RadhaKrishn 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Promise To Alakshmi

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Radha tells Alakshmi that Dwarkadhish’s palace is big and she can stay there till she wants, she will never ask her to leave. Alakshmi asks if she is promising her. Radha promises and asks where is she from. Alakshmi says she is from a far away village and came here in search of her love; if Radha understands love, she will understand her feelings. Radha says she will also help her find her love and asks her name. Alakshmi says she is her look-alike and her name is Jestha. Radha asks her to follow her to palace. Alakshmi thinks even Radha accepted her now. Balram asks Krishna who invited Alakshmi inside Dwarka. Krishna says he invited her and knows she will spread negativity. Balram asks why did he invite her then. He says she challenged that she will win over Radha and if she succeeds, he will choose her over Radha, but he knows Radha will not let Alakshmi’s negativity take over her and will win for sure. Sam hears their conversation.

Revati makes Sheetala Devi’s pooja arrangement. Radha says even this lady will perform Sheetala Devi’s pooja with them. Revati and everyone present there are shocked to see Radha’s look-alike. Radha says even she was shocked to see her look-alike, her name is Jeshta and she is their guest. Radha pinches and awakens them and says they all know that there are 7 look-alikes in the world and Jestha is one of them, Jestha will stay with them till she wants. She starts pooja. Krishna with Balram joins them, and he offers flowers to everyone. Alakshmi asks if she can help hhim and takes flower basket from him. Radha performs Sheetala mata’s aarti with everyone. Krishna takes Alakshmi aside and tells her that she is doing wrong with Radha and made him also part of her sin. Alakshmi says she just wants his love and attention. He says if she can understand Radha Krishna’s love, she will understand what she is doing is wrong. She will destroy Dwarka and even Radha, then she will see how will he not accept her. Krishna says love means sacrifice and devotion which Radha possesses. Alakshmi challenges him again. Sam hears their conversation and thinks of helping Alakshmi to destroy Dwarka and Radha’s pride. Krishna and Alakshmi return pooja and perform aarti. Radha chant Sheetala Mata Ki Jai and completes pooja.

In the evening, Revathi tells Radha that she is feeling unwell and sleepy. Radha says they are all tired after a long day of hard work and should rest now. She searches Jestha and shows her room. Jestha says this is a peaceful room and she will get a peaceful sleep her, thanks Radha for her help. Radha says why will she not help such a pious woman and leaves. Jestha thinks Radha will not get sleep in the tensed environment as she brings sleeplessness wherever she goes. She throws throws sleeplessness venom to everyone and they all woke up from sleep. Balram, Revati, and Radha think why they are not getting sleep even after being so much tired. Alakshmi thinks this is her first night in Krishna’s palace and seeing Krishna sleeping peacefully thinks even if he is not affected, his most beloved Radha and dear ones are suffering from sleeplessness. Krishna thinks Alakshmi came here and made ever restless, but Radha who is Lakshmi’s avatar is here to ward off her evil effect.

In the morning, everyone gather for breakfast feeling severely tired due to sleeplessness. Radha says they should have some food and try to sleep. Alakshmi enters and says she will serve food as they look tired. Radha says she is their guest and shouldn’t serve them. Alakshmi says let her serve them. Radha asks to her to serve just a little food. Alakshmi says if she serves food, they will fall asleep. Nishat asks if she will mix hypnotizer in food. Alakshmi says if she serves them with love, they will be satisfied and fall asleep. Everyone eat food and falling asleep walk to their rooms. Alakshmi tells Krishna this is just the beginning and if she wants she can make everyone sleepless and even tired and drowsy, they will find out one more quality of hers today.

Precap: Krishna asks Alakshmi how low will she stoop, she should stop her evil acts as she cannot win over Lakhsmi. Alakshmi challenges that she will defeat Lakshhmi each form.

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