RadhaKrishn 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shakuni’s Vicious Move

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Krishna tells Arjun that he would have thought about his mother, brothers and Draupadi’s feelings and opinions before keeping his words. He further says that he doesn’t agree with Dhritarastra’s order and agrees with Duryodhan’s idea of partition as Dronacharya, Bhishma, Vidhur, Kunti, and others also opine same. Shakuni thinks Krishna is spoiling the plan and asks Krishna why he is disagreeing with Dhritarastra’s order. Krishna says let him speak as it would be injustice to Pandavs; when Pandavs themselves can rule the land, why should the live as Duryodhan’s brothers in Hastinapur. Shakuni says even he agreed that Duryodhan will rule Hastinapur. Dhritarastra asks what is the solution. Krishna says Pandavs should get whole Hastinapur… he is not saying that.. he wants Duryodhan to give a piece of land to Pandavs in charity. Duryodhan disagrees at first but on Shakuni’s advice accepts Krishna’s advice and says he needs a few minutes to decide the land. Arjun thinks he knew Krishna would get him out of this tough situation.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that he will not give even a needle size land to Pandavs. Shakuni says he should give a piece of land to make everyone happy and fail Krishna’s plan and suggests him to give baron Khandavprastha land. Duryodhan gets very happy. They both return to sabha, and Duryodhan says as per Krishna’s advice he will give Khandavprastha to Pandavs. Bhisma asks if he is out of his mind, Khandavprastha is a baron and cursed land and nobody can inhabit it. Vidhur backs him. Shakuni says Duryodhan is just accepting Krishna’s order. Drama continues. Yudistra says he will accept Khandavprastha to prove Dhritarastra’s injustice.

Balram tells Krishna that Arjun’s wrong decision is pushing his whole family into trouble. Krishna says he wanted around to take his own decision, but he is just acting like a devotee, he cannot become charioteer until he is capable of taking decisions and now he has to go through a very tough time and prove himself.

Back to room, Duryodhan happily praises Shakuni and says its time for celebration. Shakuni sends maids away and says Krishna can help Pandavs in reviving baron land, if that happens, they will be hero in citizens’ eyes, so we have to plan something big now.

Precap: Arjun promises Draupadi that he will give her luxuries she deserves and will build her a palace in Khandavprastha. Krishna says Arjun has to face difficulties. Arjun walks into a cave and faces monster Vishdhar Bhujang Takshak.

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