Radha Krishna (eternal love) 22 (Suspenseful butterfly)

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The epi starts with Krishna coming to Yashoda asking fr butter. Yashoda says first clean the ground then only you’ll get butter. Krishna and Balram go to the ground. Krishna blows off all the leaves in the ground in a split of second. Yashoda comes n sys you cleared it in a second?? Nanda says let it b Yashoda, our son will do anything for butter. Yashoda says I’ll bring butter.
Vrishbhan comes there n says Nanda, there’s big problem, there’s been theft in my house yesterday.. More n more ppl come with complaint of theft in total dilemma which thief has stolen their money ?…

Balram sys Krishna I know who has stolen all d money. Wen I was returning home yesterday nyt I saw Madhu wandering on the streets with a sack of coins on his back. I called his name bt he didn’t listen. Krishna says okay then, lets teach him a lesson.. Balram says I’m not sure he’s the thief. He’s our friend. Krishna says doubts will b cleared soon …
Madhu Krishna and Balram r grazing the cows deep in the forest. Madhu asks where’re the other kids?
Krishna -they’ll b comin anytym
M-oh ok
K- Dau,I think that thief who had stolen al money will get dat curse fr sure..
B-Don’t u know Madhu Vrindavan has a blessing that whosoever will steal anything here..

M-What will happen to him..?
K-Oh ho Madhu, let him complete… He’s saying Vrindavan has a boon if anyone steals anything here he’ll get converted into a very very big demon n finally burst one day..
B-Y r u afraid Madhu, punishment will b applicable for theif only…
M-Y…e..s… Y…o…u are.. Ryt.. Isn’t there any way to escape this curse?
K-Y r u so concerned Madhu?
M-Act.ual.ly I was jus thinking how bad luck of d thief..

K-Yes, so it is, bt d person has to get punishment..
M-Plzzzz save me Krishnaaaa… Plz save me..
B-Save you, but y n from who?
M-I’m that thief………
K-You cn b saved only if you admit ur crime in front of everyone.
M-I’m ready, I’ll also return everyone’s money ? lets go……
Krishna declares in front of the villagers abt madhu’s guilt while another problem comes there..
Balram comes running.. Krishna, Krishna Madhu had gone to bring the stolen things but now he is nowhere to b found in the entire village…
B-Hey Kanha use ur divine sight n tell where Madhu is..
Krishna closes his eyes but all he could see was just bright light..
K-Dau, there’s big problem, someone is blocking my sight, n that’s not the work of any demon, it’s work of someone who is part of the gods…
Madhu’s mother cries n accuses Krishna of kidnapping Madhu..
In d deep forest, the gopis as usual r taking butter pots but one thing isn’t original.. Krishna n his friends r sitting sadly over the tree top..
Radha-Wow what am I seeing, u r sittin lyk this on the tree, what new mischief r u upto today, u r lookin more serious than ever..???
K-Nothing Radha, today I’ve planned to do no mischief
R-NO MISCHIEF…! see friends, listen what he’s sayin, no mischief?
K-Yes no mischief, I’ve a gift for u

Krishna shows her a beautiful butterfly and says this is ur gift,I got it in the garden today morning.. Bt don’t trap it for long, leave it free after sometime..
Radha takes the butterfly n says however mischievous you maybe Krishna, but you’re not that bad…..
Radha goes home n puts the butterfly in a transparent holed box, thinking of Krishna.. Tym passes and she looks at the sun thinking of Krishna’s words. She opens the lid of the box n says nw u may leave.. The butterfly sits on Radha’s hand and her eyes turn red.. She says I want gold..!

Precap:-Kansas army chief comes in vrindavan wid chariots full of gold n asks Nanda to protect the gold for a night. Radha smirks ?..

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  1. hai vanshika ff was very very imprssive. ur truely amazing writer.ilike this ff most because its about krishna.

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u very much radha di even I enjoy writing it the most cos its abt lord Krishna ??

  2. Astra

    Superb dear…

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot di ???

  3. Malika

    Awesome choti really can’t tell you…… How beautifully you had written… This Ep…. Keee- it uppppp likeeeee thissss……

    1. Vanshika

      OMG dii I cant tell u how happy you made me by this sweet comment of yours.. Thank you ? and kip supporting lyk this ?

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