RadhaKrishn 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kans Is Attacked

RadhaKrishn 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells devi Yamuna it is time to show her superpowers and show Kans what she is. Yamuna throws dirt on Kans and warns him to dare not provoke her as she both has dirt and pure water, it is up to the seekers what they want. Radha wakes up and seeing flowers asks how did the come here. Krishna says she walks wearing so many flowers. She asks to stop his acting, let us go now before family gets tensed.

Nand with his troupe returns to Barsana and seeing things shattered all around feels sad that flood destroyed everything. Vrishbhan walks to him and hugs and says they are all and cows are safe. Yashoda asks where is her Kanha. Krishna with Radha returns and says he is safe. Yashoda thanks god that they are all safe. Jatila yells that all this mishap happened as they went to celebrate Krishna’s birthday. Balram asks Krishna why don’t he speak. Krishna says Radha will speak now. Radha says they all are safe because of Krishna and there is nothing wrong in celebrating his birthday, so they all will celebrate Everyone agree to her except Jatila and Ayan. Ugrapath says Radha is right, they will celebrate Krishna’s birthday tomorrow.

Kans apologizes guru Shukracharya for disobeying him and says he did not know Krishna is so wicked and crook. Shukracharya says thats okay and says whole Barsana is celebrating Krishna’s birthday tomorrow, one more person will celebrate Krishna’s birthday in more lavish way. Kans angrily asks who is he. Shukracharya says Kans. Kans asks what is his plan. Shukracharya says his respectable Mahadev will help them.

Krishna and Radha build wall together looking at each other. After arrangements are made, Krishna returns home with Balram and hopes Radha will come to meet him. Radha walks to Yashoda and asks why she called her. Yashoda tells her about preparing butter for Krishna. Radha agrees to help her. Krishna eagerly waits for her when Radha passes ignoring her. Krishna stops her and asks if she does not walk to meet her. Radha says she came to meet Yashoda. Their nok jhok starts and she leaves.

Jatila fumes with Ayan that Kans tried multiple times to kill Krishna, but failed. Radha returns home with milk. Jatila yells that her bahu is roaming outside while she is waiting inside and asks what did she get. Radha says she got less milk as there is shortage of milk in Barsana. She goes to kitchen and boiling milk gets cream for Krishna’s butter. Yashoda also does same. Balram walks into kitchen asking Yashoda to give him something to eat as he is very hungry. Yashoda asks him to wait.

Balram walks to Krishna and asks what are maiya and Radha up to. Krishna says they both are preparing most dangerous weapon for him in kitchen and continues explaining.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha when she is doing so much for his birthday, can she get him a butter pot which he can break and have butter with her. Shukracharya gets dangerous weapon from deep earth crest which is made of Shivji’s last left drop of halahal/poison.

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