RadhaKrishn 22nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Seeks A Boon

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Mata Saraswathi fulfills Radha’s wish to die before Krishna dies and gives her a boon. She says she gives boon of prosperity and wealth, but she is giving her boon of death for her love for Krishna. Krishna reaches Radha and asks why did she seek her death. Radha says she didn’t have any other option. He shouts how can she die before him. She says when she is not with him during her last days, what is the use of her life, so she wishes to die before him. He says when she has desired it, she will die before him and he cannot change it even if he wants; her love made him wish this boo, he will make sure that her death will be equally special than his love; even he will seek something special from Devi Saraswathi. She asks what did he seek. He says even he will not reveal it like her as love is only to experience.

Mata Saraswathi emerges in front of Sam. Sam greets her. Mata Saraswathi asks what he needs. He says he wants Krishna to die before next Basant Panchami. Mata Saraswathi says she is a god of love, knowledge, and talent and doesn’t kill anyone, so he can ask something else. Sam says he prayed her by heart, hence she has to fulfill his wish like she fulfilled Radha’s wish. Mata Saraswathi asks not to entangle her in words, Radha sought her own death and not killing anyone. Sam thinks maa is right that Mata Saraswathi will not go against Krishna, so he has to do what maa advised. He asks Mata Saraswathi to fulfill Radha’s wish. Mata Saraswathi fulfills his wish and disappears. Sam happily informs Jamvati Laxmana that he wished Radha’s death as she ordered. Laxmana says Krishna will die mourning Radha’s death. Mata Gowri gets concerned seeing that. Mahadev says Radha and Krishna complement each other and comfort each other, so he is sure Krishna will find some way out. Mata Gowri says let us see what Krishna seeks from Mata Saraswathi.

Krishna calls Mata Saraswathi. Mata Saraswathi emerges. Sam, Jamvati, and Laxmana watch hiding. Mata Saraswathi says Sri Krishna never asks anything, she is eager to know what he wants. He says he wants to seek something for Radha; he wants Radha to leave the world peacefully with Gopis, Golok, Barsana cows, etc. Mata Saraswathi says he changed the meaning of Radha’s death and gave his everything to her. Radha asks Krishna why he wants to sacrifice everything for her. He says he is life has no meaning without her and after her death, he wants to die soon; what they wished will keep them together forever and even death or anything will not separate them. Mata Saraswathi says tathasthu and disappears. Sam fumes seeing their tears of joy and thinks even death cannot make them sorrow, how can they enjoy their death. Mahadev tells Mata Gowri that Radha and Krishna made their death joyful, even death cannot separate them. Mata Gowri nods yes.

Balram and whole family eagerly wait for Krishna and citizens to return. Citizens return followed by Krishna and Radha. Krishna says when he and Radha have to leave their bodies soon, why should they mourn; they should celebrate Basant panchami happily before Radha’s death. Balram asks what does he mean by Radha’s death. Krishna asks him to not to ask about it and celbrate Basant panchami as a day of love. He throws colors in air followed by Nishant, Ulmukh and others. Radha and Krishna apply color to each other smiling.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she wants to visit Brindavan with him for sometime. Krishna says he cannot go there as he has a hidden secret there. Sam meets a woman and asks who is she. Lady says she is Yami and become Yamuna in Krishna’s love and her brother is Shani devi. Sam asks if she will let him meet Shani devi. Yami says Shani will get angry if he wakes up before Krishna reaches here. Sam decides to wake up Shani.

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