RadhaKrishn 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Wants Radha’s Room

RadhaKrishn 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ayan gets out of dirt. Krishna taunts him that he is so strong that he came out of dirt himself and taunts Radha that her friend does not need anyone’s help. He walks away playing bansuri while Ayan and Radha. Radha returns home fuming and complains Balram to control his brother. Balram asks what happened. Radha says Krishna threw her childhood friend Ayan into dirt. Balram says Krishna is mischievous. Radha says he should explain Krishna then. Balram says he loves his brother and cannot stop him. She walks towards her room fuming. Balram stops her and advises not to return to her room. Radha asks why. He says she will know anyways herself. Radha walks to her room and gets more angry seeing Krishna on her bed and asks what is he doing on her bed. He says it is to sleep, does not

she know. She angrily walks towards bed, slips and falls. He smiles and asks why she is behind him. She throws pillows on him. He says in anger, one’s heart beat gets faster and it is bad for health. She asks him to get out of his room. He says it was her room, now it is his room and Kirtida aunty gave it to him. She says maa will never do that. He says when aunty was showing house, he liked this room so much, aunty sensed his mind and gave this room to him. She throws things on him. He asks not to spoil his room. She says it is his room.

Ayan’s mother bathes him and clears his dirt. Ayan fumes reminiscing his insult by ladies and Krishna and shouts he will not spare Krishna. His mother says Krishna insulted mahabali Ayan, he should not spare Krishna, what will he do, he should befriend Krishna and in live of showing him Barsana throw him from cliff or use his weapon and kill him. Ayan gets excited. Mother warns to dare not to think like that, Krishna insulted her/Jatila, he should use politics like her and use brain to defeat enemy.

Radha continues throwing things on Krishna and calls her mother. Kirtida walks in and asks what did she do. Radha asks why did she give her room to Krishna. Kirtida says Krishna is their guest and they should respect guest’s wish. Krishna says he was explaining same to Radha. Radha says never. Krishna says one should not get attracted to anything as they all have to leave the world and will be in pain to leave dear things. Radha says this is her room since childhood. Yashoda says Radha is right and asks Krishna to stay in different room. Radha says Krishna will not obey her. Yashoda says her son will never disobey her. Krishna says he always obeys his mother and not like others, pointing at Radha, who does not obey mother. Kirtida scolds Radha. Krishna says whoever spoilt this room, he will clean it. Kirtida praises Krishna and gets sad that Radha did not respect her. Krishna says no need to get emotional, if Radha is happy in this room, he will go to some other room. Radha says Krishna can stay here. Yashoda scolds Krishna that he always make her cry and Radha cannot see her mother crying. Krishna asks Radha to take her room out and contninues tauntign her. Radha runs behind him to beat, he runs away. He holds vase. Radha snatches and breaks it. Jatila comes there and fumes seeing Radha and Krishna’s nok jhok while Yashoda and Kirtida laugh.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human nature is to earn, be it money, relationship, happiness, satisfaction, etc.., but if they notice why a tree bears seed, to share among humanity, to become immortal, they have to share and not conserve.
Precap: Ayan sees Radha and Krishna together and asks Krishna if he loves Radha. Krishna accepts. Ayan informs his mother who suggests him they should kick out all Gokul wasis out of Barsana.

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