RadhaKrishn 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram Puts Krishna In Jail

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Balram introduces Subhadra to Shakuni and Duryodhan. Duryodhan says he is nothing in front of Subhadra, she is very beautiful. Balram tells Subhadra that Duryodhan is not only brave but also humble. Balram says he likes Duryodhan, so he promised to get Subhadra married to him. Rukmini says even she liked Duryodhan. Radha asks Balram if he asked Krishna’s opinion. Paundruka disguised as Krishna walks in and apologizes for not meeting Balram. Balram says he knows Krishna got busy in work. Krishna says he accepts his elder brother’s decision. Subhadra says she accepts her brothers’ decision. Balram congratulates everyone. Radha thinks where is Krishna. Guards bring Krishna. Everyone are shocked seeing 2 Krishnas and asks who is he. Paundruka says this is his dopplegangar Vasudev Krishna Paundrak who considers himself as real Krishna. Shakuni and Duryodhan back Paundruka followed by Subhadra and Rukmini. Balram says even he knows who is real Krishna and asks real Krishna why is he doing this, nobody can imitate Krishna. Radha insists Krishna to speak truth, but Krishna says he is doppelganger. Radha is shocked and thinks why is Krishna doing this. Balram orders guards to put doppelganger in jail. Paundrak smirking at Krishna asks him to spend his life in jail now.

Krishna is put in jail. Radha visits him. Krishna asks how did she come here. Radha says she learnt to be fearless and asks why didn’t he real that he is real Krishna. Krishna says everyone are believing that doppelganger is real Krishna in one way or other and many powerful people are backing doppelganger, so it impossible to prove it right now. Radha asks who is the doppelganger. Krishna says his name is Paundruka who thinks he is real Krishna and wants to take over him. Radha asks what to do now. Krishna says she should make sure that Subhadra marries the person she loves and not Duryodhan.

Duryodhan shows his power and fighting skills by defeating many soldiers at once. Subhadra gets impressed. Shakuni thinks Duryodhan should maintain his acting till wedding finishes. Balram praises Duryodhan and says now Duryodhan will have to face him and walks towards Duryodhan. Duryodhan with folded hands says he doesn’t want to fight with his guru and insult him, so he accepts his defeat. Subhadra says Duryodhan would have lost as nobody can defeat Balram dau, but showing his respect for his guru and accepting defeat without fighting made her respect Duryodhan more now. Duryodhan and Shakuni rejoice hearing that.

Paundruka walks to Krishna and says everyone realized that cowherd is not real Krishna, but he is; what will cowherd do now. Krishna says he needs butter. Paundruka does he think he will serve chappan bhog/feast to him in jail, he will be killed soon. Krishna says as a child he broke his uncle Kans’ jail and escaped, does he think he can’t now; he is just keeping quiet respecting his elder brother Balram’s promise made to Duryodhan. Paundruka asks what is his plan then. Krishna says its already started.

Arjun reaches Dwarka’s door. Duryodhan fumes and tells Shakuni that he wants to kill Arjun right now. Shakuni says he should stay call till wedding finishes. Radha with Subhadra goes to receive Arjun. Arjun greets her and calls Sri Radha saying she is also great like Sri Krishna and he heard a lot about her like Krishna, he respects her a lot, etc.

Precap: Paundruka orders Arjun that Pandavs should accept Duryodhan as their king. Arjun takes oath that he will perform Rajasuya yagna to establish his Indraprastha kingdom. Radha asks Krishna what if Subhadra starts loving Duryodhan. Krishna says he will get her married to Duryodhan.

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