RadhaKrishn 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Kills Keshi

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Krishna tells Keshi that he brought Krishna till here as he let him bring here, now Yamuna will be Keshi’s death spot. Keshi says he is very powerful and and crush Krishna. Krishna says if he returns to Kans, he will be killed and if he fights with Krishna, he will reach mukti/peaceful end. Keshi says he can pull whole universe with his teeth. Krishna says universe is in his mouth and punches Keshi repeatedly. Keshi falls down injured and apologizes Krishna for not knowing him at first. Krishna says he chose to fight with him and reach mukti, this ghat will be called Keshi ghat hereon. Keshi reaches mukti. Krishna sees blood on his hair and requests devi Yamuna/river to purify him and this ghat with her water.

Radha with whole team reaches and asks if he is fine. Krishna says yes. She asks where is Keshi horse. Krishna says it was heading into river, so he jumped on time and saved himself. Yashoda says horse can swim. Krishna says chariot cannot and horse drowned in with chariot. Radha asks why was he washing his hair then. He says and spread on his hair when he jumped down, so he was washing his hair. Ayan shouts because of Krishna, they lost Keshi and Krishna risked even Vrishbhan and Nand’s lives. Radha warns him to stop alleging Krishna who killed monster horse Keshi and saved them all, he is washing his hair after victory, so he should be named as… Krishna says Keshi.. Radha says it is such a wonderful name. Balram tells Krishna that Radha again fell into defect of feeling herself as inferior and Krishna as superior.

Radha returns to her house and chants Keshav engrasped in Krishna’s love. Krishna enters and says if feels so good hearing Keshav from her mouth. She gets confused to her select her jewelry and clothes. Krishna selects for her. Radha wears them, walks out and seeing Kirtida greets her and walks to meet her friends. Kirtida is amazed to see that. Radha meets her friends and asks how is she looking. Friends say not good, let them correct her. Radha fumes that Krishna chose her clothes and jewelry and she is looking her best.

In Kailash, Gowri gets happy seeing Radha’s love for Krishna. Mahadev says Radha should realize the truth before it is too late. ‘
Akroor informs Kans that Krishna killed even Keshi. Kans fumes that Krishna killed all his asurs one my one. Akroor says he should send all his asurs at once. Kans says Krishna’s motto is something is else and he needs to find out.

Balram walks to Krishna and asks what is he doing with Radha. why did he decorate Radha so low, what happened to his love. Krishna says he was following his love, whatever he does Radha thinks he is doing right and wants to become Radha, this path is taking her away from him and even herself. Kans performs havan and thinks he will find out Krishna’s motto and his truth and will attack Krishna.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that water from water fall has to fall down to reach ocean; if one has to drink water from it, he/she has to fold their palm, bend and pick water; if they need to get love, they need to be humble.

Precap: Balram tells Radha that Krishna is just a simple cowherd and not great. Radha says even his blindfolded by arrogance, he will open his eyes once he opens his eyes. Balram asks Krishna what has Radha understood.

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