Radha Mohan 20th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini blames Radha for stealing

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Mohan asks why is she not saying anything, Damini explains she is not suspicious but when she was cleaning the room of Mohan, Radha was also there and saw the gold watch but she is not saying Radha stole anything, Mohan asks if she has gone mad questioning is Radha going to steal, Kaveri mentions that it is something to think about as the entire family is here but only Radha cannot be found here, Tulsi exclaims she has made such an evil plan.
Mohan asks what is she saying since Radha would be busy in some work, Ketki exclaims she is going to go and check in the room of Gungun, Ketki enters when Gungun questions what is she looking for, Ketki explains she wants to look at the belongings of Radha, Gungun explains they would be in the wardrobe, Ketki is shocked exclaiming there is nothing there and even her Bhagwat Geeta is missing.

Geeta is about to throw the bag in the bin when Rahul at once takes her hand questioning what is she doing here, she explains that she was just throwing the bag when Rahul exclaims that he is going to prove what she is actually doing. Radha requests him to let go of her hand since it is hurting but Rahul keeps pulling her when the people also exclaim that he must leave her hand since they would otherwise call the police for teasing her, Rahul says she works in their house and did something really wrong.

Ketki comes running informing all of the belongings of Radha are missing when Kaveri once again blames that she stole all the belongings since she is from a Pandits family and after seeing their lifestyle decided to steal, Mohan in frustration exclaims he knows that Radha cannot steal anything since the girl who is scared of even lying and constantly takes the name of Bhagwan, how can she steal anything, Kaveri tries to instigate them all against Radha, when Mohan’s father mentions that Radha is the daughter of his old friend and he saw her growing up but Kaveri exclaims there is a lot of difference in growing up and being an adult.

Mohan hears the cry of Radha, she is constantly calling his name, the entire family is shocked seeing that Rahul is pulling Radha, he pushes her causing Radha to fall on the ground, Mohan rushes to help her asking if she is fine, Rahul exclaims it is good since he is asking the culprit if she is fine, Damini seeing the bag whispers how the Sindoor should not go back inside the house otherwise their plan would fail.

Rahul exclaims it is time to ask her the truth, he must slap her so she speaks it, Radha asks what truth is he talking about as she never lies, Radha asks Mohan if he knows that she doesnot lie then what I Rahul talking about, Rahul explains she is also a runner and was running after stealing so he brought her back and will see how she doesnot reveal the truth, Rahul is about to slap her but Mohan stops him from doing so, everyone is relieved, Mohan in anger instead slaps Rahul asking if he doesnot have the manners to talk with women, questioning why did he touch Radha as did he think he would become a hero. Rahul exclaims she is the one who stole but he is slapping him, Radha is stunned when Rahul mentions she lived in their house and then stole from them, he keeps on blaming her for being a thief.

Gungun suddenly coming from behind exclaims it is not the truth since Radha is not a thief, Kaveri questions how does she know it, when Gungun informs, she knows Radha cannot even think of doing anything bad, Kaveri exclaims that both the thief and mischievous girl are friends, Damini signals her mother who exclaims she is saying Radha might have done something to Gungun. Radha questions what is she saying as they both know she cannot even think of stealing, Tulsi exclaims this was the plan that they both made to oust Radha and herself.

Radha turns to Mohan asking if he believes that she cannot steal, Rahul replies he knows she would not tell the truth like this and must be taught a lesson by his slippers. Mohan at once threatens to beat Rahul when Kadambari stops him, his father also questions if he has lost his mind since he knows how well his friend has raised his daughter. Ketki’s husband also tries to defend Radha mentioning how she has always protected the family when Ketki mentions Rahul would not blame anyone without a reason, Rahul once again tries to beat Radha when Mohan asks if he should kill Rahul here and now, Damini coming asks if Rahul is saying that stolen belongings are in this bag.

They all agree that they must open the bag and find out the truth, Damini starts taking out the belongings thinking that both Radha and this Sindoor should go from their house. Rahul in anger turns over the entire bag revealing the belongings, everyone is stunned seeing it and even Mohan is tensed, Damini thinks why is he feeling sorry for this girl. Radha tries to clarify her position when Damini questions how did these things come in the bag with all her belongings, Kaveri also blames asking if she is saying that Bhagwan himself put the belongings in this bag, Radha tries to plead her innocence to Damini who slaps her, Radha questions why is she not believing her when she is saying that she did not steal anything, Damini explains that they have found out her reality since they treated her like family and she even lived in the room of Gungun but even then showed the reality since it is rightly said that the slipper can never be placed on the head as they say that a persons nature can never change, Radha is not able to utter another word while the entire family is looking at her with disgust.

Precap: Radha shouts and says enough, even in Geeta it’s written it’s wrong to bear injustice and I won’t take this anymore, you want to call police, then call them now, they will only tell the truth to everyone because I cannot go from here with a big accusation like this.

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