RadhaKrishn 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kans’ Evil Ploy

RadhaKrishn 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha asks Ayan to accompany her to Mahadev temple. Ayan says she can go wherever she wants and he does not care. Radha says if Baba questions her, he should not except her to tell lie. He says he does not expect anything from her and walks away. Kans tells Akroor that he has 2 weapons to kill Krishna, one is Ekdansh and two is Mahakali. He calls Ekdansh. Ekdansh asks to order whom to bite. Kans says Ayan. Ekdansh says he has so much poison in his one bite that he can kill anyone, why Kans wants him to kill a human. Kans says just obey his order and get Asur lok in return.

Radha walks towards Shiv mandir when Krishna sees her pooja thali and steals it. He gets Mahadev’s favorite items and keeps it in Radha’s pooja thalil. Radha finds him and scolds for stealing her thali. He says her thali did not have Mahadev’s favorite items. Radah says Mahadev will get happy even with belpatra, he did not have to favor her. Krishna says he wants Radha’s each work special. Radha scolds him not to follow her and she does not need his favor. Krishna does not agree and gives his explanation.

Jatila returns home and asks Ayan if he did not accompany Radha to her parent’s house. Ayan says no. Jatila says Radha cleverly fooled him and went to meet Krishna. Ayan shouts Krishna.. and walks towards Shiv temple. Krishna with Radha reaches Shiv temple and insists Radha to perform pooja first. Radha does and Krishna follows her. Their nok jhok continues. Krishna leaves. Ekdansh reaches there and waits for Ayan. Ayan reaches shouting Krishna. Krishna meets Balram who asks how was his pooja with Radha. He says good, then senses a big upcoming disaster and rushes to meet Radha. Ayan reaches temple. Ekdansh crawls behind Ayan and is about to bite him when Radha sees him and interferes. Ekdansh stops. Krishna watches standing.

Precap: Mahakali warns Krishna to be ready to bear her attack.

Update Credit to: MA

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