RadhaKrishn 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Senses A Flaw In Jestha/Alakshmi’s Story

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Rishi Sandipani blesses Alakshmi/Jestha that she will find her boyfriend for sure whom she came here in search of. Alakshmi smirks hearing that. Krishna says the person whom Jestha loves should also love him, love should be from both sides and its unfair to seek a person who doesn’t love them. Sandipani says he right, there is a meaning in love only if 2 people love each other, Jestha should get a person who immensely loves Jestha in return. Jestha gets angry hearing that. Sandipani says they will rest and return to ashrom tomorrow. Krishna says as he wishes. Ulmukh takes them away. Alakshmi confronts Krishna that if he had not interfered, Sandipani would have fulfilled her wish. Krishna says its time that she cannot get what she desires as she does sin and wants to gain love by trick, he loves pure hearted Radha and will never love Alakshmi, he wants to request her to mend her ways and leave Dwarka. Alakshmi says he deprived her of her right and did injustice to her. She says she should speak about justice and injustice only after knowing her truth and once he realizes her truth, she will feel guilty.

Radha walks to Krishna and seeing him resting tries to leave. He opens eyes and stops her. Radha says her mind is restless. Krishna asks what happened. She says she mad a mistake by going to search Jestha’s boyfriend when rishis were here, so she wants to apologize. Krishna stops her and says she need not apologize herself as Radha and Krishna are one. He asks if she met Narayan, Jestha’s boyfriend. She says he didn’t come and is a scamster. He asks does she think so. She says he false promised Jestha. He says she should meet him for sure. She says she wants to question him. He says she should meet him and ask if he really loves Jestha. She says just like they love each other, Jestha and her boyfriend must be loving each other. He she cannot conclude without knowing the fact, Radha Krishna’s love cannot be compared with anyone else’s love; he says she and Jestha look similar, but don’t love similarly; she should wait for poornima and see if Jestha’s love is true or not. She asks why on poornima. He says a big secret will be out on poornima and it will surprise everyone.

Alakshmi says whatever he is saying she already knows, so he should tell something new. He says he remembers her challenging that she will defeat Radha before poormima, but looking at the events, he doesn’t think that will happen. She says like he doesn’t’ want her to win. He says he knows a person who can help her, his guru also hates Krishna like her. She asks who is he. He says asur guru Shukracharya. She says he knows him well, but didn’t know he hates Krishna, she will never take his help. He says Shukracharya knows Krishna’s many weaknesses and will help her for sure. She asks how dare he is to say that, if he thinks she cannot do anything in 2 days, she will create a disaster on poornima. Mahadev hearing that tells devi Gauri that even he is waiting for poormima, Alakshmi saw Dhanlakshmi and Dhanyalakshmi’s powers and will try to show her power on other 6 Lakshmis and if she wins over either one Lakshmi, not only Dwarka, she will take over whole universe. Devi Gauri says nothing is impossible to Radha when Krishna is helping her, there will more light than usual during this poornima night.

Radha walks to Jestha and says she was searching her to discuss about her boyfriend as he didn’t come at all. Jestha says even she is confused why didn’t he come to meet her. Radha says what if he doesn’t love her. She says he has to love her at any cost. Radha says she cannot force anyone and its not true love, now she has to find out if Jestha’s boyfriend really loves her. Jestha says she will force him to love her. Radha thinks Jestha is thinking, she needs to find her truth; asks when is she introducing her to her boyfriend as she promised she will not ask her to go from here until she meets her boyfriend. Jestha thinks since when Radha became intelligent, she is doubting her; says she will introduce her boyfriend in 2 days. Radha believes her and walks away.

Krishna waits for Alakshmi and Radha before starting next asthalakshmi story. Balram asks where are they. Krishna says he is waiting for them as Alakshmi will not wait for long and will try to create disaster. Balram says he knows Krishna will handle the situation. Krishna says he will try his best. Radha and Alakshmi walk in. Krishna says he is feeling happy as Radha invited rishi Sandipani to his palace. Radha says she didn’t. Krishna says sometimes their soul does what they think, he wanted to meet his guru anyways. He says he wants to finish asthalakshmi story soon, so he will try to recite Santanalakshmi, Dhairyalakshmi, Adilakshmi, Gajlakshmi, Vijaylakshmi, and Vidyalakshmi’s stories. Alakshmi thinks even she is eager to finish her goal soon. Krishna says they need to finish the stories in 2 days before poornima and he is sure each person present here will understand the stories. Everyone present there nod yes. Krishna says let us start Santanalakshmi’s story and find out her importance. Alakshmi thinks she needs to make use of time and stands up. Krishna says they all wish to have a competent son or daughter, so they should pray Santanalakshmi for sure. Alakshmi walks away. Radha thinks where did she go. Krishna thinks Alakshmi went to do something which will harm whole universe.

Precap: Shukracharya suggests Alakshmi to spoil Krishna’s sabha before he starts vidyalakshmi story. Alakshmi says she will not let the knowledge reach anyone and will make Radha forget love. She asks Krishna to play bansuri before he starts next story. Krishna fails to play bansuri and says he thinks he forgot it.

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