krishna’s strength and he has to kill her first to kill Krishna. Lakshmana takes oath to kill whole family. Krishna feels sad hearing their conversation via telepathy. After wedding completes, Lakshmana takes everyone’s blessings determined to kill them all.

Precap: Krishna addresses that if if is inevitable to wage war against Banasur, his warrior son Sam will head the army. Sam attacks Banasur with Krishna’s weapons. Banasur thinks Krisha’s weapons and his dynasty will be his now.

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