RAB SE SONA ISHQ:twinj: episode 90

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After haldi function got over all get tired they fully playing in haldi like people play holi with colour.

Twinkle: mahi go and get freshen up even you too Om look at yourself.

Kabir: true this Rudra totally mad all turned and see Rudra and Soumya running behind each other’s while Aayat making their video this makes everyone laughs out.

Rohan:which war they completing ?..

Kunj: hmm bhabhi maybe knows.

Twinkle:haww only I know Haan Kunj what about you you jealous now because he share each and everything with me more than you nowadays.

Kunj:acha I’ll be jealous really it’s your misconception babes my headache decreases by the way how you both help each other’s because your and his mind set is working same level ??Hoo this the matter less brain team up ?. All giggles.

Twinkle: ahah sadu..

Usha:stop fighting look at them.Mahi and Omkara went inside both went in respective washrooms and get freshen up and wear normal clothes looking superb.Later they all set for food.It was self service twinkle sitting with her besties.

Kunj:see this madam this haldi function siyappa queen totally forget to have anything and busy in her chit chat.He fill the plate for her and went near her. Hey girls..

Asha: hi Kunjj. Kunj take seat beside twinkle.

Kunj: what is this twinkle you don’t wanted to have your food haa?

Twinkle:Haan I’m so hungry kunjj.

Kunj:acha than why you sitting.Pagal Acha Chal have she open her mouth

And he feed her Asha and Chinki Admires them.

Asha: so romantic and nice you take care of her lott kunj.

Kunj: acha what about yours ?.

Chinki: yes loves but you are her sadu sarna na ?before wedding she planned lott with us to twist your neck. Kunj shocked and look at twinkle she biting her tongue and looking down while Asha and Chinki run from there.

Kunj: Kya siyappa queen you will twist my neck haan.

Twinkle: na Baba baby is hungry.

Kunj: acha ji baby hungry or else try to change the topic?. Kunj made frown faces twinkle smiled and went near his cheeks and kissed on his cheek.

Twinkle:sorry na baby that toh before marriage ?.Ab no never Kunj look at her she make puppy faces he melted and pulled her cheeks.Bhukh lagi mere baby ko.

Kunj:bhukh?. Kunj feeding her she too him and she blabbered lott. Rohan and Rahul come there along with all gang.

Rahul: see this old couple Romancing it’s Omkara and mahi time..?

Kunj:acha don’t do crowd here leave us.

Rohan:so mean person.After twinkle come to us only don’t forget..

Kunj:haan lets see..

Kabir: leave them bichara love birds new in town..??.Pulled twinkle hairs slightly.

Twinkle:ahha bhai.Why we are new. Let me have my food.

Rohan:panda you will see Anjali Rahul Patanjali expand more ???.All laughs out. Mahi and Omkara Romancing in side while twinkle playing with khansa lott even Aayat too.

Tej: lets go now will meet tomorrow in mehndi and sangeet.

Rt: haan.

Mahi:di you stay here now it’s my wedding you should be from my side. Twinkle look at mahi.

Twinkle:hmm but Mahi.

Rudra:now bhabhi can’t in both side haina. We will be our side only.

Mahi:no di.Stay here.

Kunj:Arey mahi you know your di na and her condition as well don’t worry Kya side hai we are one.

Rt:haan mahi puttar we toh can’t handle your di raise his hands. ?.

Kunj:see only I’m the one you all should give me bravery award ?.

Twinkle:aha mummy ji and papa ji see this Kunj now he making fun of me more.


Kunj:but pa.

Rahul: arey mahi why you so sad see our Omkara me Kya kiya lifetime you will stay with your di only ??set you.all giggles she blushed.

Rt:but we are happy.

Kunj: bye mahi. Kunj about to hold her hand but she make weird faces and hold Rudra hand and went outside.

Kabir:good luck kunjj.. ??.They all went outside and sit in their respective cars and left for Sarna Mansion.

Soon they reached Sarna Mansion.They went in their rooms while all guest already send to hotel and Kunj and Omkara cousins they were in guest house.

Twinkle went in room and she sit holding her tummy.

Twinkle:my baby tired today mamma didn’t give you rest sorry Kunj entered in room with a glass of milk. Twinkle see him from Corner of her eyes. Ahah eww again he bring this yucky milk for me no babaji. She murmured Kunj read her face expression because it’s her daily routine drama.

Kunj: chal twinkle go and get freshen up and drink this milk you have to take your medicine fast than sleep whole day went so tired.

Twinkle: hmm Kunj but I’ll not drink this milk i m full.

Kunj:acha what full you just have this much only no drama even I’m tired go fast. She get up and take her night dress and went in washroom she get freshen up and come down till Than Kunj as well he was waiting for her she come and went towards bed. Chal drink.

Twinkle: Kunj I’ll puke.

Kunj: okay I’ll bring another..

Twinkle:why you behaving with me like my maths teacher and I’m that backbencher. ?.

Kunj:your bad luck baby. Cupped her face she making puppy faces don’t make peck on her lips and she open her mouth he made her drink and she finished with lotts so facial drama ?. Don’t know what will happen of my baby he will to become like you drama king than you both set drama kingdom ??.

Twinkle: acha very lame Baap bane ja rahe ho even your lame and yucky jokes too becoming more lamest ?.

Kunj: good. Thanks as well give her medicine now sleep na. Twinkle please.

Twinkle: Haan Kunj can I stay at MAa house I mean mahi feel bad na

Kunj: I can understand but now I can’t leave you alone and can’t send as well

Till this junior siyappa didn’t come in this world after you go anywhere I  look selfish but twinkle. She hold his hands.

Twinkle: I know and they understand as well even I can’t live without you who will bear my mood swings.

Kunj: even your kicks as well ?.You should in south movies what a action in sleep as well ?. Twinkle slap him Playfully at his cheek than both cuddles each other’s and sleep Took over them,

Mahi and Omkara seeing their photos of today functions and giggles they send it each other’s and chatting with each other’s.

Rudra: o please now toh you both sleep after 2 days she will be here only.

Om: chup soja patting on his head. He cuddles him more they chat for sometimes than end.

Rohan click Priyanka few photos secretly and admiring.Same Priyanka as well.

At morning.

Usha and Avantika or Lata they all busy in work kids where sleeping till now. After sometimes later they wake up. Twinkle and Kunj come down together anjali having her breakfast with everyone.They too joint them. And having their breakfast.

Twinkle:mummy there is any work tell me.

Kunj: I’ll tell you na eat your breakfast fast

Twinkle:why so sadu all giggles.After this Anjali and twinkle send in room because everyone running here and there while Rahul and Kunj seeing wedding arrangements before other hand Rohan and Kabir as well tonight function. Girls and boys was busy in dance rehearsals.

At evening Kunj entered in room and see twinkle ready and looking breathtaking.

Kunj: ahem ahem my soon mamma looking killer papa toh margeye ?she smiled he went near her.

Twinkle:I thought why not I’ll give them compilations to kiddos ?.

Kunj:good looking beautiful how’s my bacha you had something or not.

Twinkle:hmm yeah where you are I get bored me and di just sitting in room. Kunj you know di baby give her baby kicks and I feel it’s so amazing even our baby will too na.

Kunj: haan but we have enough time. Acha I’ll get ready as well where is my outfit.

Twinkle:Yeh rahe she handover him. Kunj went in washroom quickly he get ready fully.Kunj went down and bring some fruits for her.He come back in room.

Kunj:you have this twinkle helps you tonight function.He feed her she happily have.After they went downstairs each and everyone come they all dressed up beautifullyand wear a garara’s all in ethnic look..

Rudra:wow bhabhi looking beautiful give her flying kiss ?.

Manohar: lets go they all must be waiting for us.They all nodded and take sagun mehndi.They all reached hotel where kept mehndi and sangeet function.

They inside and meet with each other’s yuvi teasing Anjali and twinkle lott their husbands too help him. Omkara looking for Mahi like anything.

Twinkle:devar ji don’t worry behna will come ??. He blushed. Teach my Kunj this blush’s.

Om;acha he was the king you were only the one who end his shyness. ?.

Rahul:Haan now he become shameless haina twinkle ??..

Twinkle:hmm how you know.

Yuvi:because he is head of this ?.

Rahul:acha jija what about you.

Avni:Haan he is not less.

Twinkle: right Avni if we girls didn’t look beautiful than whom this boys will check out.

Kunj: hoo really Mrs Sarna you girls take so much time in this make up this girls even wanted make up for to remove this make up they all boys Hifi and giggles lott girls give them Tashan and went from there all boys as well.Mahi come with her friends his and Omkara eyes meet all girls and boys started hooting they get shy and blushed.

Usha: Haan my bahu looking so beautiful haina Avantika.

Avantika: haan Usha we toh get chand ka tukda Both our bahu is ??.

Twinkle:even Soumya as well na Rudra whispered in his ears Soumya listen who sitting beside twinkle only other side ?.

Leela:Chalo girls start mehndi.They all nodded Mahi sit and Heena girls come and they started applying heena on her both hands.

Kunj: today you don’t want twinkle.

Twinkle: you don’t like na.

Kunj:acha what about before Chal I wanted today. He call heena girl apply on her hands as well. She nodded in yes and started applying heena on twinkle hand Priyanka too applying Rohan come and talking with her. They all sit for heena in side ladies singing wedding songs and playing dhol..  Omkara come to mahi with juice.

Om:looking beautiful today and your heena as well. She blushed.


Om:juice She nodded in yes he made her drink with his hands Prithviraj and Lata from side admire their all kids they hoppy busy and get hell happy. Anjali come and joint twinkle even Rahul too.

Rahul: see anjali heena.

Kunj: haan even twinkles as well

Rahul:cool it’s getting boring wait he get up and take mic hey beautiful ladies and young mans ??.. my philosopher sangeet and mehndi is so let’s celebrate with fun don’t be like lazy ahead our Rudra is ?Soumya laughs lott. Let’s start the sangeet.All hooting in yes all done with heena. Lights went off only dim lights

Avni and Yuvi come first all smiled and hold their hands.Avni and Yuvi dancing on dil toh Pagal hai song.Both romancing hit the floor all giggles and smiled enjoying fully they end up all clapped for them.

Than Kabir and Malika come together holding Mahi and Omkara face mask.

They dancing on ruk ja o dil deewane. Malika act like Mahi while Kabir like Omkara all laughs out.They dancing with Khansa as well all hoot up.

Kunj:amazing mamma and papa ?.  From side Rudra and Soumya come she holding book and act like she reading

{ song kitaben bahut si padi song}

Kitaben bahut si padhi hongi tumne

Magar koi chehra bhi tumne padha hai

Padha hai meri jaan nazar se padha hai

Bata mere chehre pe kya kya likha hai?,,

Rudra running behind her they both enact like and dancing as well like srk and shilap it’s fun full too see them all enjoyed this retro style.

Rahul:wow our cry baby become now srk Kunj he nodded in yes and both giggles lott.

Like this few more cousins dance and burn the fire at floor than all hooting for Omkara and mahi they shy and hold each other’s hand.

Spotlight at them. Omkara standing in side mahi too.

Omkara forwarding his hand and start the song {Suraj Hua Maddham, Chaand Jalne Laga Aasmaan Yeh Haai Kyoon Pighalne Laga..Mahi look at him and give her hand in his hand he pulled her. His hand keeping on her waist

{Main Thehra Raha, Zameen Chalne Lagi

Dhadka Yeh Dil, Saans Thamne Lagi

Oh, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

Sajna, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai}

He and mahi Dancing romantically all admiring them just.

Mahi pulled Omkara face and look at him with love yes

{Ho Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Suraj Hua Maddham, Chaand Jalne Laga Aasmaan Yeh Haai Kyoon Pighalne Laga Main Thehri Rahi, Zameen Chalne Lagi Dhadka Yeh Dil, Saans Thamne Lagi

Haan, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

Sajna, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai. She sing.He twirl her each and everyone smiling too see them they were so happy and dancing so gracefully.They end the song one romance pose.all get up and clapping for them they come in sense and leave each other’s Kunj and Rudra went to Om and teased him lott Mahi get shy she run to twinkle and hide her face under her duppta.elders giggles.Again all sit Rudra and Kabir push Priyanka and Rohan they both look at each other’s again lights went off.Music starts Priyanka totally blank.Rohan went near her hold her hands she look at him.

{Mere rang mein rangne wali

Pari ho ya ho pariyo ki Rani

Ya ho meri prem kahani

Mere sawalon ka jawaab do, do na!}

He sing and she look at him he gestured her she smiled and hold his hand and keep her hand on his shoulder and dancing with him beautifully all smiled they looking really cute..

Kyun ho tum sharmayi huyi si

Lagti ho kucch ghabrayi hui si

Ho kyun ho tum sharmayi huyi si

Lagti ho kucch ghabrayi hui si

Dhalka hua sa anchal kyun hai

Yeh mere dil mein halchal kyun hai

Mere sawalon ka jawaab do, do na!

Rohan cupped Priyanka dance both playing with each other’s eyes Rohan father and mother admire Priyanka and Rohan together they looking so adorable.

He lift her slightly and twirl her and end the song so beautifully all really enjoyed their performance.

Rahul:arey Maine pyaar Kya Rohan winked at him he ruffled his hairs ?.

Rudra: wow Priyanka you have this talent great Haan. They again take seats and all family members elders and performed small performance for a bride and grooms they all enjoy Anjali and twinkle started crying all get confused but their husbands hold their hands.

Kunj: ab Kya Hua Meri Maa again mood swing ?.

Twinkle: you all dance what about us haan we didn’t come for free entertainment ?.

Anjali: Haan let us dance na please.

Rahul: acha Anjali what about baby haan his world dance after you Than.

Avantika: arey leave let them slightly.

Om: everyone dance what about my bhabhi and elder brother and elder di and jiju huhu.

Mahi:haan huhu.They four of them giggles. Kunj and Rahul smirked and went in side suddenly all lights went off totally. All get confused than dancers started dancing from side Kunj and Rahul come and dancing with them on song mumbai dilli di kudiyaan song their wives mouth got open to see their husbands with another girls happily they dancing Kunj winked at twinkle she throw frown looks at him. Same Rahul and anjali as well anjali and twinkle get get up and hold their husbands collars and dance and sing as well along with them and push them all laughs out. Rahul and Kunj hold their ears lobs and sorry them they hold their hands and dancing with them carefully Kunj and Rahul bring each and everyone they all dancing together Kunj and Rahul hold Anjali and twinkle hand tightly so nobody push them.Twinkle cuddles Kunj.Peck at his lips Avantika see Kunj see her even twinkle she hide her face under Kunj chest Kunj closed his eyes Avantika smiled.

Kunj: tere mood swing uff sasu Maa caught you baby.

Twinkle: acha so what ?. Dance baby ?she dancing.

Kunj:bas bas meri saroj Khan..?.They all end the sangeet with amazingly and set down all laughing like anything at Rahul jokes ??. Rudra bring hat. And put on twinkle head.

Rudra: see bhabhi looking like deewani mastani ??.

Rahul:Kunj kiii..

Kunj:phir kya Ranveer Singh ki hogi.

Twinkle:I wish ??.?.

Kunj: acha bachu Than I wish as well Deepika Padukone but see what I get siyappa queen ?.

Twinkle: I can understand baby but you should takes you get this siyappa queen if I’ll move my one leg many guys hearts drools for me already ?.

Rahul:hehe.They all went and all bridesmaids click photos together of their heena hands they all give many poses.

Omkara and mahi do their photoshoot.

Avni and yuvi backhugging each other’s yuvi tickling her.

Avni:ahah yuvi stop na see the place.

Yuvi: so what you are my wife I can do get it now you become boring no romance huhu. She turned and cupped his face.

Avni:acha Me boring he nodded in yes what about you even just office I stop my work as well wanted to give you my all time and look at you who just busy.She make puppy faces.

Yuvi:ale my battery ?sorry.

Avni:it’s okay cheeks on his cheeks.

They all family members sit together on matrix.Playing many games together having fun.

Kunj:lets play a game.

Rahul:yes wait I have a game.Rahul went and bring a bowl. See guys in this bowl have chits whatever write inside the Chits we will spin this bottle on whoever it will stop we have to pick up chit from the bowl and have to do whatever in your chits can’t backoff.

Twinkle:interesting. Let’s start. All get ready and they all sits together in circling way.

Rahul:chalo Start Rahul spin the bottle all eyes just on bottle a bottle stop at Malika.

Ahah Malika baby.

Malika: huhu.

Kunj:chalo fast mummy. She get up and pick up a chit from blow.

Rohan:open Malika can’t wait.She making faces and open the chit and get shocked to see.

Malika: ahah so lame huhu.

Twinkle: what come bhabhi tell na.

Malika:Run around outside yelling I have lice!?.

Kunj: what??all laughing anything.

Rahul: chalo baby fast. We don’t have time.

Malika:this isn’t good I’ll not do anything.

Rahul: acha don’t outside here you can do we are enough ?.

Kabir: Malika baby do it just a game.

Malika: still Kabir I don’t have na why lied

Kunj:acha lied jhooti number one.. chalu.

Malika:whatever she thought lott Than. She get ready she hold her Head and yelling like a made and telling I have lice Rohan and Rahul make her video.

Rahul:see your mamma eww Joo wali.. ?.

Kunj:today we get to know why boys running away from you. ?. She fly her hairs and sit beside Kabir.

Rudra: next. Again they spin the bottle and than it stop at mahi.

Twinkle: bride ?. Happily Mahi get up and pick a chit and read she get shocked she read loudly.

Mahi:Rub mayonnaise in you hair and leave it on for the rest of the game. What mahi screamed???. Nooo.

Kabir:hehe mayonnaise cool??.

Twinkle: what is this how can she it.

Om: haan yeh game hai yeha punishment ?

Rahul:acha groom ji for us this game but because of your soon wifey punishment for you ?.

Usha:mahi beta don’t do.

Rahul:hayee sasu mom. What don’t do she have to do chalo mahi fast.Rudra get up and bring mayonnaise bottle and give to Rahul. So cruel your devar mahi ?. He give bottle to mahi. She making puppy faces and look at Omkara who giving her same look.She apply mayonnaise on her hairs ?and crying faking ?.. all giggles to see this.

Kunj:before marriage hair spa ?.

Yuvi:please don’t think real mayonnaise and have in bread ??.cool sandwiches ??.. all enjoyed and she went sit beside Omkara.

Omkara: it’s okay mahi.

Kunj:bas bas Omkara.Again spin the bottle and stop at Rohan. He get up

And read the chit. He was smiling after read his happy face turned into shocked.

Rohan:Let the person next to you wax you wherever they want. Arey Rahul Kya Hai.

Rahul: Kya Hai tujhe pata hai ??. Chalo fast Rohan baby pulled her cheeks.

Rudra: wax??.

Kabir:haan dost be hi maara..

Rahul: Teri kasam mene nahi kiya yeh??this ram maybe.

Ram: so what.. Chal Rohan beta you flying lott. Now waxing time.. smooth silky ?. Avinash bring wax and strips

Rudra: who will do.

Malika: I’ll do I’m here na for my Rohan baby.

Rohan: Kya Malika you are my bestie na.

Malika: game hai??. Rahul and ram or Malika hold his hand. Kaha kare wax.

Avinash: head ??.

Rohan:abeyy oyee Teri Shadi hogi hai meri nahi ??.

Rahul:acha bhabhi ji must be here he whispers in his ears ??.Malika wax on his hand small potion..he screamed. All giggles Anjali and twinkle lott. Priyanka laughing Rohan see her and smiled forget his pain.. Rohan went and sit Kunj and Rahul laughing lott. Poor soul they murmured.

They all spin the bottle all praying not stop at them. But can’t happen this. Bottle stop at Rudra.

Kunj:Rudra ?.

Rudra: I’m a player ?. He pick the chit in Tashan and read the person to your left do you makeup. Ahaha makeup chalo I’m ready.

Rahul:pata ta you are not less than girl who will do.

Twinkle: hmm give Soumya she do makeup nicely ??.rudra smiles. Soumya do his make up like Halloween ??. Rahul put veil on his head and click his photo Rudra look at himself in mirror he shocked.

Rudra:you make me devil Soumya haan.

Kunj:why you expecting you will look like a angel ??. All laughs out lott.. Than bottle stop at twinkle she read.

Twinkle: I have to send my husband with any girl for a date noooo why I’ll send Kunj.

Rohan: arey send na.. why.. we all do.

Twinkle: whatever I’ll not send get it.

Kunj: ahah twinkle hogaya don’t give stress okay.

Rahul:Kitna kamina hai. Huhu.

Kunj: I’ll go ??. Twinkle look at him. She get angry and sit.Than Kunj turns come he read Let another player throw flour in your face.ahah very funny. Rohan and Rahul get up and bring and before Kunj react they started throwing floor on his face he shocked you ass he stops all giggles Kunj too didn’t leave them they

Playing holi of flour ???.End the game.Huhu don’t he went in side twinkle making fun of him. Happily both function end.

Avantika: one day left just ?.

Leela: My another daughter will go and leave she get emotional.

Twinkle: hoo Maa you didn’t cry at my Time huhu.

Kabir:because we are happy siyappa going expect papa ???.

Twinkle:huhu.Twinkle cuddles rt.Than they all sit and having dinner with lots of giggles and laughs.

Again they all went back to their own places.All teasing Omkara and mahi lott at their side.

Avantika: twinkle beta go and sleep even Anjali you too. They nodded in yes and giggles at their husbands who looking white ghost ??. They went in their room .

Twinkle entered in room from back Kunj come and falls down on bed slowly he come upon her.

Twinkle: Kya Hai kaun karta hai aisa haan.

Kunj: me karta hu basi hasi aarahi hai na madam ko that’s why.

Twinkle:acha see Rohan and mahi.. looking cute Kunj pulled his cheeks she make him more angry.Kunj seals her lips with his she get shocked he hold her hands and started kissing her than she too started both biting each others lips and deep the kiss more and more.Twinkle can’t breath.hhhmm Kunjj he break the kiss. Pagal.

Kunj: next time don’t be okay I don’t wanted to do anything right now.

Twinkle: huhu leave me let get freshen up.

Kunj: today I’ll give you company we didn’t do bathroom romance what’s say ?just for fun he said.

Twinkle:ahah from where you get this dirty ideas haan.Sadu leave na.

Kunj:I wouldn’t Mrs Sarna ??. Let me send sometime with my baby Kunj moving his hand on her tummy her dress was opened from front.

Twinkle:haha kunjj she giggles??. Kya kar rahe ho.

Kunj: loving my baby kissed on her tummy she shiver.

Twinkle:Kunjjj stop na give your love to your baby after come out leave me she push him and went in washroom Kunj giggles.

Kunj:I love to teased her he murmured.

They get freshen up and wear their night dress and everyone was fast sleep as they were hell tired.

At morning.

Kunj wake up and see twinkle she sleeping peacefully.

Kunj:my life he kissed on her forehead and went in washroom he get ready and went down and went to Lata And Prithviraj they give her all list whatever they wanted for their Omkara and his wife Kunj smiled left for market he bring all things which they wanted.

Everyone had their breakfast twinkle still sleeping Avantika come and see her she sleeping so peacefully so she let her sleep. Just than Kunj entered in room.

Kunj:Arey she still sleeping it’s afternoon.

Avantika:shh let her sleep Kunjjjj.

Kunj: okay I wanted to asked you one thing mummy why did you stop me that day to tell she is pregnant haan?

Avantika:because I don’t wanted anyone evils eyes went on my bahu and grand child you know na last time so my heart not willing me that’s it.

Kunj:hoo fine this. Let her sleep I have so many work to do this jethani busy in her sleep poor Mahi after she will sleep ??. Avantika give him slap playfully both went downstairs.

Usha and anjali with Avantika and lata set all sagun things for Mahi today we have to give her its a small ritual. Twinkle wake up and smiled.

Twinkle:mamma and baby get good sleep. She went in washroom and get freshen up and wear beautiful dress looking cute.She went downstairs.

Avantika: my bahu wake up.

Twinkle: sorry sleep lott..

Avantika: acha sorry why I’m happy you rest it’s good for you acha sit I’ll bring breakfast for you.

Twinkle: nahi nahi I’ll have mummy ji. Why you doing.

Avantika:think I’m doing as a dadi ?now sit here and see this all things. She said and went in Kitchen with her hands she make fresh and healthy breakfast for her she make quickly and take for her and give twinkle she smiled and started having her breakfast.

Twinkle:everything is so beautiful..all boys come there all after All work done.

Kunj:sleeping beauty wake up.

Twinkle:yes..she finished her breakfast. Rest of them sitting and chilling out. Later all went to Taneja mansion there everyone was waiting for them.They all meet with each other’s. Mahi come and sit on swing Omkara take seat beside her all Mahi in laws give her sagun fruits sweet jewelleries many make she smiled than Omkara and mahi feed each other’s sweets twinkle and Kunj remember their time and they laugh out. They dancing than Mahi sit for her chuda Raman made her wear her wedding chuda her eyes were closed so she can’t see it till her wedding.All enjoy all small and fun full rituals.They all youngsters kept cocktail party so each and everyone enjoyed even elders as well at night they all wear little western it was fully classy party they all looking extremely amazing.All boys enjoying in pool while girls as well.Anjali and twinkle sitting in side and enjoying fully.Kunj and Rahul come and dance with their wives.Each and everyone enjoyed the party yuvi and Rudra Rohan and others as well passed out there only.Kunj and Rahul giggles to see them.Quickly party to over.They all went back to homes.All sleep in wild position.

At morning..

today is Omkara and mahi wedding finally the day has arrived.

All wake up having headache lottt they all drink lemonade to feel better because of last night hangover.

Leela was screaming telling Kabir so this and that.

Kabir:MAa Don’t worry I’ll see everything you sit and go check your daughter today she will go.

Leela:hmm having tears in her eyes Kabir nodded in no.Leela went in mahi room she see mahi sleeping peacefully she smiled and went near her sit beside mahi caressing her hairs.Meri bachii

Time went so fast first twinkle now mahi as well but i m happy because she get best family.My twinkle was so happy and Omkara loves mahi she will be happy.Kissed on her forehead just than rt entered in room and find Leela he understands went towards her.

Rt:I knew it you will be here only.Mahhi hold her hand meri bachi.Having tears. Finally she will too go and leave us make this house lonely. Just than mahi wake up she found her Maa and papa beside her she get confused.

Mahi:Maa and papa she smiled.She get up and sit there only.

Rt: you sleep well?

Mahi:haan papa so peaceful.They smiled to see her happy this much.Arey Yeh noise kyu ho raha hai itna..

Leela:arey shor toh hoga hi na beta aaj teri Shadi jo hai bul gai Kya haan.

Mahi:Haan Maa sorry she giggles.Mahi see tears in leela and rt eyes she cuddles them.Maa and papa don’t cry now I’ll not go anywhere I’ll stay here what’s say.

Rt:acha aisa nahi hota beta you are happy what more we want..

Mahi: hmmm.

Leela: chal go and get freshen up so many works are left to do get up fast puttar.

Mahi: haan you go I’ll joint na. She said and went in washroom Rt and Leela look at each other’s control on their emotions they went downstairs.Mahi get freshen up she had her breakfast with whole family spend sometime with them than get busy in her work.

Same at Sarna Mansion.All running here and there fully Avantika yelling at Rudra and Omkara lott.

Avantika: go and do some make over.

Kunj:right go Om today is your wedding cut your hairs your saali will pulled your hairs when you don’t give them money remember my time ??.

Twinkle:acha still you do lott drama Kunj Sarna.Haan Omkara Kunj is right today my devar should look killer after see you mahi should faint hayee ?.All giggles trio brothers left for salon while Rohan and Rahul seeing other work.Girls too get busy in their beauty makeover.Went fly like so fast.

Malika and Natasha and other cousins take mahi to get ready in her bridal wear.

After Omkara come along with his two brothers he looking so hot in small hairs..

he went in room Rahul and Rohan joint him they all boys get freshen up and get ready wearing same type of clothes. Omkara come and wear his sherwani Kunj Rahul closed his buttons while Kunj made him wear watch Rudra put long beads necklace.Just than there all ladies and girls come.

Lata: my Omkara is ready haan? He turned and look at them.

Twinkle: hoo killer om?.They all giggles and went towards him. Lata taking off evil eyes.

Lata: hayye mera pota aaj sab ki nazar tum pe hi hogi..

Usha: chalo twinkle puttar.She nodded in yes and do Omkara aarti and take turban from Anjali and put on his head perfect set sherwani shawl on his shoulder nicely finally he is ready fully in groom attire..

Twinkle:my devar looking world best groom. What’s say.

Rudra:haan bhabhi..

Avantika: finally Usha happy hain na she nodded in yes and cupped Omkara face kissed on his face.

Usha:twinkle is right you looking so good. All give him side hug anjali and Priyanka pulled Omkara cheeks and they all click few photos than they went downstairs all men’s standing Omkara went and take his grand father blessing and they share a hug.

Prithviraj:mera Omkara finally Shadi hone wali hai aaj..

Kunj: hmm dadu one more halal hone ja raha hai ??. Twinkle beat on his arms they all laughs out.

Anjali:chalo bhabhi must be waiting for us.They went outside and Omkara sit on horse.Twinkle winked Omkara Rahul playing dohl. Twinkle started singing the song. lo chali main

lo chali main

apne devar ki baarat le ke

lo chali main

lo chali main

apne devar ki baarat le ke

lo chali main

na band baaja

na hi baraati

khushiyon ki saugaat leke. All smiled and she dancing with Priyanka and Omkara Kunj laughing to see his wife madness.

lo chali main

apne devar ki baarat le ke

lo chali main.they all take the Baraat to Taneja mansion while dancing.

Soon they reached Kabir and other cousins Purab Naman Raj they all see baraat and rushed towards them. Joint them they all dancing around Omkara who happily sitting on his horse along with Aayat he smiling like anything. Mahi get ready fully all girls teased her Lot she just blushed. And went near window.

Malika: hoo baraat come see mahi your Omkara Mahi eyes went on Omkara who was on horse. She admire him and giggles to see him.

Kunj: bas siyappa queen you dance lott meri enthusiasm bhabhi.. ??hold her hand.

Twinkle:Kya Kunjj at least today let me enjoy.All Tanejas comes and meet with each and everyone Than Omkara come down.They all process ahead leela was standing at door entrance to welcome her new damaad.Omkara come along with his whole gang. Leela do his aarti do put tika on his forehead. He smiled she pinch his nose.

Kunj:MAA fully ??. All smiled he take her blessing she happily blessed him.He take everyone blessing. Twinkle stand in side

Kabir:see this shameless girl from which side you are madam..??.

Twinkle:mr Taneja let me think ?.Bhai you do one thing I’m from both sides you do my welcomed nicely as a Omkara bhabhi and Than I’ll come in your side from my side as a sister nice na ??.

Kabir:kamini huhu. Chalo.. jija ji.. twinkle asked about Mahi she went in room to meet with Mahi she entered in room and see her in bridal look she get emotional her small sister become so big going to marry finally she went near her.

Mahi:huhu di you are so bad come now.

Twinkle:sorry na Mahi.Looking so beautiful kissed on her forehead are you okay nervous haan? She nodded in yes.

Mahi: but happy you are there so no worry di.

Twinkle:haan woh toh hai Meri behan. Even I’m happy my sister will come there. She sit with her talk for sometimes than she went downstairs and they all enjoy teased each other’s twinkle pulling everyone legs ??.

Rudra lost in soumya fully she looking killer. Pandit ji asked to call mahi for varmala.Twinkle went with Malika and Mehar they bring Mahi down

Omkara was standing in mandap as soon as his eyes went on her fully shocked she looking so beautiful.She looking down all smiled see her twinkle made her stand beside Omkara both gaze each other’s.

Rohan Rahul or Kunj and Rudra Stand behind Omkara Priyanka give Omkara varmala and Kabir yuvi or abeer Purab at mahi side.

Kunj:chal Om fast don’t put down your neck than for whole life have to blow down I did mistake ??.Winked at twinkle. They all lift Mahi and even omkara’s as well Omkara try to put varmala in her neck but not happening all enjoy

Kabir: try Omkara ji what happened Fuss so fast ?.

Om:never he put varmala finally in mahi neck.

Twinkle:ale??.. all clapped Than Malika give to mahi she too try many times after get tried she make puppy faces Kunj Leave Omkara it’s become easy for Mahi and she too put.

Rahul:Kya Kunj Abhi se saali ke side. Not fair.

Twinkle:everything is fair jiju ?.finally they finished this ritual. All clapped than they sit for marriage.Pandit ji started mantars leela and rt did mahi kaniyadan. Give her hand in Omkara hand all stand around mandap. After they both stand for 7 vows all people showering rose petals on them while Kunj on twinkle as well ?. She making Faces.

Kunj: see mahi she smiling so much and at your time you just carried gloomy face like you going to in hell..

Twinkle: acha ji what about you.. sadu..always teased me huhu. Ab toh me Maa bane wali Abhi bhi haan.

Kunj: yes forever I’ll pulled her near himself.Omkara and mahi finished 7 vows nicely than again they sit twinkle give Omkara vermillion he fills Mahi hairline than he adore mangalsutra in her neck.. all smiled.than finally pandit ji declares them as a husband and wife they get up and went towards elders and take everyone blessings Lata and Prithviraj was hell happy finally their another grand son married..

Kunj:mera bhai hug him and give side hug to mahi. Than they went to stage and sit all guest come and congratulate them all siblings and cousins sit beside them and teased them lott.

Rudra:finally o leave his phone ?.

Twinkle:Haan now busy offline ??


Yuvi: mahi this twinkle will take all revenge from you know at childhood you teased her na now she is your jethani ??.

Twinkle:wah wah ram ji jodi kya banayi dewar dewrani ji badhai ho badhai??. aayi hai shubh ghadhi aaj bani main badi

kal tak ghar ki bahu thi aaj hun jethaani

hukum chalaungi main aankh dikhaungi main sehmi khadi rahegi meri dewrani.. all giggles.

Rahul:she become mad kunjj. They all clicked many photos Omkara hold mahi hand she look at him.

Mahi: in low voice Kya Hai leave my hand.

Om: now what happened we are husband and wife mrs Mahi Omkara sarna ?.She blushed you looking so beautiful.


Malika:bas Om we are here only do your romance later have whole night??..

Avantika see anjali and twinkle she went near them.

Avantika: twinkle and anjali bas you both do masti lott now come with me and sits there.

Kunj: haan take them this two soon mummies flying lottt??.

Twinkle:acha what about you don’t fly.Om ki shadi hai tumhari nahi samje.. Rohan lost in Priyanka.

Rahul: bas Rohan itna Stare karne se Teri Shadi nahi hogi duffer so something.

Rohan: Kya karu Kunj se Dar and Hitler as well??.

Rahul:acha than come in Priyanka baby shower ??.Bring gifts for her babies idiot man.Avantika take anjali and twinkle they sit in side.After sometimes later they all sit together and have dinner all requests Omkara and mahi feed each other’s they both feed each other’s shyly.Their wedding arrangement was superb.They all do fun lottt all girls and twinkle stole Omkara shoes they do lott drama.

Natasha: we want money see twinkle your husband so mean he is..

Twinkle: give om.. he look at his brothers. Why you taking their permission in your saali here don’t forget ?. He nodded in yes and give money they all get happy.

after sometimes later it’s bidaai time finally leela get emotional she control on herself.Twinkle holding rt hand. Mahi come after get freshen up.

Twinkle: MAA and papa now don’t like my time ??.

Kabir:look who’s talking when you went whole Amritsar knows ??. Crying queen. Leela cupped Mahi face kissed on mahi forehead.

Leela: I’ll not cry because I’m happy today lott I get best daamad as a Kunj now one more Omkara feel so blessed. Omkara hold leela Hand.

Om:don’t worry I’ll keep mahi happy like Kunj to twinkle.

Lata: haan still doubt.

Rt:nahi bilkul humhari twinkle toh totally forgot us ??.

Twinkle:papaaaa. Tears escaping from mahi eyes leela wiped her tears rt too hugged her.

Mahi: papa??I’ll miss you.

Rt:even we too beta. Kabir wiped his tears.

Kabir: finally papa two daughters out of the house now my rule ??.

Twinkle:hehe this never happened bhai we will come together than kick you out of the house see this horse you will use and run ??.

Tej:bahu humhari hai ?.Kabir hug mahi. She cuddles him tightly they share a hug twinkle as well. Mahi meet with her grand parents Bebe too cry.

Usha:don’t worry leela ji again we take daughter only.She nodded.Mahi kissed on khansa cheeks she bid bye each and everyone and throw puffed rice and falling on leela duppta which she holding. She crying and finished this last rituals and they went towards car. She look at rt he smiled Mahi sit in car Omkara meet with his in law they hugged him and tell him take care of their daughter.He too sit Rahul and anjali sitting in front. Kabir push the car and they left.

Kunj:MAA and papa don’t cry okay wipes leela tears and kissed on her forehead she hugged him.

Leela:Haan Kunj puttar tu hai na.They all bid bye to each other’s and sit in cars and left.

They reached before bride and groom car.All family members went inside Usha and twinkle do preparations for Mahi welcomes finally reached and they went inside everyone come mahi and Omkara stand at door entrance.Usha do their aarti.Twinkle put Kalash in front of mahi feet’s.

Avantika:mahi puttar falls down this Kalash with your right foot she smiled and falls down Kalash Than twinkle tell her put her foots in this red kumkum water leave her foot prints she did whatever everyone tell her.

Twinkle:finally welcomed dewrani ji?.

She smiled and hugged twinkle.

Anjali:Om now it’s our time to take money there you give so fast now here too.

Priyanka:yes Om bhaiya.

Avni: haan

Om: pata hai you all didn’t leave me. Omkara give anjali and Avni and Priyanka.

Twinkle:hoo Om what about Aayat if she sleep that means you will not give her.

Rudra:huhu bhabhi why pidhi..

Om:le he give to her Aayat money she take happily. Than they all sit and do all ritual after marriage ring ceremony in that mahi win yuvi and twinkle teased mahi and make fun of her Kunj support her fully elders smiled than.

Twinkle:now what.Omkara lift Mahi and process towards his room.

Rahul:chal Rudra today you sleep us ?.

Rudra: I can manage meri bhi Shadi karo dadi he said went ??.

Kunj: what he said.

Twinkle:Shadi karni hai usko haina Soumya she looking here and there ?.

Lata:pagal: all went in their respective rooms twinkle was hell tired.

Omkara and mahi entered in room and see room conditions Both smiled Omkara cupped mahi face and hugged her she too.

Om: finally we become one I’m so happy.

Mahi:even me too he look at her and gestured she too both giggles he lift her take her on bed.They share eye lock mahi kissed on his cheeks Omkara pulled blanket and come upon Mahi. They both get busy in each other’s.

One more love story in Sarna Mansion happy become one..??.

@twinj room…

Twinkle:uff finally wedding done …

Kunj:hmm you got .tired ???

Twinkle:hmm..Kunj you change till i m coming..He bring hot water in tub and put some oil.in it and little bit salt.Twinkle came from washroom..

Twinkle:kunj what is this???

Kunj:tumhari tiredness door karne ka tarika ..


Kunj:: first come and dip your foot in this water .Twinkle dip her foot in the water …

You keep sitting like this only till the i m coming after changing my clothes…

He changed into nightwears….

Kunj:now took out your foot from water …

He clean her foot with towel and then starts massaging her foot with oil..

Twinkle:kunj don’t touch my feet its not good na ..you are my husband..

Kunj:why not  after all i m your life partner if you can then why not me .wese bhi i love  pampering my wife.He massage her foot gently .now how are you feeling..

Twinkle:good infact my whole tiredness went..

Kunj:good now i ‘ll bring milk for you ..

He went downstairs and brought milk for her…

Kunj:chal baby have it ..

Twinkle:kunj …today toh i had lots of things please na i m full…

Kunj:no you have to …chal.have your medicine with this milk…

Twinkle:ek shart me we will have half half ..ok..

Kunj:but twinkle you are preagnant not me …

Twinkle:but today seriously i can’t have it ..please

Kunj:ok baba he pour the milk for himself in anothe glass.Chal.now have it .

Both had their milk ..

Twinkle:now from only you will give me company in Milk …

Kunj:no not at all…

Twinkle:: acha then i will also not have this milk wese bhi it taste like yuck…

Kunj:acha bachoo…not fair ..

Twinkle:everything is fair baby …

Kunj :ok we will see from tomorrow…now lets sleep…tomorrow is reception..

Twinkle:: hmm

Both slept cuddling each other….

Episode freezes at their happy face.


How was the episode?

Hope you all like.

Thanks for your comments.

I have requested please don’t do any drama in my comments box if not like kindly please leave and dont need to comment today I’m saying I don’t want anyone single comment i just wanted to fixed if you all wanted next will be or else I’ll DISCONTINUE HERE ONLY not mad who will waste my precious time nobody paying so no proof reading busy

9 mores to go. Thanks miss for your comment in ss.. respect ??don’t waste your times I’m saying.



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