RadhaKrishn 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Is Jealous

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RadhaKrishn 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha searches Krishna and says he is showing his magic as he does not want to meet her and tricking him. Balram watches hiding and walking to her asks what is she doing here at this time, if everything is alright, if she lost her way. Radha says she is searching someone and should return home. Balram asks if she found Kanha or not. She nervously says why would she search Kanha. He says he thought she is searching Kahna, he was talking about her, so he thought even she is searching him. Radha asks what did he say. He says forget it, he will go home as she is hungry. Radha asks him to wait while she brings sweet fruits for him. He sits under tree and thinks this is love. She returns with fruits and asks to tell what Krishna was talking about her. Balram says Krishna told she wants to befriend

him, but he does not want to. Radha gets sad and says don’t know what happened to Krishna, he does not even want to speak to her and is hiding. Balram suggests her to go and search Kanha in jungle and tell him what is in her heart. Radha excitedly gets up and says if she meets him, he will hide, so better she returns home. She hears Krishna’s bansuri and runs towards him happily. She then stands sad seeing her friends sitting around Krishna mesmerized hearing his bansuri sound.

Jatila and Ayan walk into Kans’ place and stand tensed seeing him celebrating and watch dance. Ayan asks Jatila to return home as Kans may harm her hearing news. Jatila says she will not leave him in trouble and go, they will face consequences together. He asks her to stand far and walks towards Kans. He stands shocked seeing white cloth on arrow instead of yellow. Kans greets him calling hero of his victory. He himself walks to Ayan and says he is proud of Ayan, he will give whatever he wants, Radha, Barsana.. Ayan kneels down and seeks forgiveness.

Radha snatches Krishna’s bansuri and scolds her friends why they are listening to Krishna’s bansuri, they never liked it. Friend says they always liked it, only she did not. Radha says until Krishna befriends her, he cannot befriend anyone else and warns them to leave, else she will inform their parents. They get up to leave. Krishna addresses everyone and asks them to go home carefully. Radha confronts Krishna that he is worried for them, until he befriends her, he cannot speak to them. She acts as leaving. Krishna calls her. She stops smiling and thinks he would not listen without being scolded. Krishna walks to him.

Kans says Ayan should be rewarded. Ayan says Kans got wrong message, Krishna is alive and Agasur died instead. Kans asks if he is joking. Ayan says he sent him yellow cloth and it turned into white somehow. Kans shouts if Krishna is still alive.

Krishna asks Radha if she is going. She says yes, if he needed anything. He extends his hand. She happily extends her hand. Krishna asks to return his bansuri. she sadly returns it.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that light lamp is so exciting, it spreads light. He blows candle fire stick and says until it lights lamps, it is on, else off. Similarly, one should keep helping others, else they are death; if they continue helping, they would be immortal even after death.

Precap: Radha requests Krishna to befriend her. He says he needs some time and if she will wait until he returns. She says yes, she does not have any fear now and waits for him eagerly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is he going for kans towards mathura…
    No there are 6 more steps for Radharani matha to remember him..
    But I feel happy that she started liking him..

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