RadhaKrishn 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Is Crestfallen

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RadhaKrishn 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna assures Radha that she can relax and he will care of mirror problem. Kirtida calls Radha, Radha says she needs to go. Krishna applies haldi on Radha and walks away, stops thinking Radha did not apply haldi on her. Kirtida with Chandravali and others walk in and asks Radha who applied haldi on her. Radha says she herself. Kirtida walks out asking her to come down as everyone are waiting for her. Krishna returns and hears Radha crying and murmuring how to tell Krishna that Ugrapath has asked baba/Vrishbhan to fulfill his promise and get her married to Ayan, else Baba and maa should have to stay in jungle forever. He feels sad that Radha is suffering alone and did not inform problem to him, it is very difficult to choose between love and dharm. Yashoda applies haldi on Radha.

Krishna stands alone sadly when Balram walks to him and asks what is he doing here, sees him sad and asks reason. Krishna says why he has to suffer pain so much in love, why can’t his marriage complete without any problems. Balram reminds that he himself told once that if he is born in human form, he has to bear all the pain and problems and need to solve them himself. Krishna says he is right and walks to jungle to meet blanket wearing man and calling him Sridhama asks to come out as there is no need to hide. Sridhama comes out and emotionally touching Krishna’s feet says he was feeling guilty for cursing Radha in Golok, reminiscing the incident, and curse was for 100 years, but Krishna with his leela anulled curse and is marrying Radha, so he had come to wish them. Krishna says when there is a curse, it will be completed, even Narayan is under its power as even he cannot change it. Sridhama pleads that he is creator of the world and should anull Radha’s curse. Krishna says it is not possible and asks Sridhama to go and repent for his curse in next life as they both are not relieved yet. He with his divine powers disappears Sridhama.

Kirtida emotionally tells Radha that she is looking more beautiful after haldi ritual and will be married tomorrow, but her parents would be living in jungle forever peacefully. Radha thinks she cannot let her parents suffer. She hears Krishna’s bansuri and walks to him. Krishna signals her to sit next him. She sits and asks why did he call her at night. Krishna says he thought of applying mehandi on her hands. She extends hand, and he applies mehandi controlling his emotions.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that he heard human is an idol of mistakes, it is true; dirt falls on one who tries to clean it always; if one does mistake, they try to correct it and learn from it; if someone has not done any mistake, then he has not tried anything new in life; instead of repenting, they should correct their mistake.

Precap: Krishna says Radha will be a good daughter to her
parents always. Radha asks what she should do then. Krishna says it is better they don’t marry.

Update Credit to: MA

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