RadhaKrishn 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shakuni’s Devious Ploy

RadhaKrishn 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhishma Pitamaha comes to meet Krishna and greets him with teary eyes. Krishna greets him back and asks reason for tears in his eyes. Bhishma says these are tears of joys seeing the great Sri Krishna and asks why are his eyes wet. Krishna says even these are tears of joy seeing the great Bhisma Pitamaha and came to meet and remind him of his wrong decisions, the very first is him taking oath of celibacy and not marrying whole life. He continues that he knows how Dhritarastra is blind in son’s love and taking wrong decisions, even then Bhishma is silent; Duryodhan has sent soldiers to kill Pandavs in lieu of bringing them to Hastinapur. Bhishma says he is bound by promise and had already informed Vidhur that Krishna would pose difficult questions which he won’t be having answers and thanks him for guiding him. Krishna suggests him to send Vidhur before Shakuni’s soldiers kill them. Bhishma thanks him and leaves.

Karna confronts Duryodhan for lying that he and Shakuni requested Pandavs to return to Hastinapur, but they denied. He asks Duryodhan to go and tell truth to king Dhritarastra. Shakuni interferes and tries to manipulate, but Karna gets adamant and says he himself will go and inform king Dhritarastra. Duryodhan warns that he will hill himself if he does so. Shakuni emotionally manipulates Karna. Once Karna leaves, Shakuni informs Duryodhan that if soldiers kill Pandavs or Pandavs kill soldiers, they would benefit either ways; either Pandavs would be killed or they would be called traitors for killing soldiers and would never return to Hastinapur.

Pandavs see Shakuni’s soldiers coming towards them, Bheem orders his brothers to get ready to fight. Krishna reaches and stops them, but Kunti provokes her sons to fight. Pandavs lift weapons while Krishna continues suggesting them not to fight. When soldiers are about to attack Pandavs, Vidhur reaches there and orders soldiers to dare not attack Pandavs and return back. Pandavs are surprised to see their uncle Vidhur and greet him. Vidhur informs them that if they had retaliated, they woudl have been called traitors and would never have returned to Hastinapur. Arjun realizes why Krishna stopped them and thanks him. Krishna says he would be with Arjun when there would be need to fight and will guide him.

Precap: Duryodhan with Shakuni’s help acts as burning himself and forces Dhritarastra and Gandhari to pronounce him as future king. Krishna with Arjun heads towards Hastinapur and asks Arjun to stop chariot midway seeing Shakuni’s soldiers.

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