RAB SE SONA ISHQ TWINJ: EPISODE 12 engagement special

Episode 12

rab se Sona Ishq.. ?????????

Kunj drop twinkle and Mahi at Taneja mansion he went back to Sarna Mansion in whole ride kunj thinking about twinkle somewhere he too fine he enjoyed it..

He parked his car and went inside om and rudra already reached.. Kunj about to went in his room om and Anjali or Rudra come from behind hug him instantly.

Kunj:what the….

Rudra: finally you come Bhaiya.. why you take so much time hhhmmmm.

Om:yes kunj..

Anjali:he must be busy with our bhabhi.. Kunj give them naughty smile..

Kunj:you guys impossible. Now let me go and sleep I have to wake up early in morning to catch conference meeting..

Rudra: hoo by the way Bhaiya today you seemed very happy Anjali Di you see how Bhaiya enjoying it with bhabhi today he run with her.

Anjali:yeah ru I saw my brother first time like this.Kunj raise his eyebrows.

Kunj:you people become mad I’m going bye he pat on rudra cheeks.and he went in his room take out his night dress and went in washroom get freshen up and come and went downstairs back make coffee for himself he takes his coffee and went near pool side and feel cool breeze.

Kunj:Itself I’m confused I never did with anyone girl what I did today. I hate girls I can’t tolerate their talks uff but twinkle why I can’t scold.. if I think this I’ll go mad.He takes sip of his coffee. Kunj see the time and went to his room but in middle his eyes went on om room lights was on kunj went inside and see his baby brothers sleeping peacefully. He covered them and off the light through to sleep here he lay down and sleep beside his brothers.

Twinkle just come In her room and lay down without changed her clothes she gets tired today lot..

Next day in morning.

Kunj wake up early in morning he gets up and went in his room get freshen up wear his jogging clothes and went in garden still sky little bit dark.Kunj put ears plugs in his ears and running in whole garden.let his body sweat. There om come and joint him.

Om:good morning bro so early today..

Kunj:yup have to go office early so.. let your partner to wake up along with you.

Om:rudra heheh. He must be busy in his dreams so many girls in his life..

Kunj:idiot I have to find college for them too.

Om:today Priyanka and Aayat coming back.



Kunj:kya aur..

Om: Twinkle..

Kunj:again I think your day started on twinkle end on her..

Om: what you both did in long drive..

Kunj:what can we do it om.. she just eating my head madam listening music in loud volume think my car is some disco.. om laughing..

Om:uff i m loving it.. she is perfect for you man she is really amazing girl. Don’t you think kunj twinkle is only one girl who can rule on you.Kunj looking at him in serious way..

Kunj: really she will rule at me..

Om:yup see till now many girls come and work with you.they had never guts to talk to you in same way you can.Twinkle is the one she can she didn’t scare with you.

She is perfect girl for you.Actually you both are perfect for each other’s dadi always telling god already make everyone partners that’s why you didn’t like any girls and till now many girls come and reject why because twinkle is in your destiny.God make her for you.. Kunj just listening what om telling..

Kunj:great lines’ om that’s should come in today headlines my philosopher brother.

What you think about love..

Om: first you..

Kunj:I don’t know anything about love..

Least interested man..

Om:heheh I was expecting this only from you..

Kunj:okay I’m different and very far from this all things.. you tell me what you think about love and shaadi

Om: perfect pyaar, perfect shaadi sirf kahaniyon mein milti hai..

Kunj:acha I don’t think so om.you can see in our family.Dadi and dadu Love still evergreen and your parents mine too.How perfect they are for each other’s.I never thought about my life partner om because

These things very far from me.first I was busy in my studies whenever I saw rudra we both didn’t enjoy our life like him.. after school pa send me Australia for my higher studies after software engineering I joint in Sarna empire.I didn’t get chance to see my life in other way..

Talking about wife.. Itself I don’t want to get marry whole life I can be stay single but this can’t happen.My dadi and dadu wish to see their grand son wife.. so wanted one who make us connected in one knot om..she understood my family like her family and I’ll to hers.. pyaar I don’t know to stand for each other’s care about that’s love for me.. I wanted perfect dil for my family.. twinkle Kya I didn’t like anyone never thought about anyone I love my work and my family that’s it..

Om: when you know this our parents get love marriage before marriage they love each other’s..

Kunj:yeah I know very well.I’m not like them.

Om:don’t worry it’s not necessary every story started with love many of normally than love comes in their life.. this is beautiful more than first..

Kunj: pa is right you totally went on chote Papa talk like him..

Om: hope he understands me.

Kunj: no om he understood you he loves you very much..

Om:if he loves me than he loved what I am do.

Kunj:he is om..what you doing its best..

You know na how much I scared of my pa.

I can stand in front of him for you all but in my time can’t I can’t maintain my eyes to look at him.I become totally blank.That doesn’t mean om I can’t speak.if I did anything wrong what you all learn from me.

Om:I know this my brother not from now since childhood.Didn’t let anyone tell us anything but itself listen everything.trust me kunj twinkle is perfect for you and our family as well..

Kunj:don’t know om I don’t have any problem with her she is siyappa queen if she to come between us that above me.. Itself I have to clear many things to her.

Om:why not you guys meet went out together even dadi to saying it’s good for you both and for your new life..

Kunj: i don’t have time this much to wast with her lizard.You leave about me I’m all set what about you should I find girl for you ?. Let’s get marriage on same day even kharcha bhi bachjayega.Om looking at him in acrimoniously..don’t look at me like this I’m business man ??its quiet normal ??..,

Om:right you said great business man kunj Sarna whole business world wants to know who will be his life partner.. till now you tell them about twinkle??

Kunj:nope pa has told me no he didn’t want any controversy happened so.

They will know one day itself..

Om:hmm Kunj Sarna ki wife miss Amritsar twinkle Taneja ???..

Kunj:if your twinkle jaap is done than walk.

He dragged om both went for long walk..

Avantej [email protected]

Avantika wake up and look at tej who sleeping peacefully she gave smile and take her clothes and take out tej clothes and hang on side.. she went in washroom get freshen up come out and find tej sitting.

Avantika:good morning

Tej:good morning. He gets up went to her. How you manage look every day so beautiful.

Avantika: acha.. What happens to you today you praising me..

Tej:tu bhi na Avantika I praising you since I saw you first day of our college ?.. Rudra is right you didn’t look like 4 kids mother.. she encircled her arms around tej neck.

Avantika:acha ji.What about you.You look like 4 kids father ???.stop your cheesy lines tej.We aren’t that young Avantika and tej now it’s our kids time..

Tej:that’s written somewhere.

Avantika:go and get freshen up till then I’ll arrange Kunj all things.

Tej:you just love your sons..

Avantika:even you too your daughters..

Tej:they are so small..

Avantika:hoo yeh hai.. one only..

Tej:finally she is coming.after kunj marriage you get free..

Avantika:can’t say you know your son..

Tej:after his wife she will do his all work..

Avantika:haa I’m going you go.she went down tej went in washroom. Avantika went in kunj room she didn’t find him on bed think he must be sleep with his brothers. She takes out his clothes put all necessary things on bed, so he didn’t find anything here and there.She went in kitchen see what chef making in breakfast.She check and Usha too come there they both wish good morning each other’s they take their cup of tea and went in living room.

Usha:where is mummy ji today..

Avantika: they come late from their friend house must be sleeping.. om and Kunj entered there and see their mothers and went to them and sit beside them..

Kunj:good morning my lovely MAA’s..

Usha: good morning.

Avantika:you both went for walk..

Om: yes Badi maa..

Usha: take rudra too..

Kunj:he wakes up In morning nope he went to gym.. ??.. Protein powder.They both drenched in sweat..

Avantika:how was your dinner night??

Om: great MAA he winked at Kunj..

Usha:good what kunj and twinkle did.

Kunj:with smile what we’ll do choti maa.

Avantika:Arey aesha thodi hota hai. Newly to be couple did so many things..

Usha:yes kunj.. your chote Papa and me even bhabhi and Bhai shab too..enjoy our before wedding life..

Kunj:I’m not like you people.I’m going I’ll get late for my office. Kunj escape from them he went to his room..

Avantika:this boy just work and office.. don’t know what will happen of him..

Usha:this kunj doesn’t went on his fathers.

Om:rudra went whole..??.Don’t worry

He enjoys it I’ll show you people something later after he went if he sees kill me and rudra..Kunj entered in his room..

Kunj:my family behind me.. Kunj eyes went on bed see his all things beforehand ready

He gives smile and understand who did it.. Meri MAA I love you.he takes his clothes and went in washroom get freshen up

Lata and Prithviraj come usha give them tea. Kunj come in room he got ready closed his buttons too somehow today.. he takes his medicines and went down..

Lata:good morning kunj.he went to them Lata cupped his face kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:good morning my DADI and Dadu..

They all come and stand for pooja. Rudra and Anjali yawing in whole pooja time.. This all seen by kunj and om they just laughed slightly think their siblings is so cute.. after pooja, they sit for breakfast already kunj warn his siblings no decision at breakfast time about twinkle. They happily zip on their mouth all find uneasy..

Tej:what happened today you kids..

Manohar:yes see Rudra he quiet like kunj.

Rudra:uff he takes deep breath it’s so difficult to stay quiet I don’t know how Bhaiya can do it.pa Bhaiya give us Oder to stay keep quiet so all laugh.

Tej:hoo what you all did last night..

Lata:yes.tell me about my kunj and twinkle. Kunj hold his head.

Kunj:you people Carry on I’m going.

Tej:why my son..Kunj didn’t said anything.

Rudra:pa why you giving so much work to Bhaiya.

Tej: what..

Rudra:yes every time he just busy in work and work.. Bhaiya enjoy your life like me..

Kunj:no need.I’m happy in myself.you all just talk so much everyone is same there too they too eat my head.. he finished his breakfast take his bag and left for office all just seeing him..

Tej:what happened of this boy.. we trying he involved in his new life still same..

Lata:jesha bhi hai mere Kunj best hai.

Alag hai logo se fine unique Bhi toh hai.

Rudra:DADI you said na kids went on family.I understand Priyanka went on Bhaiya she too like him quiet girl but on whom Bhaiya went.. I and om or di talks like you all..

Lata: kunj went on your Dadu..

Rudra:what how.. dadu toh talk..

Lata:haa when I meet with him first he too like kunj I did effort to starts the conversation he just like same to same Kunj.To show his love for me too in hiding way.After our marriage he takes so much time to open up..

Rudra: phir aeshe open hui band hone ka naam hi nahi ??..all giggles Prithviraj look at rudra.. he closed his eyes in fear..

Prithviraj:you people don’t worry after marriage kunj will change somewhere. What we all can do he had quiet nature.

That’s we all love very much this 4 is enough to talk so much.. when they are coming..

Tej:at evening Papa.. after breakfast, they left for office while Lata and Prithviraj went to mandir to meet with guru ji..

At Taneja mansion..

twinkle getting ready in front of mirror she remembers about last night.

Twinkle: he is not that much bad.. she done with herself and went downstairs find no one is there..

Twinkle: where is everyone today.. Leela come there and look at twinkle..

Leela: finally soon to be Mrs. Sarna wake up..

Twinkle: MAA aap bhi na teasing me like mahi and Bhai.. where is everyone.

Leela: my daughter it’s 10 your Papa and Kabir went office and Bebe and dadu went mandir..

Twinkle: mahi..

Leela: she went college you sleeping..

Twinkle:she is so smart leave me and went.I’ll see her later.MAA I’m so hungry give me something to have..

Leela: you sit I’ll bring something to have for you.. Leela went in kitchen and quickly she makes aloo paratha. And went to twinkle. Leela started feeding her with her hands..

Twinkle:MAA your paratha is amazing..

Leela: haa now you should started learning how to cook what you’ll do after your marriage Kunj just eat pasta..

Twinkle:if he wanted anything else make it Itself huhu.

Leela: aur bata kal kya kiya.. twinkle tell each and everything to Leela what they had done it last night even about kunj..

Twinkle:he saved me from dog MAA..

Leela:he is so sweet gentleman..

Twinkle:sometimes nahi toh always fighting with me and his siblings is too good.

Leela:yes twinkle you are really lucky to have family like them nowadays where we got people like them.what you think about kunj still unhappy for this alliance.

Twinkle:I never think about this MAA. Dadu like kunj for me it’s enough me.. He is nice man.. I’m happy for this alliance Leela caresses her cheeks..

Leela:good Twinkle kunj is really nice man.

Diya leke dundne se nahi milega uska jesha ladka..

Twinkle:bas bas MAA I just praise him little bit you started fully.

Leela: even he is too lucky will have wife like my twinkle.Twinkle finished her breakfast. So college now..

Twinkle:mood nahi hai maa mera so.I’ll have some college work I’ll complete them today..

Leela:okay.. after sometime later twinkle went in her room get busy in work..

At office Kunj standing and talking to someone..

Kunj:come soon man..

Rahul:haa saale shab. When you going to marry haa..

Kunj: this you should asked your wife she’ll give you all answer.. she is mad..

Rahul:don’t call my wife mad..

Kunj:acha ji..

Rahul:before saale and jija we are friends?.,

Kunj: yeah. Okay you send me all details of meeting I have to give report to sir..

Rahul:this fathers in laws shit man..

Kunj:oyye.okay bye I have work.. he cut the call and went to busy in his work again.

Other hand in mandir Lata and Prithviraj or Bebe and Hansh meet with guru ji takes out date for kunj and twinkle engagement.

Guru ji give date after two days.they get happy..

Lata:why not you people come to our house..

Bebe:we will now toh we are family this going on now.They sit their talk for sometimes. After left for homes,,

Their grand parents is so happy for their engagement date finally fixed.. Prithviraj and Lata tell about this to usha and Avantika they get so happy..

Lata:now starts all preparations of their engagement we wanted their engagement in grand way. Om and Anjali come there they asked what happened they are so happy.

Prithviraj: after 2 days later twinkle and Kunj engagement is there..

Anjali:what awesome dadu.. lets started preparations after all first engagement of grand son of this family..

Prithviraj:my dream just to see my kids marriage.Anjali come sit beside Prithviraj and rest her head on his chest..

Anjali:yes my done now kunj turn comes its your big dream dadu to see kunj marriage.

Lata:from so many years we are waiting for this day..I wanted everything perfect in my kunj engagement day.Whole Amritsar will know its engagement of my kunj.

Om:why the Amritsar dadi whole world will see.

Avantika: lets the starts the preparations.

Prithviraj: you and tej went to Taneja’s and discuss it about engagement preparations.

Usha: why not we did everything surprised for everyone daddy ji..

Avantika:idea was good usha..

Om:than final.

Prithviraj:call the best planner om.

Om:yeah dadu.. o shit I have to go airport to pick up them..

Usha:go fast you know her she didn’t like to wait for anything..

Avantika:you all make her sit on our heads.

Om:I should leave.Om get up and went for airport..soon he reached airport asked about Malaysia flight they tell them due to weather conditions flight has late so.. om sit there wait for them..

Other side kunj meeting was successful. Tej and Manohar really happy to see kunj the way he doing work.tej just checking the time he can’t wait for them now.. after all work has down.they sit in car kunj was on driving seat..

Manohar:today Bhai shab is so excited kunj. He just nodded his head.

Tej:kunj you can speak in meetings what happened after haa..

Kunj:nothing sir.:

Tej:I’m your boss in office not after.. he look at tej slightly..

Kunj:yes pa.. soon they reached Sarna Mansion tej just run to see him like this kunj get so happy see love towards his sisters.. tej went inside and asked everyone about them..

Lata:tej take breath first.. they aren’t come till now..

Tej:why..Kunj I told you go take pick up them..

Kunj:woh pa I told om..

Avantika:tej they must be stuck in traffic they’ll come calm down.. rudra come there.

Rudra: why you people standing like this waiting for someone special haa..

Anjali: they are coming,,

Rudra:just for that pidhi you all waiting like Prime minister.Tej give him look.he hides behind kunj back..

Om standing at airport just than he heard someone calling him. He turned and find Priyanka. Who holding small baby girl in her arms she was sleeping peacefully. Om wavy to her and went to Priyanka.

Om:finally you come pinku.. how’s your journey.

Priyanka:nice Bhaiya.. you might be wait for us..

Om:no.To see you both I’m so happy let’s go. Om take luggage and keep in car dickey..they sit and left for Sarna Mansion.

Tej can’t wait for them now he just walking here and there all seeing him and get happy as well surprised too.

Rudra:Bhaiya look at pa.he never waits for us.. like we both falls from sky..

Lata:tej sit..

Tej:no MAA..

Prithviraj:tej you look like small baby.

Rudra:pa waiting for his small baby.. ?

Om reached Sarna Mansion. Priyanka see and get confused.

Priyanka: where we come Bhaiya..

Om:humhare ghar..

Priyanka: hoo..they come out of the car slightly her sleep get disturbed she open her eyes and look at om..

Om:finally wake up my dove..

Girl:O bro.. she hugged him..

Om:yes my sista..

Girl:where is Bhaiya..

Om:wait,They went inside she just run so fast they entered at door..



Girl:paaaaaaa loudly.tej Listen he turned and found his little life standing in front of him.Tej smiling brightly..she run and land on tej arms.. they hugged each other’s. Om and Priyanka come. Priyanka went to avantika..

Priyanka:mummy.she hugged her both mothers. Rudra eyes just stuck on them.

Rudra: see pa and daughter milap..

Kunj:why you calling your death.. they break the hug..

Tej:how’s my baby..

Girl:I’m fine pa see she show him herself.

Manohar: hi Aayat..

So herwe girl name is Aayat tej Sarna.. she is the smallest kid of this family she is nearly 5 years old who still drink milk from baby bottles ?? full crazy chatterbox Kunj never get bored with her talks last kid of tej and Avantika..

Rudra:Pinku. He pulled her hairs.Priyanka meet with each and everyone. Aayat went to kunj. He sits on his knees.

Aayat:hi Mr Sarna

Kunj:hi miss Sarna.Kunj pulled her cheeks..

Aayat: I miss you all like anything.

Rudra:But we didn’t miss you.. ??.

Aayat: who talk to you haa.. Rudra and Aayat is Tom and jerry.. pa see him..

Rudra:you chui…

Aayat:I’ll kill you..


Aayat:where is D&D.


Aayat: ho I didn’t see you both. She meet with Prithviraj and Lata..

Prithviraj:how’s my princess..

Aayat:awesome dadu.she put her hand on his pocket finding chocolates. Where is my chocolates..

Prithviraj:haa aap ki chocolates I have.He took out and give it to her.she takes and kissed on his cheeks.Rudra just seeing them kunj and om see him both together.

Om:someone is burning..

Kunj: yes strongly smells coming but from where??. He smells Rudra here..

Rudra:I’m jealous with this pidhi.not at all.

Oyye pidhi.. how you stay there now.. didn’t you cry ???..

Aayat:you are cry baby I’m not.. Aayat run behind Rudra he went upstairs all laughs..

Prithviraj:finally real happiness of this house come back this two..

Tej:why you become so late..

Priyanka:woh Papa due to flight.. Anjali pulled Priyanka..

Anjali: let’s come my sister I have to talk to you so many..

Om: yes she is missing you with whom she did backbite about rahul??…

Anjali:very funny..both sisters went in room. Kunj and om went in tej and Avantika room where Rudra and Aayat fighting both hitting each other with pillows. Aayat pulling Rudra hairs she top of rudra they both went and sit.. Started cheers for them..

Om:yes Aayat hit him protein powder,,

Kunj:Aayat Aayat ???..

Rudra:you both.. you pidhi,,tej and Avantika come there and see them om and Kunj get up immediately.

Tej:what’s going on here haa.. Aayat see tej and leave rudra.. she lay down beside him,,

Rudra: see mummy your daughter beating me.

Aayat: no your son..

Avantika:aate hi you both started. You come to me Aayat.


Rudra: hit her mummy..

Tej:acha this should be done with you ?. Kunj and om brushed out in laugh., both gestures to rudra he gets up they Trio escape from there.Aayat come and sit on Avantika lap and telling her parents what she had done in Malaysia..

Tej:happy my princess done so many things.

Avantika:now come I’ll give you something

First we’ll get freshen up..

Aayat:okay.she takes her in washroom freshen up her. After sometime later Avantika feed her food and she sleeps due to tiredness.They all come for dinner.

Kunj:where is Aayat..

Rudra: sleeping beauty must be sleep..

Kunj: look who’s talking..

Om: jis pure din sulalo.. where are you today..

Rudra:I went out with yuvi bro..

Kunj:do whatever you wanted to do after college nothing rudra..

Prithviraj: in this all I forgot to you all something tej and Manohar I And hansh ji fixed kunj and twinkle engagement guruji give after 2 days date.. after listening this kunj choke ????…


Tej:nice Papa.

Rudra:Bhaiya dhyan se???..I’m super excited for their engagement,

Kunj: it’s so soon.

Prithviraj:why do you have any problems?


Rudra:don’t you heard this phrase Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So ab..

(Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now) Kunj looking at Rudra face sternly.

Om:impress Rudra but you itself never follow this??..

Lata:now you all start the preparations.

Anjali: engagement rings..

Usha: yeah..

Lata:kunj tomorrow you should go with twinkle for engagement rings..

Kunj:dadi I’m not going anywhere this all didn’t come in my mind you all can do whatever.

Avantika:rings should be both of your choice kunj.

Kunj:i m fine mummy.

Tej:you are going Kunj with her that’s final.

Kunj:but pa..

Tej:no buts and ifs.Kunj blow down his head. Okay he said..

At Taneja mansion after dinner whole family sitting in living area together enjoying ice cream..

Bebe: Kabir tell Malika about twinkle engagement..

Twinkle: engagement what when..

Hansh: after 2 days..

Twinkle:when this decided..

Bebe: today only your grand in laws come to guru ji there..

Twinkle: it’s so soon Bebe..

Rt: after your engagement Kabir and Malika wedding to there twinkle..

Kabir:after our than again yours wedding ?. Kabir started singing song for twinkle.

Mahi:di lets go for shopping..

Twinkle:I’m not interested you can do..

she said and run to her room.She lay down on the bed her back facing to ceiling.Huh they all behind my marriage.

I’ll not come to them.. from behind.

Kabir:hayee Mahi we will live in peace what kunj calling her siyappa queen.

Twinkle:huhu he is sadu..

rt got call from tej he tells him that all engagement preparations they will do it..

Send twinkle with kunj for select their engagement rings..

All teasing kunj he hides his face under pillow.

Rudra:I’ll tell Aayat about twinkle bhabhi.

It’s so funny and cool twinkle bhabhi has so small sister in law????..

Om: did you forget yourself Rudra small brother in law??size deference only mind is same??Rudra smile turn into drastic look..

Kunj: she’ll be lucky has cuteness sister in law not like you joker ???..

Rudra: you both just huhu he started crying om and Kunj look at Rudra. They sit beside him and cuddle him..

Kunj:aww sorry..

Om:yeah Rudra stop crying before Aayat will see you ??..

Rudra:you both Huhu.. I’ll see talk to my bhabhi what she doing it.Rudra went in side and dial twinkle number she picked up his call.. purposely Rudra put call on Speaker. Hi bhabhi..

Twinkle:hi Rudra.. any work you call me at this time..

Rudra:can’t I call my bhabhi??.. my mood wasn’t good so I thought to call you here I don’t have any friends so.

Twinkle: yeah you can rudra what happened to you om and Kunj Listening everything.

Rudra:Bhaiya na huhu..

Twinkle:what sadu did with you haa.. Rudra controlling his laughter.

Om:he make her like him.. save her..

Kunj: this two is same to same useless..

Rudra: he just scolding me.. bhabhi..

Twinkle:this sadu Sarna na..

Kunj: oyye siyappa queen shut up.. twinkle shocked..

Twinkle: kunjjj..

Kunj:yes kunj. What you think I’ll not listen anything.

Twinkle: haa sunlo na I’m not scared with you. You are khadoosh Sarna..

Om:what name selection twinkle.


Twinkle:you don’t cry rudra. I’ll see him later okay bye she cut the call..

Kunj:and you rudra.. come to me for anything huhu. He went in his room and om and rudra laughing making fun of kunj.

Next day.. @

Rt tell each and everything to Leela. She told to twinkle about kunj will be come anytime for engagement rings and shopping after so much request kunj is ready to go.Other side om and Anjali see along with planner everything is perfect or not.Lata and Avantika went for shopping what they going to give twinkle in Shagun.they buy so many things for twinkle.

At Afternoon kunj come back from office he was so tired he directly went in his room and lay down..

Avantika: Aayat come I’ll make you ready.

Aayat:for what mamma.

Avantika: we are going out so..

Aayat: okay I’ll wear new dress..

Avantika: okay.. after so much struggles Aayat get ready avantika too. Avantika went in kunj room.. she sees kunj..

Avantika: kunj what is this you didn’t get ready haa..

Kunj:mummy I’m so tired today please let me sleep na.. you are going na..

Avantika:I’m not going with you just discuss something to Leela ji.go and get up kunj please hurry up..sleep after kunj..

Kunj: uff.. why you behind me twinkle can go Itself mummy..

Avantika:kunj if your Pa will get to know about this he’ll scold you.. should I call him kunj immediately get up and look at his mother in anxious way..

Kunj:huhu.. always this will not work out. He went in washroom while Avantika laughs..

Avantika:tej name is enough for kunj..

She went downstairs and tell Lata.Kunj get ready within no time he went downstairs in nostalgia way.. om and rudra come together they both having popcorn.

Kunj looking hell hot like always

Rudra: o look at Bhaiya how he get ready nicely for bhabhi.

Kunj:I’ll break your teeth today rudra..

Avantika: shut up Aayat come baby.. she come and looking hell cute..

Rudra: yeah bacha kaha jaaraha hai..

Aayat:I’m going with my mamma.. Rudra laughs like mad all get confused..

Om:what happened to you rudy..

Rudra:she is going to bhabhi house..

Anjali:haa so..

Rudra:Bhaiya everyone must be thought you come with your daughter not sister ??.Kunj went to him and poured down whole popcorn on his head.. Kunj lift Aayat..

Om:enjoy kunj.they left for Sarna Mansion.

Soon they reached Taneja mansion.. Avantika and Aayat come out of the car.

She looks at Kunj who still sitting on driving seat..

Avantika:come at least meet with them..

Kunj:where I’m stuck kunj.don’t know when this drama will end.He come they went inside.Leela already waiting for them.As soon as she sees Avantika and Kunj.

Leela:finally you come..

Avantika:Namaste Leela ji..

Leela:namaste.Kunj touch Leela feet’s..

god bless you my son.they sit Leela looking at Aayat she gets confused who she is now.Kunj gesture to Avantika call twinkle.

Avantika:where is twinkle Leela ji..

Leela:she is coming wait I’ll give her voice..twinkleeeee.twinkle get ready she took her bag and come downstairs.

Kunj:finally miss beauty queen come.

Twinkle:hi aunty..

Avantika:hi beta Leela gesture her to take Avantika blessing.she went near her and touch her feet’s take her blessings.

Kunj:let’s go twinkle..


Avantika:select your rings and dress nicely no need to come early this kunj is like this.twinkle look at Aayat she thought she must be Anjali daughter.Aayat busy in her iPad..they went outside together twinkle about to falls down due to shoes.. but kunj hold her on time.Kunj hands around twinkle Bare wast because she wears short crop top.Yellow color with dark blue jeans looking stunning like always.twinkle hands around kunj neck.both lost in each other’s eyes..(ishq bulaava in BG play.?)

From other side Kabir coming he saw twinkle and Kunj in this position and click their pictures secretly. he went near them.

Kabir: uff romance is going on woh bhi khule me??. Hmmm he slightly coughs. Due to this twinkle and Kunj come in sense they look at each other’s and Kabir both composed themselves twinkle looking here and there while Kunj don’t know what to say..

Kunj:woh.she about to falls down.

Kabir:yeah I understand ab tumhe hi iss ko pakad na hai.. ?..twinkle hide her blushing she run went to car..

Kunj: bye..

Kabir: sure bye.. Kunj went and look at twinkle to see her he give smile.. they both sit in car and left for shopping..

Twinkle:why you so late I was waiting long back for you I have so many work..

Kunj:acha still you getting ready till when I come..

Twinkle:haa so what.. first where we will go..

Kunj:I don’t know I’m stuck you tell me..

Twinkle:let’s select rings first okay.. soon they went reached to Sarna jewelry shop.Twinkle look at Kunj,, Sarna.

Kunj:so what you want to go somewhere else..

Twinkle:no I never knew about this.. you people have jewelry business too..

Kunj:now you know na why our now it’s your too as you said what is mine it’s your.

Both looking at each other’s.. let’s go.. they come out of the car and went inside in shop.The shop was so huge and beautiful. Manager of shop come to kunj and shake his hand with him..

Manager:come sir Prithviraj sir told me about you both come please.

Kunj:yeah sure they went ahead. Kunj and twinkle take seats manager tell someone brings something for them.. sales man

Sales man: what can I help you mam,,

Twinkle and Kunj look at each other face..

Kunj:engagement rings.

Sales man: yeah I’ll show you.. what kind of rings you wanted,,

Twinkle:I wanted best ring of your shop. Kunj look at twinkle face surprisedly.

Sales man: okay.. he started showing them many rings twinkle was confused as well she didn’t like it.. Kunj see one ring For himself..

Twinkle:kunjj no it’s not good your ring should be best..

Kunj:Twinkleee.. twinkle try many rings she didn’t like this very much. She wears and show kunj..

Twinkle: tell me how’s it..

Kunj: for me every ring is best..

Twinkle:uff Kunj tell me.. tum keshi kaam ke nahi ho..

Kunj:acha ji..man come with cold drinks.

Twinkle take colddrink drinking with straw. While seeing rings she makes so cute faces Kunj see her smile..

twinkle:show me something else.. Kunj get tired with twinkle..

Kunj:uff yeh ladki bhi na.. past from 2 hours she sees rings still didn’t satisfy.

Salesman:mam I saw you all ring of our shop.

Twinkle:this all is so normal everyone had.Twinkle explain him what type of ring she wanted salesman tell her they don’t have this kind of any ring they can make for her on Oder.

Twinkle:Kunj Leave about let’s see ring for you.

Kunj:okay.They see rings Kunj didn’t say yes or not twinkle didn’t like anything.

Salesman: mam wanted your ring too perfect.. sir..

Twinkle:of course he going to become my husband our things should be bested. Twinkle eyes went on one ring it’s so far.. I want that ring please show me..

Salesman: which one mam.she gets up

Pointing hand on showcase.

Kunj:Twinkle sit.

Salesman:okay I understand mam. Twinkle hairs coming on kunj face. Salesman give ring to twinkle.

Twinkle:yes it’s so nice kunj see it’s perfect for you..


Twinkle:wear na.Kunj take ring he didn’t wear in right way twinkle took from him.Wait I’ll make you wear.Twinkle make him wear.ring really looking good in kunj finger.best for you.. Arey I didn’t asked you did you like or not Itself I decided.

They both look at each other’s face..

Kunj:you solve my problem I don’t know anything about this all. If you like even I too.

Twinkle:acha.What type of man you are didn’t do any efforts huhu.

Salesman:sir final this..

Kunj:yes. Twinkle make sad face. What happened to you now kunj asked her..

Twinkle:what about my ring. I wanted that ring Kunj..

Kunj:Twinkle your ring is so different no one have.

Twinkle:it’s unique not different..

Kunj: did you have pictures..

Twinkle:nope.. I’ll tell you.. she tell each and every detail of ring Kunj happily listen it’s so important. They did the payment and come out of the shop..



Kunj:yeah.. they went to small they see many things didn’t like anything everything is so dull not fashionable.. after so much Twinkle like one dress.

Twinkle at least try this I never spend this much time in shopping..

Twinkle:ab aadat daalo going to marry me.

Kunj:go and take trial.,

Twinkle:hmm she went in trial room Kunj was waiting near trail room door.Twinkle wear the dress but she couldn’t tie dress back dori..she open the door slightly and see kunj he is there she went out.

Kunj: what happened now..

Twinkle: help me..

Kunj: in what.. she takes him near minor no one is there. Twinkle stand in front of minor.

Twinkle:please tie back dori.Kunj shocked first..

Kunj:hmm. He become numb.twinkle side her hairs her back seeing fully. Kunj went near her he looking other side he eyes didn’t on twinkle back.This all twinkle seeing through mirror.Kunj take the dori in his hand his hand touch on twinkle skin.

Different current passed in their bodies.. Kunj tie her dori twinkle see his pureness get so happy. He immediately takes step back. Done.. twinkle turned to him.,

Twinkle:thanks.. see how I’m looking. Kunj slightly raise his eyes and look at her. She really looking pretty. He wants to praise her but can’t ego is big. ???.

Kunj:good.. did you like it than final..

Twinkle:I like it but don’t dare to think I’ll wear this on my engagement day it’s so simple.

Kunj:Twinkle whole mall you see still man.

Twinkle:I’m like this. She leaves the dress in anger and went out of the shop.

Kunj:Twinkleeee babaji isske nakhare.

Kunj about to go but he stop.He went take dress he went near to payment counter he pay the bill and pack the dress and went out of the mall see twinkle already sit in car. Kunj put the bag in back and sit in driving seat.

Kunj:what is this twinkle.She didn’t say anything just quiet. Kunj starts the car. Twinkle just blabbering..

Twinkle:today my luck is bag first ring now my engagement outfit.

Other side to Taneja [email protected]

Avantika and Leela just talking about engagement Aayat still busy in game.. just than.




Leela: I’ll bring it..

Avantika:no Leela. I have she take out Aayat water bottle from her bag and make her drink..

Leela:mamma.. surprisingly.

Avantika:yes she is my smallest daughter.

Leela:what.. she is so small. I’m mean. After see you.You didn’t look like a mother but still.

Avantika:I know Leela. Avantika tell Leela about her.When Avantika get pregnant she was unaware about her pregnancy. When she come to know it’s to late so she can’t go for abortion all kids was so baby they will see small baby in their family. Avantika went to many doctors after kunj and om make her understand she gets ready to give birth this baby.She thinks at this age baby it’s so awkward after have so big kids.They didn’t care about world.

Each person of family take care of Avantika.To get pampered by kids she get so happy.When she come in their family her siblings get so happy their happiness has no boundaries.(just for fun I took it her)

Leela:aww I’m too with everyone.Really she is so cute.Kabir come there.while playing Aayat sleep there in sitting position.just than Kunj and twinkle to reached she just come out of the car and went in anger didn’t let kunj give her dress bag.Kunj too went behind her..

Avantika:you both come.


Leela:so you select rings haa..

Twinkle: yes MAA twinkle give kunj ring box to Leela and went in her room.

Leela:what happened to her.Kunj tell them each and everything.

Avantika: I’ll do something you don’t worry.Okay now I’ll take leave.. Kunj lift Aayat and they went out Avantika sit in car kunj give her Aayat.. Mahi come there see kunj..

Mahi: jiju hi..

Kunj:hi mahi.Good you come here.Kunj take out bag and give to mahi..

Mahi:what is this jiju..

Kunj:give this to your di okay.he sit in car and they left for Sarna Mansion.In whole ride kunj just thinking about twinkle she is so sad.

Avantika:you didn’t buy your dress too na.

Kunj:no.they reached Sarna Mansion went inside.

At night. @

Twinkle just in her room she is so sad whatever she wanted all didn’t happen first ring now dress too.she didn’t have her dinner too just sleep.

Kunj was try to find same ring which twinkle wanted but all went in veins.

Next day whole day has passed twinkle is same she just stay In her room.

Twinkle:one today is left nothings is my ready ??????….

Kunj get busy in work other’s too in their outfits. As soon as kunj get free he thinks about ring what design twinkle tell him. He find out designer and went to meet with him. He meet with jewellery designer and tell him about ring he makes ring design on paper and show kunj..

Kunj: yes she wanted like this same..

Designer:her choice is beautiful and unique sir.. I Itself never saw this design.

Kunj:can you make this ring for me I needed for my to be fiancé..

Designer:I can make this for you but I needed one week..

Kunj:one week I can’t I don’t have time. Tomorrow is my engagement.. I needed at any cost..

Designer:it’s so soon. And the ring diamond is so costly it would be very expensive for you.

Kunj:I don’t care I wanted this ring at any way don’t care about money I’ll give whatever you wanted. I wanted this ring tomorrow please..

Designer:okay.Kunj went to Sarna Mansion.

Anjali tries to call twinkle but she didn’t pick up her call.They all in living room Aayat playing in side with her toys kitchen set.Making water tea and giving everyone for her happiness they drink too.

Anjali:Arey Twinkle didn’t pick up my calls.

Om:wait I’ll try to call Kabir.Kabir picks up om call immediately.

Kabir:yes Kabir..

Om:where is twinkle.

Kabir:om from yesterday she is so nostalgic didn’t come out of her room.He tells om about twinkle.

Om:acha.Give her phone.Kabir went in twinkle room he put the call on speaker.

Leela and Bebe Already was there they insist twinkle lets go for shopping for her outfit.

Kabir:Twinkle phone..

Twinkle:please bhai. And MAA I’m not going anywhere. Here your all things is ready what about me haa.Sarna’s all listen twinkle om too call put on speaker.

Leela:Arey Twinkle puttar why you so sad.

We Send you for shopping with kunj still you didn’t get anything for you..

Twinkle:haa this sadu he is good for nothing he didn’t have interest in shopping.

You all will look good tomorrow I will look plan.My dress nothing is my ready.. I’ll not do any engagement MAA you all go and Leave me alone. She started crying..

Kunj looking here and there because he knows tej will come on him.

Kabir:om you listen everything.

Om:yeah I’ll talk to you later.

Tej:what is this all kunj haa. Why her outfit isn’t ready till now..

Kunj:pa we went for shopping but she didn’t like anything. Whole shopping small clothes she rejected.

Tej:she going to become bahu of Sarna family her wish should be fulfilled. Now do something it’s looking so bad she is cry..

After sometimes later kunj call designer at home.they all sit kunj just standing Anjali and Priyanka select Their outfit even om and rudra too.

Rudra:what about Bhaiya.

Avantika:kunj outfit Taneja’s will select..

Rudra:than we’ll too for bhabhi. Aayat took one lehenga.It’s so heavy she can’t hold it properly.

Tej:what is this baby..

Aayat:pa I want to wear this. She wears veil on her head.. her brothers look at her..

Kunj:looking gorgeous Aayat.

Aayat:haa.see pa she spins in circle.I wanted this pa..

Tej:But dove it’s so big for you..

Aayat:make for me in my size.

Tej:okay. Just than Kunj eyes went on one dress he took it in his hands. In heart twinkle will love this and this is perfect outfit for her too but..

Avantika:great choice kunj..

Om:yeah this is Perfect for twinkle.

Usha:yes see my kunj select dress for twinkle ?.

Kunj:no I just took it normally.

Anjali:why so scared kunj ??.Anjali took it from kunj hand.It’s so beautiful dress.They started seeing jewelry for twinkle which going on with this outfit.. Kunj about to go Anjali pulled him and make him sit between them.. ab dress tu humari pasand ka hai toh jewelry bhi.

Lata:right anjali puttar..

Kunj:I don’t know anything about jewelry di..

Anjali:please show us jewelry.He started showing jewelry to them.They see many all is so heavy.

Usha:tell kunj which one is good for your wifey.

Kunj:kya aap bhi choti MAA. After so many jewellerys Kunj see one and give box to Anjali hand and went from there before anyone started any type of naughty conversation on him..


Anjali:today my brother is in all flow. For his wife everything he finds within no seconds.

Prithviraj:that too good.

Tej:good everything done for twinkle.This all you send Avantika to Taneja mansion.

Immediately Avantika send this all with om and rudra to Taneja mansion.

At Taneja mansion.::

To see like this twinkle Kabir call malika she come there with designer.They all in living room searching dress for twinkle and Kunj. Mahi went in room and forcefully she brought twinkle down.Twinkle eyes become so red due to crying..

Malika:uff see my sister-in-law face twinkle you wanted to look bad on your engagement day haa.Just for dress you cry call me I’ll solve your problem.

Meet my designer friend Neeta.. come and find dress for you..

Leela:first find for kunj..

Kabir:yeah..soon Mrs Sarna takes whole night.

Twinkle: MAA Meri ring..

Rt:Twinkle I’m sure your in laws buy your ring too. She come and sit beside rt.. they see many sherwani’s every is so normal. Twinkle test on Kabir..

Kabir: Twinkle it’s good for kunj look I’m looking so hot he winked malika..

Twinkle:no Bhai. This not go with kunj personality. Show me something more elegant.

Designer:yeah I have one piece I’ll show you. She shows her in one look Twinkle like it not like it but she loved it.

Twinkle:this is master piece finally a bright smile comes on twinkle face.Perfect outfit for kunj.. Think(sadu will look good in this)

Bebe:finally Meri bachi ko kuch pasand aaya.Leela kept the dress in side.She has to send this to Sarna Mansion..twinkle started looking dress for herself. Still twinkle didn’t get it what she wanted. Just than om and rudra entered there all get surprised to see them..

Kabir:hi guys come what a surprise.

Om:we come here to give this to our bhabhi. Where is she still crying..

Kabir: no no come.. they went near to twinkle and see her face..

Rudra:bhabhi you cry shhh..

Om:rudra teri bhabhi bhi teri taraha cry baby?.Twinkle correct her face.

Rudra: bhabhi now don’t cry when rudra is here.See what we bring for you.. they give bag in twinkle hands..

Twinkle:what is this?..


Leela:it’s good you both come take kunj sherwani. Leela give to om..

Kabir: now you both come na sit..

Om:no we have so many works let’s meet directly on engagement.. they both left from there..

Twinkle:MAA what is this..

Malika:see.. twinkle open the bag and take out box and dress.. all understand. Twinkle now become so curious to see what inside in this.. she open the bag and find lehanga inside..

Twinkle:MAA ???.. my dress let me see. She sees whole dress now twinkle didn’t want anything after see her dress.She stands display the dress on herself and show everyone..

Bebe:itna sona hai..

Twinkle:I’m loving it.She kissed on dress.

Let me see my accessories. She sees her jewelry’s too that was too Perfect.

Leela:see your mother-in-law..

Twinkle:avantika aunty is so good.She gets same dress which I wanted for myself.

After this all twinkle had her food and went in her room place her dress carefully.

Om and rudra went and give kunj dress to him he just keep in wardrobe without seeing.They three of them standing in poolside.

Om:where are you today after office.

Kunj: I had some work so..

Om:which now hiding from me haa..

Kunj:na Arey.This siyappa queen choice is so different from world don’t know what she wanted.

Om:yeah that’s true.Wait I’ll show you something.

Kunj: what..

Om: rudra give me your phone. He gives to him om Open photo gallery and show kunj twinkle sad face photo..see her.

Kunj:when you click this..

Rudra:just now when we went to her house.Kunj can see twinkle gloomy face and red eyes.

Kunj:this girl this Mad just for this small things she makes herself like this. Why girls are so confusing.

Om:not they are confusing nobody does effort to understand them.We should understand them girls finding happiness in small things.That surprised every boys.

Rudra and Kunj looking at om face who went on his philosopher world. We never try to read their eyes and face..

Rudra:whom face and eyes O read it??. Half of the day he with me… hmm. They both brothers laugh out.. om see them.

Om:you both brother is same didn’t took me in serious way..

Kunj:kya kare om we didn’t like you and your philosophies omg so difficult more than my business..

Rudra: even more than my studies.they both together.Kabhi padhai ki hai jo.

Kunj:girls are impossible om.

Om:I’ll see you afterwards not now. Once you understand them you find girls are

So easy in this world.

Kunj:for me they are just package of

Emotions.After Usha call them for dinner they all sit for dinner. Tej feeding Aayat.

Rudra:pa you never feed us..

Lata:no rudra. He did.

Rudra:may be I didn’t remember it..

Kunj: tujhe kal kya khaya ta yeh toh yaad nahi rahta hai??..

Rudra: Arey o you didn’t show dadi that video kunj get confused.,

Om:yeah I forgot. Om give his phone to Lata and she sees the video in video kunj and twinkle running in hand-to-hand happily.


Kunj:what is this dadi..

Lata:wait lemme me show to your dadu. She show to Prithviraj they both see and get happy.. Rudra show to everyone kunj see and looking down and cursing to om and rudra.

Usha:waha kunj.

Rudra:this Bhaiya is so shy man..

become like me. Life ladkiyan and lots of fun banna hai toh mere Jaisa bano.. Kunj and om playfully give slap on his both cheeks.. tej look at rudra.. pa it’s o new poetry lines ????..

Tej:acha when om started writing this type of poetries..

Kunj:pa in rudra company om mind to went on strike.Twinkle

Rudra:you’ll say this Bhaiya because we make your and bhabhi video.

Aayat:who she is??

Rudra:you didn’t meet with her so sad don’t worry I’ll make you meet with her.

Say bhabhi Aayat..

Aayat: what bha…… stop.

Rudra:shit she can’t pronounce Bhaiya name but can ours smart girl.. say bhabhi don’t worry I’ll make you..

Kunj:stop your nonsense work..

Aayat:this ru is so bad..

Rudra:see your daughter is becoming so bad..

Kunj:first look at yourself.Aayat show teeth to rudra.She went to kunj and kissed on his cheeks and show tongue to rudra.

Aayat:my Bhaiya she cuddles Kunj..

Rudra:me and o is ru and he is Bhaiya.

Wait he pulled her pony Aayat scream..


she didn’t see here and there took water glass poured on him whole water glass.

All laugh rudra face is like omg..

Aayat: don’t mess with me next time.. tej come and she jumped on his arms they both went.. while om and Kunj wiped his face..

Kunj:this you deserve.. we can’t do it because you are small than us but elder than her ???..

Om:I’m loving is Aayat.Rudra run behind om and Kunj.Their laughing sound echoing. Prithviraj and Lata stand and look at them adoring them.. Kunj and om puller rudra in hug they share tightly hug.

Prithviraj: they stay like this…

Lata:haa yeh teeno saath hai toh baat hai.

Lafzo ka Rishta play in bg..

Anjali:their bromance starts..

after sometime later all went to their rooms. Om and rudra just eating kunj head.

Om:Bhai ready for engagement..

Rudra:media will be shocked finally their questions get answer when Bhaiya get marry who will be his better half.. no one thought Mrs Amritsar will be our Bhaiya wife..

Kunj:Itself I never thought ??.now stop talking about this all let me sleep..

Om:yes rudra let him sleep he needed perfect sleep to good look in his engagement.

Kunj:whatever.. Kunj closed his eyes and om and rudra too. Just than slowly Aayat entered in room with her doll. She went on bed see her brothers cuddling kunj.She lay down on kunj chest he understands who she is he smile and closed arms around her.

Aayat: In low voice goodnight.

Kunj:goodnight to you.. rudra hands on kunj Aayat removed it again he keeps on kunj.

Aayat:my Bhaiya.. she hugged kunj tightly and they sleep peacefully after sometimes later Avantika and tej come there and find room lights is on.they see them give smile to each other’s.

Tej:our kids is so different to other they happy with each other’s.

Avantika:haa tej.. their love never end.,

She off the lights and kissed on their foreheads. Both closed the door and went out of the room to their room.

Twinkle just admiring her dress and keep smiling.

Twinkle:today is best day.. just than Mahi come with bag..

Mahi: di,,

Twinkle: yes..

Mahi: take this jiju give me this to give you but I forgot.. so.. she give it to twinkle. Twinkle open the bag and find that dress which she like it in mall but leave due to her mood off., she give smile..


Mahi:ho jiju bring for you..

Twinkle:shut up.She covered her face and sleep..

Next day beautiful morning.. twinkle sleeping for so late.. Leela come there and wake up her..

Leela:Twinkle wake up today is your engagement so many work is left..

She immediately wake up and with smile and kissed on Leela cheeks and run in washroom.They all their breakfast busy in preparation checking again all guest lists.

Asha and Chinki come there and take twinkle for makeover.All friends went together pampered theirselves.Whole day passed quickly in both families Taneja and Sarna hustle and bustle is going on. Everything going on swings all hell busy In work kunj come and see his all family members running here and there.. he went to his mother..

Kunj:take rest you work from long back MAA.. she cupped his face..

Avantika:can’t today is my son engagement very important day for me..

you go and see yourself clothes..


At night..

Kunj getting ready in his sherwani which Taneja’s send for him.. he looking hell hot today all girls eyes stuck on kunj he going to run many heart beats.. he wear his watch and put some perfume on himself ruffled his hairs and look at himself..

Kunj:nice sherwani whomever choice is this. Siyppa Queen se yaad aaya her ring I have to call designer. He call him and asked about ring he said he’ll deliver soon.Please soon I don’t have time.

Om and rudra come there and look at Kunj both whistled.

Rudra:Someone looking hot today o..

Om:yeah rudra. Shining like star..

Rudra: star means twinkle wala..??.

Kunj just Smiled anything can change but his siblings never. They both and hug kunj.

Rudra:waha bhai iss ko maarne ka iradha hai. I’m lady killer..

Kunj:shut up lady killer.. he turned and show them fully.. I’m looking fine..

Om:not fine awesome.They share hug.

Rudra:sarna’s brothers can’t look bad..

Om and rudra wearing same combination dress.Both looking handsome.They went down one by one coming done with Their partners.. Avantika and Usha wearing sarees giving tough competition all youngsters icing on the cake’ Lata and Prithviraj not looking well amazed everyone.

Rudra:uff Simran and raj.. ??. He went and spin Lata uff dadi I’m going crazy for you tonight don’t blame me.. Lata slap him.


Avantika:kunjjj and my both sons looking best..

Aayat: me..

Tej: pretties girl of this world..

Rudra:jhoot???.. Aayat make sad face kunj lift her throw in air catch her she laughing loudly..om and rudra did same Anjali and Priyanka come looking beautiful.


Rudra: hoo pinku..

Om:look at Mrs Malhotra ??..

Anjali: Leave about Mrs Malhotra everyone wanna see Mrs. Sarna winks at Kunj..

Prithviraj:let’s go..

Tej:avantika and Usha you both take everything na..

Usha:haa don’t worry.they all went and sit in their cars.

Twinkle getting ready she look breath taking. Her all friends praise her dress and everything. After so much hours finally twinkle get ready. Leela come there and see her daughter her eyes filled with tears.

Leela: Meri bachi.. looking so beautiful.

Twinkle:offo MAA don’t cry my makeup will spoil it.. from back..

Kabir:yeah MAA her real face see kunj will scare ???..

Twinkle:very lame Bhai.. he come and kissed on her forehead.

Kabir: really my sister looking so pretty..

Twinkle:malika bhabhi se bhi ??..

Kabir slightly laugh and nodded his head in yes.

Kabir:now lets go everyone is must be waiting for us..they went and all set to go.

Soon they reached Venu.Taneja’s come out of the car and see media crowd there..

Kabir:waha twinkle tomorrow your photo in newspaper front. Twinkle didn’t give any pose for shutterbug. She directly went inside the venu while all media was dying to see twinkle face but they can’t poor..

As soon as Sarna’s car come there all media and paparazzi rushed to them.. while their guard there for them.. they just give one and two pose and they went inside leave all camera’s side.. Kunj who standing near doorway because waiting for ring.Whole Venu decorated so beautifully each decoration is so elegant and lavish making night amazing. All richest family of Amritsar coming in twinkle and Kunj engagement.


Both families see each other’s.twinkle standing around her friends.Yuvi come and hug Rudra both get busy in their photos.Twinkle sister in laws went to her. Even her brothers in laws too..

Rudra:hi bhabhi looking hot..

Twinkle:same to you..

Anjali:yes twinkle you looking like angel. Meet with your sister in law.. twinkle look at Priyanka..

Twinkle:sister.. hi..

Om:she is Priyanka and Priyanka she is twinkle your would be bhabhi.they both shake each other hands.Om look at

Mahi who bush with her bestie.

Mahi dress

Twinkle eyes finding Kunj everywhere

Kabir:hi bacha party.,

Rudra:hi Kabir bro.,

Om: where is your queen of your dreams.

Malika:here.She gives pose. She pulled Priyanka cheeks.. hi pinku.. where is your bhabhi pati dev..

Asha: yes where is kunj..

Yuvi: he must be busy in office.?..

Rudra: this is possible and expectable from Bhaiya ??But pa didn’t allow me he was waiting for someone said this while looking at twinkle. Twinkle slightly give look..see bhabhi ??..

Twinkle: what..

Om: get ready Twinkle to tolerate these media.

Mahi: why this media standing here like they were waiting for something..

Rudra: yes they waiting for something really important finally they will get their answer..



Boy come and give ring box to kunj he open it and the ring exactly what twinkle wanted.

Kunj:exactly same siyppa Queen will be happy I’m useless huhu.he put the box in his pocket and moved ahead.his guard waiting for him protect him..as soon as media see kunj they run like mad..

Media:sir please one photo.they just clicking Kunj pictures randomly.They didn’t let kunj go inside all see this and get surprised.sir please who is this girl.we all waiting for this.. Kunj just ignore them and he went ahead and entered in hall.. all eyes just stuck on kunj he coming and walking in full of tashan enhancing his beauty more.nobody look at here and there.Kunj who busy in himself.To see kunj in this sherwani twinkle heart popping .(tere bin wazir bg play)?

Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin (x2)

Tere bin, tere bin..

pa pa pa….

Bawre piya laage na jiya
Dekho mera mann jalta diya
Jalta diya bujhe na piya
Bujhe na piya jalta diya

Hmm mm..

Kunj dress
Twinkle dress

Twinkle:he looking great man.this made for him only. Kunj raise his eyes and look at twinkle who standing in side wearing lehanga which he select for him she increases the value of this dress after wearing. Her head is cover with veil and her big maangtika making her more beautiful.Perfect girl who define beauty.

Kunj:gorgeous she is in this attire man..

never see someone this much beautiful.

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin

pa pa pa..

Bawre piya laage na jiya
Dekho mera mann jalta diya
Jalta diya bujhe na piya
Bujhe na piya jalta diya

Hmm mm..

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

pa pa pa..

His brothers take him near twinkle make him stand beside twinkle..

Kunj wearing sherwani with white salwaar which exactly going with twinkle outfit.

Kabir:Great kunj.. twinkle your choice is nice really suits on kunj..

Rudra:bhabhi select this??

Mahi:yes after so much struggles.Om and rudra giving look at each other’s Avantika and Usha come there Praise both Kunj and twinkle..

Avantika: my bahu and son both looking amazing.

Twinkle:thanks aunty for this dress..

you know I wanted this type of dress..

Avantika:don’t thanked me say to kunj he did this all for you dress even jewellery all his choice.twinkle slightly look at Kunj he too.They both share eye lock secretly.

Yuvi:all just praising this two what about us.

Rudra:yeah but we don’t need any compliments Yuvi bro.Aayat who just be with tej and Manohar.Tej called twinkle and Kunj introduced twinkle with everyone.All just saying they are very lucky to get so beautiful bahu.twinkle just blushing this all seen by kunj.. just than rudra bring Aayat kunj and twinkle sitting

On stage.. other’s gang too..

Kabir:who is she this little doll..

Rudra:bhabhi you meet with everyone

Meet with your last and smallest sister in law after Listen this all like omg what Rudra saying sister in law???..

Twinkle:sister-in-law what is this..

Rudra:yeah she is your sister in law ??.

Twinkle didn’t know what to say.. so small sister in law..

Om:Twinkle don’t be shocked she is our sister Aayat..

Rudra:yes last member of our family.. baby sister of ours

Twinkle:sister what I thought she is Anjali Di daughter that day..

Anjali:no she is Badi maa daughter. Twinkle pulled her cheeks it’s so fluffy.

Twinkle:she is so adorable she is mixture of her siblings. Can I kiss you.Aayat nodded her head in yes.twinkle kissed on her cheeks her lipstick print on her cheeks.Aayat went to kunj and show him her cheeks he clean with handkerchief.

Rudra:Aayat bhabhi se milo.

Aayat:what is mean by bhabhi..

Rudra: wait I’ll tell you..

Kunj:oyye bas.. Aayat she is twinkle. Say hi her.. Aayat did what kunj tell her.she run from there. Yuvi still in trauma??..Rudra went to him..

Rudra:what happened Yuvi bro why you so stress..

Yuvi: sister I went in trauma today..

Rudra:I went long back ???.. they just cracking jokes and laughs.. in middle Twinkle Nd kunj share eyes lock romantically.. after so much insisted Kunj take Twinkle to media they see twinkle and get made shower questions on kunj head. Kunj hand around twinkle waist while her on his chest..

Media: mam..

Kunj: so here my would be wife Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna twinkle Taneja I hope now your all question get answer today..

Media:yes sir who don’t know her she is miss Amritsar.this really shocking you going to marry her.

Kunj:why.. our families is happy and even we too..

Media: so sir can we called this is Love marriage Kunj and twinkle look at each other face..

Kunj:no it’s arrange marriage. They asked serval questions to twinkle first she hesitates but kunj help her who handle this all.. they give many pose for Media and went inside..

Twinkle:it’s so annoying. How can you handle this all..

Kunj:I’m used too now..

Twinkle: thanks for dress..

Kunj:your welcome even you too..

Twinkle:omg Kunj Sarna saying thanks to me where is your ego.,

Kunj:bas bas..

Twinkle: my ring huhu. Soon Lata and Prithviraj called them for their ring ceremony.They to stage kunj give ring to Avantika before only..Kunj and twinkle standing opposite to each other’s all family members beside them.

Avantika holding twinkle ring tali.And Leela Kunj. Guru give them approval.

Rudra:Bhaiya please..twinkle forwards her hand kunj hold her.Avantika give ring to kunj.Kunj looking at twinkle plan expression.He smiled to see her like he know what next will come.he make her wear ring.

Twinkle ring.. the ring cost is 15 lakhs.. real diamond ring rubi diamond drop all over side of ring like  leaves and top main yellow sapphire diamond..


Kunj Ring


All clap for them loudly. Twinkle slightly look at her finger and ring she just look at Kunj who giving him smile she give 440 volt smile back.. it’s same ring which she wanted it.. her would be less but this one was amazing..

Kabir:Twinkle now your turn..

Twinkle:hmm. Little bit she is in shock.

Kunj forward his hand Leela ring to twinkle she hold kunj palm and put the ring in his finger

all again clap for them.they both give smiling face to everyone.Lata and Prithviraj give blessing to kunj and twinkle.

Twinkle just looking at her ring.she loss of words today. Her all wishes fulfilled.

Rudra:now bhabhi you officially lock with my Bhaiya.


Kabir:even you brother too.now just twinkle they completed next step of Their new life. Asha and maya or Chinki see twinkle ring and parsing her ring. Twinkle eyes just on kunj face.. whole engagement

Function is so amazing all enjoying it.. ‘twinkle and Kunj stand together.

Twinkle: this ring…

Kunj: happy you wanted this only na..

Twinkle: yes but from where you get..

Kunj:you leave about this you wanted to wear this ring as your engagement ring I get from you just. Hope you are happy. Next time don’t cry for just small things..

Twinkle: hmm. My ring she kissed on ring Kunj see her cuteness and laugh. Avantika come and take twinkle with her to make meet with her some old friends.. Kunj get Busy in his brothers pictures and all’s.. after sometime all sit for food..

Leela:arrangement is amazing who did it..

Tej:my om..

Rudra:me too pa.Kunj sitting beside Priyanka and twinkle between om and Anjali..

Anita:om your arrangement is really good.

Perfect engagement today whole Amritsar see my family..

Yuvi:see dad.. all talking with each other’s just Priyanka and Kunj quiet.. all see them.

Rudra:see this two nothing can happened them. Silent people..

Aayat:I’m tired. Pa..

Tej:have this much..

Rudra: you are lucky pa feed you with his hands we just get just slap from his hand

Tej forward morsel to rudra he eat it..

Aayat and rudra fighting he and she will eat.. all admiring them. Kunj phone ring it’s rahul call due to everyone he off his phone.after happy dinner again all busy in talks all having fun.After they all take group families photo. Om and rudra pushing twinkle and Kunj in each other purposely.Twinkle hold kunj hand tightly he tight the grip.

Episode end of Their happy faces..

precap: kunj talk to twinkle about something really important which he didn’t do it because of hustle and bustle before engagement but now he has to.


Hi everyone hope you all Iike episode.

thanks for your comments In Last episode of Love ka hai intzaar your love uff each comments make me blush ???.. thanks everyone.

and I m too missing my first ff.. for those who love me I’m continue this ff too.. give your feedback’s.. hope you enjoy twinkle and Kunj other’s moments.. finally engagement done locked.. i fall down ???still witting for you all pics credit goes to shahen???

Bye love you all..


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