RadhaKrishn 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Breaks The Rules

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RadhaKrishn 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vrishbhan asks Krishna to do as Ugrapath says. Krishna says he will not. Vrishbhan asks Nand to take away Krishna from there. Krishna walks away with his family sadly looking at Radha. After sometime, Kirtida asks Vrishbhan why he is packing only his clothes, not hers. He says he did sin and should repent, she should stay back for their son Dhama. Radha walks in and apologizes him on Krishna’s behalf. Vrishbhan says Krishna is a good boy and she can explain him after marriage. She says she has some important work and takes him out. Ayan returns and his parents rejoice. Radha says she made Ayan realize his responsibilities and brought him back. Ayan says Radha gave her friendship promise and made him return back, now he will take care of Radha’s wedding arrangements. Ugrapath emotionally thanks her.

Krishna enters angrily asking how can they do any meeting without him. Vrishbhan reminds that he cannot meet Radha for 3 days. Krishna says he already informed that he does not believe in all this age old rituals. Ayan confronts he cannot insult their rituals. Krishna warns him that Ayan is Radha’s just friend and he is her would be husband, so Ayan should mind his tongue. He then calls Vrishbhan as sasurji and says he has to take care of his even minute needs. Radha acts as getting angry and warns him to behave with her father. Vrishbhan asks Krishna to go from there. Radha also angrily says same. Krishna acts as leaving, they both meet after sometime and cry hugging each other. Radha asks how can he spoil his own image. Krishna says he has to do this to break their alliance, he has to make Vrishbhan angry on him and clean Ayan’s image so that Vrishbhan hates him and likes Ayan. He asks her to be ready for tomorrow’s biggest mishap.

Vrishbhan sees Ayan and asks where is he wandering instead of taking care of Radha’s wedding arrangements. Ayan nods yes, but fumes thinking why should he take care of his own girlfriend’s wedding arrangements. Radha walks to him. He asks how can she marry an arrogant, crook, etc.. man. Radha says Krishna is not so much bad, though he does not like following rituals, she gets angry when he dances with other girls at night, if Ayan can explain him. Ayan continues badmouthing about Krishna. Radha feels sad hearing bad about Krishna. Balram walks to Krishna and asks if he cannot respect elders and stay away from Radha for 3 days. Krishna says he cannot. Balram says let us go and have food. Krishna says he has to do raas leela/dance with girls, so Balram can go home. Balram asks how can he do all this. Ayan hears their conversation and smirks thinking tonight he will ruin Krishna’s image.

Precap: Krishna does raas leela. Ayan brings Vrishbhan and Kirtida there. Vrishbhan angrily shouts Krishna….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. srija chakraborty n sneha mukherji

    oh no now krishna n radha will not marry???…n they will be separated with tears n curses as their parents will see krishna bad behaviour??….krishna is spoiling his image just fr saving radha….what n true love..??..my frnd is a vry big fan of sumedh? so she cant see him cry? so she might be cursing ayan n jatila now??..bt seriously I wanted that they elope n marry?? n then radha would marry ayan with false mantras….whatever it is the latest promo of rk is vry sad ??as krishna is preparing radha to send her away frm him?????……so saddd……???????????????????????????

  2. Mahi

    Well this is a true story so marriage is never going to happen

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