RadhaKrishn 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandravali Loves Krishna

RadhaKrishn 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha shatters seeing Krishna doing raas leela/dancing with Chandravali instead of her. Vishakha says that is the reality and she has to get back Krishna by explaining Chandravali how much cunning and shrewd Krishna is and how he plays with people’s lives. Radha says she cannot do that as she loves Krishna. Vishakha says there is no other go. She meets Chandravali who hymns Krishna’s bansuri music. Radha asks her to stop. Chandravali says thank god she came here, she loves Krishna a lot now, he is so nice and nobody can play bansuri better than him. She continues praising Krishna. Radha says she does not know who Krishna is, he acted as loving him and she wrote a love letter to him; when she revealed her parents that she loves Krishna, Krishna denied it, and when she was about to

marry someone, Krishna broke his wedding, he is very cruel.

Krishna hears that and cries. Balram asks what happened. Krishna says Radha told something unusual in jealousy. Balram says he told as human, one has to bear their deeds in the world itself. Krishna says Radha has to bear a lot of pain because of her jealousy. Radha continues badmouthing about Krishna and warns Chandravali to stay away from him. She returns to Vishakha and says she had to do this as only she can love Krishna and he is only hers. She prays god early morning and apologizes for lying. Chandravali walks to her and says she could not sleep whole night after hear what she told about Krishna, she earlier heard only good about Krishna, so if Radha can repeat her words in front of Krishna. Radha gets tensed and says they can go tomorrow. Chandravali insists to go right now. Radha runs to Kirtida saying her mother needs her help in household chores. Chandravali says aunty has done all her chores and takes Radha along. Radha sees her friends and asks where are they going. They say they are going to river for bathe. Radha says they did not play water sports since many days, let us go and play. Chandravali insists and takes her to Krishna. Krishna asks how come 2 sisters came together. Chandravali says Radha badmouthed about Krishna.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that their body is god’s most superior creation; god has given 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 legs, but only 1 tongue and gave teeth to protect tongue as human’s words decide their nature and future, so one should think well and speak less.

Precap: Krishna tells Chandravali that he and Radha love each other.
Chandravali says Radha told she does not love him. Krishna says he does not know why Radha told that. Radha tells Balram that she needs to speak before situation gets out of control. Chandravali tells Krishna that she will never leave him alone/

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