RadhaKrishn 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Romarshan Insults Krishna And Balram

RadhaKrishn 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi Romharshan pours water in yagna kund and says he will not complete yagna which is held for Krishna. Radha says he cannot do that or else he will go to hell. Romarshan says he is ready to go to hell to take revenge from Krishna. Balram angrily lifts him by throat. Romarshan says he is so powerful, but cannot harm him. Balram leaves him, and he walks away smirking at him. Radha says it would be bad if yagna is not completed. Shalv and Shukracharya rejoice seeing Dwarka’s water level increasing in Dwarka and discuss that they are happy to see Dwarka destroying. Radha sees climate changing and asks what is happening. Krishna says is a curse of mussal parv. Balram feels helpless.

Romarshan sees Dwarka citizens panicking and says their Krishna and Balram are helpless and cannot protect them. Balram asks Krishna to punish Romarshan. Krishna says Romarshan will be punished for his sins, but not by him. Balram says he better leave Dwarka than feeling so helpless. Krishna stops him. Romarshan laughs on their helplessness. Nishat warns Romarshan that he used him against his own family and provokes to kill him. Saambh joins him, and they both attack Romarshan. Shalv asks Shukracharya to protect Romarshan as Nishat is powerful like Balram. Shukracharya says Romarshan has his complete powers and nobody can harm him. Romarshan overpowers them and says he will kill them and give immense pain to Balram and Krishna.

Krishna walks on grass which turns into thorns and pricks his feet. Balram clears it and asks what is happening. Krishna says if Romarshan leaves Dwarka, mussal’s menace will increase, so they need to stop Romarshan. Balram asks him how should he. Krishna suggests him to fight with Romarshan as he knows what Mahadev’s boon is. Balram agrees.

Precap: Balram fights with Romarshan and gets defeated. Devi Gauri says Krishna put Balram’s life in danger. Romarshan taunts Krishna that Balram died and Dwarka will destroy soon.

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