RadhaKrishn 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Meets Yamuna

RadhaKrishn 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna and Radha play holi with each other happily and runs around throwing colors on each other. Sam gets jealous seeing their happiness and takes oath to end them and all citizens of Dwarka; Dwarka should mourn deaths instead of celebrating prem utsav/festival of love. Laxmana and Jamvati hear his conversation and try to stop him. He walks to mountain cliff and shouts that he Mahadev’s ansh/part and will end Radha, Krishna, and whole Dwarka. He picks axe to behead himself. They both stop her. He says he will attack with his full energy and either will die or kill Radha and Krishna. Jamvati and Laxmana plead Sam not to harm himself. Sam determines to defeat Krishna this time or die. Jamvati asks him to remember his childhood days and gather his best energy from there. Sam thinks he needs to visit Krishna’d childhood place Brindavan to gather his energy.

Radha leaning on Krishna’s shoulder says their celebration at Brindavan was the most memorable one. Krishna says those are really the best day, but he doesn’t want to go there. Radha asks if he really doesn’t want to go there. He says no. She asks if he forgot Brindavan’s cows, gardens, fond memories, etc. He says how can he forget Brindavan, but he cannot go there as he has a secret left behind there. Radha thinks why he doesn’t want to go there. Krishna leaves. Balram notices Radha tensed and asks Krishna what did he say Radha. Krishna says Radha wants to visit Brindavan, but he denied going there. Balram asks why.

Sam reaches Brindavan and sees a dilapidated place without inhabitation and thinks what is special in this place where Krishna lived. He hears a lady singing and praising Krishna and asks why is she praising Krishna. She warns him to take Krishna’s name with respect. Sam says he is Krishna’s son Sam. She gets happy hearing that. He asks who is she. She says she is Jamuna who loves Krishna immensely and is waiting for him. She continues that even Krishna and Radha were born in front of her and they celebrated many festival with her, Krishna loves her a lot. Sam says if she is Yamuna river, then why her water is dry. Yamuna says Brindavan was prosperous when Krishna was present, even she dried up in Krishna’s remembrance.

Balram asks Krishna if he has an enemy in Brindavan. Krishna says not enemy, but if he becomes enemy, it would be problematic for them. Balram asks who is he. Krishna says he cannot take his name and if planets/graha change, it would bring disaster for Dwarka; hence, Balram should inform citizens not to do anything wrong or else he may also not help them. Balram asks whom Narayan is also afraid of. A man is seen meditating.

Sam informs Yamuna that Krishna doesn’t love her and rejected her. Yamuna gets angry and determines to take revenge from Krishna with her brother Shani’s help. Krishna tells Radha that he has to visit Brindavan, else there would be a disaster awaiting.

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