RadhaKrishn 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Witty Plan

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Krishna accepts Vidhurath’s wrestling challenge and says they will fight tomorrow and he will select wrestling ground. Vidhurath says he will end Krishna. Devi Gauri seeing that asks Mahadev how can Krishna accept challenge when he knows that Vidhurath has boon not to lose any wrestling match why did he accept match. Mahadev says if his boon is indestructable, even his Aradhya Krishna’s conscience is immense and let us see how Krishna tackles Vidhurath. Shalv continues fighting with Dwarka’s army. Shukracharya informs him Krishna accepted Vidhurath’s challenge. Shalv stops war and accepts defeat. Dwarka soldiers inform Balram that they accepted defeat. Balram says they won instead as Krishna must have accepted Vidhurath’s challenge.

Krishna walks to Radha who gets angry for accepting Vidhurath’s challenge. Krishna says what is seen and reality are different and explains her by giving her a gift box and saying gift inside it is important and not this box. He fixes pearl bracelet in her hand. She says its very beautiful. He says it will calm her mind. Guard informs that Vidhurath prepared a wrestling ground. Krishna with everyone walks to wrestling ground. Vidhurath challenges him for a match right now. Krishna says its a small ground and he already informed him that he will select wrestling ground. Vidhurath says he can select a ground 4 times bigger than this. Krishna says whole world is his wrestling ground, its a sunset now and he should rest now and be ready for a match at sunrise. Vidhurath agrees and goes to rest. He exercises in his room when Krishna brings a feast for him. Vidhurath denies. Krishna says he wanted him to be strong to fight wit him. Vidhurath finishes whole food and thinks Krishna is a fool to make his enemy strong.

Krishna then walks back to Radha and aks her to pack food s he wants to wrestle with Vidhurath adn then visit Gopis. Radha with Satyabhama packs food. Krishna asks to pack sufficient amount. Radha asks if he is going on a war or vacation. Krishna asks them to take care of Dwarka in his absence and Balram will be the interim king in hi absence. Next morning, Vidhurath waits for Krishna in a wrestling ground and asks Balram to call Krishna or accept him as king. Mahadev asks Devi Gauri if she will not watch her brother’s wrestling match. Devi Gauri says she cannot see her brother’s defeat. Mahadev says she should trust Krishna’s intelligence and watch a match. Krishna takes food and takes Radha to meet her at a specific place after sometime. He reaches wrestling ground where Vidhurath is waiting. Vidhurath challenges him to keep his bag and fight with him right now. Krishna asks him to have some patience and announces that thier match starts now and will continue till they have strength in their body.

Precap: Krishna runs from Dwarka and asks Radha if she is ready to meet Gopis.  Vidhurath shouts to stop and fight with him.  Radha says Krishna crossed his limit of naughtiness today.  Krishna runs away with her.

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