RadhaKrishn 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram Is Furious

RadhaKrishn 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna addresses Mathura citizens that tomorrow is Balram’s tilak, so they all should gather all their wealth and submit it to him. Ugrasen asks what is he telling, he can’t insult raj vansh by asking wealth from citizens. Krishna says they promised him to do anything for him in exchange of saving their lives, will they not fulfill their promise. Akroor asks Krishna what is his motto behind it. Krishna says he saved their lives, so they can do at least this. Citizens promise to submit their wealth to him.

Radha asks Shuka to get a letter from Rukmini and give it to Krishna. Shuka agrees and flies. Balram confronts Krishna that he insulted Yadu kul by seeking wealth from citizens and why he doesn’t want to invite Radha for wedding, etc. Krishna asks him to calm down as he doesn’t want Radha to attend wedding and is seeking wealth from citizens with a reason.

Rukmini cries after Sishupal touches her and prays god. Shuka flies to her chanting Radhe Radhe. Rukmini asks if Radha sent him. He says yes. She understands the reason, hen writes a letter for Krishna describing how she felt when Sishupal touched her, how she managed to live her in hardship, etc., and hopes Krishna comes to her when she prays her deity and marry her. She then gives the letter to Shuka.

Mathura citizens offer their wealth to Krishna and say they fulfilled their promise and now Krishna lost his respect in their eyes. Akroor asks Krishna why he did that irking Ugrasen and citizens. Krishna says people just promise, but don’t follow it; he is just making them follow dharma; soon there will be a very bad situation and he is preparing them all for that.

Radha gets Rukmini’s letter and gets concerned reading it in detail. When she is about to read Rukmini’s intention to marry Krishna, Balram comes there with his wedding invitation. She folds letter back and asks Balram to give it to Krishna and tell him that if he really respects and loves her, he should fulfill Rukmini’s demand. Balram returns to Mathura and hands over letter to Krishna and delivers Radha’s message for him.

Precap: Sishupal forces Rukmini to marry him. Krishna reaches there to marry her.

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