Radha Mohan 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hriday warns Damini and Kaveri

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Mohan walks over to the well holding the wooden door over his head, he manages to hold it so that the well doesnot get wet seeing which Radha starts smiling witnessing what Mohan is willing to do in order to save his daughter.

Kaveri pushes Damini who questions what is she doing when Kaveri asks what sort of a problem has she created for them because if Gungun survives then it would mean the death of them both, Damini replies that she knows it but Kaveri replies whenever they try to solve a little problems it leads to an even more problem so she doesnot know what to do, she explains that if Gungun is brou8ght out of the well she would tell Mohan the truth about Hriday who would slit their throats like the Bhagwan Mohan. Damini requests her to stop as she cannot think properly, Kaveri replies that it is better she must not think because it leads to more problems, Hriday is the result of her thinking so what was the need to bring that Hriday as she could have brought anyone from the street and even the Dumbro would have sufficed, Damini replies there was a need to bring someone who would always accept their orders but Kaveri explains Hriday is still not listening to them and making them what he feels like, Damini asks how could have she understood it since they were just so troubled.

Mohan is holding the door when Kadambari mentions he has taken the stance of a commendable father in order to save his daughter, Mr Trivedi mentions their son has in fact become just like the Gridhari in order to save Gungun from the rain, Mohan starts to lose his balance when Mr Trivedi rushes to hold the door seeing which he is relieved but then even Rahul comes to his aid holding the door on the other side.

Kaveri asks Damini to understand how she must not think about marrying Mohan, Damini asks what is she saying when Kaveri replies she means they should get married to the person whom they know about but listening to what Damini is saying she feels Damini doesnot know what he would do in order to save Gungun as he is holding the door to save her and might do it till the end of time in order to save her, he has already lost Tulsi and would not let history repeat itself by also losing his daughter, as fathers are a hero for their daughter but Mohan ahs become a superhero and she must not forget he is not alone but has Radha to stand beside him, as the police officers mistook them both for the parents so how would they not think of it because she has not left the hole ever since they found Gungun fell inside it. When Radha starts crying then Mohan calms her down and it is the same way around, so she feels they both have started to love each other, even if Gungun is not saved after this incident but then they both would come together. Damini asks her to not say anything else assuring she would never let it happen.

Hriday is standing with his mother wondering how did he get so much strength as he is not even letting Gungun die in peace, Lata exclaims she si worried thinking what he is going to do with him after Gungun is saved.

Hriday asks Lata where is she taking him when she explains that if Gungun comes out alive then they would die but it is better if they leave right now, Hriday asks her to not worry since she cannot come out of the bore well. Hriday informs that there is a ghost in the house hearing which she gets stunned but then starts laughing exclaiming he is joking with her, Hriday replies there is actually a ghost in the house as everything that Damini and Kaveri told them is a lie, she asks how does he know about it when he reveals that he heard Kadambari talking with the ghost and she asked her to throw the vase if she doesnot know about the whereabouts of Gungun, he also saw that someone threw the pot before it fell on Radha. Lata explains that the girl which is in the well has a ghost to protect her, Hriday asks if she ever thought that whenever they have to talk with them then take them out of the house, Lata starts smiling so exclaims both the mother and daughter think they are really smart, Hriday replies they both would have to pay for what they have done as he is going to take double amount from Damini for this lie.

Gungun informs Radha the water has stopped coming, Radha informs her that her father is holding the gate to prevent the water from falling the well, her Dadi was right to say the fathers are the protection for their children, she looks at Mohan with respect and love filled in her eyes.

Kaveri enters the place with Damini who accepts that whatever her mother was saying is true, no one can separate Radha and Mohan from each other, they both are destined to be together. Kaveri asks what is she saying when Damini replies she saw how they both came together to save Gungun and if they find out she is the one behind it all then he would surely marry Radha, Kaveri requests her to calm down but she questions how can she do it when she after a long while finally thought about marrying him, she was sure it would happen but now everything is ruined. Damini in a state of confusion explains how they must go and reveal the entire truth to Mohan blaming Hriday for being the one behind it all, Kaveri asks if she thinks that Hriday would stay quiet as he is also going to reveal the entire truth after which Mohan would kill them as he vowed while finding Gungun. Kaveri mentions half of her life and strength has been gone in matching their Kundali, she is the one to marry Mohan. Damini asks how can it happen when Kaveri explains they must do something after which they would not get the blame and even, she marries Mohan, Kaveri explains she is the one to bring Hriday into this house and she must do something that would make him take the blame for it all after which Mohan would do whatever he feels like to him.
Hriday walks over to them clapping explains they both have been trying to remove all the stones from their path but they are trying to betray them, Lata explains they game which they both are playing, they are already the master of such games, she instructs Hriday who shows the messages which Damini sent including the payments and before she can delete them, they have taken a screen shot. Kaveri starts smiling explaining they both are on the same team and she was just joking, Hriday replies he knows she is the one who if doesnot have the keys to her daughter’s locker would also throw her in a lake, he instructs them to leave since the game has ended so they both leave, Hriday vows to show them who is the master.

Gungun once again tells that the water is coming, they all start to wonder from where is the water going when Ketki informs it is flowing from the side, they all get tensed wondering why is it not stopping, Radha after a while is really tensed thinking how can they stop it, she is really worried.

Precap: Mohan throws a rope for Gungun and says grab the end of the rope. Hriday says to his mom, he almost saved Gungun, he sees a live wire above and plans to give them shock. Hriday cuts the wire. Radha pushes Mohan and saves him, but she gets trapped below the wire.

Update Credit to: Sona

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