RAB SE SONA ISHQ- Twinj episode 6 by Sameera and kiya.

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Episode 6

Rab se Sona Ishq.. ??????????

See kaun aaya hai.. raj and Simran together ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️… aaj..

Sameera ?KIYA.., ek saath we are together that’s the secret.. ????.

unseen friend we are.

Its strange to have A friend that you have never hugged lightly touched their arms or looked into their eyes

but you have touched their soul felt their heart been embraced by the warmth of their being. A friend unseen isnot a friend untouched the eyes of the soul will gaze the heart will embrace that’s we are kiya and Sameera.




The Episode starts with twinkle and mahi returning back to taneja mansion they both were scared as they were hell late today ….they silently entered inside the mansion and was slowly going towards them room when Kabir caught their ears while they screamed …he shuts their mouth by keeping his palms on their lips

Kab : have you duo got mad it’s me your lovely brother he said while twihi looked at him with wide eyes and sighed …

Kabir dragged them to their room and stopped while twihi looks at him, and he passed an angry glare to them …while they both smiled sheepishly ..

Twi & mah : we are really sorry Bhai we got busy somewhere that’s why we couldn’t come to designer shop they both held their ears while kabir was still faking to be angry ….

They both went towards him and held his hands while he looks at them still maintaining his frown they held their ears cutely while he smiled …

Kab : arey even I wasn’t angry he said and hugged them both while twihi changed and the trio sat on bed together

Twi : Acha Bhai you also didn’t slept still ??? Why you were also out ?

Mah : Haan Bhai say na ..

Kab : yeah I was too out I went on DATE with Mallika he said casually checking his phone suddenly he recalled his words and looks at twihi while they both smirked …

Twi : oh date interesting she winked at Kabir …while he slightly looked at other side ..

Kab : wo…wo I wasn’t saying date I was saying dinner he said stammering while twihi were enjoying teasing him ..

Twi : date or dinner Bhai ????

Kab : date I mean dinner he said while twinkle and mahi burst out laughing seeing him ..

Mah : woah Bhai just look at your face ..

Twi : yeah you are stammering as if you have done any crime …mahi and twinkle hifi …

Kab : huhuh you both are too mad he said and held their ears again while they were trying to come out of his grip ..

Twi : see Bhai Malika has replied to you ..

Kab : what ?? He left their ears and checked his phone he didn’t got any message and saw twinkle again ..

Mah : hahaha see him so desperately waiting for her to message him …

Kab : what Mallika Haan call her Bhabhi he said while they both mimicked ..

Twi : Bhabhi ???? ?

Kabir : tease me as much as you want my lovely sisters when your time will come na I’ll take each n every revenge he told them and smirked …

Twinkle: huhuh whatever ..twinkle takes water and drinks it ..

Kabir : twinkle turn will come soon as Bebe has already saw a boy for her he winked at mahi …

Mahi: Haan Bhai we have saw his pic today only I’ll enjoy two two weddings and after her wedding I’ll rule here ..

Kab : yeah mahi we will rule here but that guy was really awesome ek dum iss Punjabi phataka queen ke jaisa hai na ..

Mah : Haan Bhai you had his pic right ..

Kab : yeah I had …

Twi : what what you both were taking about Haan whose wedding and what boy ??? Whose pic you had …

Kab : see how desperately she wants to get married I’ll tell Bebe tomorrow morning only that twinkle is ready to marry …

Twi : what don’t you dare say anything like that Bhai I am not going to marry huhuh …

Mah : but atleast see his pic ..

Kab : wait I’ll show you his pic came today in news paper on page 4 he said and picked up the news papers ..

Twi : I am not at all interested to see Bhai twinkle said and turned …

Kab : okay fine if you don’t want he said and kept the newspaper there only on the table …I’ll bring something from kitchen he said …and went smirking at mahi …

2 minutes passed twinkle was looking at the paper from corner of her eyes mahi was noticing her ..

Mah : I’ll also go and help Bhai she said and went twinkle checked if they both went or not …they were standing hiding behind the door …

Twinkle sighed on not finding them she immediately went in room again and saw news she opened page 4 and got shocked seeing pic of a MONKEY

Mahi and Kabir entered and saw twinkle expression they started laughing badly twinkle sees them and kept paper aside

Twi : what why are you both laughing ..

Kab : so how’s the groom he said and again burst on laughing ..

Twi : huh you but are really bad she said and throws pillow at them soon they started fighting and ended up getting tired …

Kab : good night he said while they both too replied him and he left …

@ Sarna mansion :::

Rudy was going to kunj room while om too was coming there they bumped while Rudy screamed …om eyes covered with his hairs …

Rudy : bhoot bhoot bhoot ..

Om : arey idiot it’s me om ..

Rudy : Om??? Haan om om jai jai om plzz save me babaji from bhoot …

Om : shut up Rudy …

Rudy : oh my god bhoot you talks like om you know I have a brother lambe baalo walA …are you his friend ..

Om : you are really a fool …meanwhile Anjali who was passing from there sees them …and comes towards omru ..

Rudy : Di plzz stay by my side I’ll save you from this bhoot …

Anjali : bhoot ??? She didn’t got anything and understood that he is referring Om as bhoot she started laughing…

Om dragged him inside kunj room and opened the lights Rudy sees om ..

Rudy : O it was you I thought..

Om : that I am a ghost ..and you were scared like anything

Rudy : no no I knew it was you he said and gulped in while Anjali laughs …

Anjali : you both here ??? Missing kunj Haan …

Rudy : yeah Di he said …

Soon the trio sat talking and teasing each other as they were not getting sleep …Om gets a video call from kunj he immediately picks up …

Kunj : oh you all are awake hey guys..

Rudy : no Bhaiya we were sleeping…

Kunj : achaww once I’ll be there then I’ll see you he winked at Rudy smirking ..

Anjali : you know what happen just now she said while Rudy nodded in no…

Kunj : tell tell what happen he was too eager to know and Anjali told him everything he too laughed …

Kunj : you are really a duffer ..

Om : yeah he is how can you even refer to me as ghost ..

Rudy : huhu what’s my mistake you only grows this much big hair I got confused in darkness ..

Kunj : Acha bas now …

Anjali : why are you still awake kunj ???

Rudy : may be thinking about Bhabhi ..

Kunj : I told you not to use that word he said irked …

Om : arey why kunj Bhabhi looks so cute we will be really happy to call someone as Bhabhi ..

Rudy : no no Bhabhi maa ???

Kunj : ahh enough I wasn’t getting sleep di that’s why ..

Anjali : ohh even we were not getting ..kunj can I ask you something will you give me ?

Kunj : Haan anything I’ll bring whole world for you just say it…

Anjali and omru smirks thinking it will be fun…

Anjali : I also wanted Bhabhi even I wanted to enjoy my brother wedding she said and smiled ..

Kunj : you also started huhuh …

Om : good one now kunj give her that you promised Di ..

Kunj : huh …

Rudy : I know why Anjali Di is asking for Bhabhi he said acting to be thinking ..

K & om & Anjali : why ???? The trio asked together ..

Rudy : you all are so duffers you can’t understand this much Anjali Di wanted someone so that she ganging up with her can backbite about jiju and kunj Bhai … basically they will backbite about their husbands see how smart I am ??

Kunj : huh my wife will never complained and backbite about me okay he said in flow without thinking

while the trio smirks …

Om : even you are waiting to become husband Ahaan good good ..

Kunj : no it’s nothing like that and yeah I am noticing Rudra from long time he is doing non stop bak bak today …he said changing the topic to rudra …

Om : Haan it’s HER effect …

Kunj : now who is this HER ???

Om : arey I told you na we went out with bua son out one of his Friends even she is a chatter box unstoppable ..

Rudy : but she is cute hai na ..

Kunj : now don’t fall for her

Rudy : no she is like a Bhabhi to me ..

Kunj : again you said I am definitely gonna punch you huh ..

Rudy : no no I was saying she is like my di BHABHI came in flow ..he said cutely while all smiled …

Anjali : Acha it’s quite late we all should sleep ..

Kunj :good night they ended the call and slept . (Sameera..)

Next day.

Kunj reached the airport he didn’t inform anyone’s.he wanted to give surprise everyone specially his both brothers and dadi who waiting for him eagerly.. Kunj sit in his chatter plane and left for Amritsar.

Kunj sitting quietly in flight he didn’t say anything just busy in novel which is his favourite author by his great dadi..

At Sarna Mansion..

Everyone gets up and all come downstairs to have breakfast.Avantika and Usha arraigned the breakfast. Everyone comes and takes their seats. Rudra taking yawn tej see him and giving him death glares. He immediately stops it.. om and Anjali giggles to see this.. just than tej got call from his princess a beautiful smile comes on his face which seen by everyone and all understand while Rudra making annoying faces..

Rudra: pa didn’t get happy when I call him huhu.

Om: because he knows you call him for money ???.. Rudra give him look.

Rudra: really O.. Most of the time I took money from you and Bhaiya not anyone else.

Om: yup don’t take it on your heart.Bro.

Tej receive the call and talk.

Tej: how’s you my girls. From other side we are fine..

Usha: asked them when they are coming.

Tej: yeah. Did you listen what Usha said.

Caller: hmmm. One by one everyone talked with them nicely after so many days later they heard their voice it’s give them happiness while Rudra just teasing her. Which make her cry.. Dramatically.. tej warn him.

Tej: Rudra..

Rudra: pa I’m just kidding with her.. tej showing him fake anger dadi see this.

Lata: tej don’t dare to look at my son.

Rudra cuddles dadi and showing tongue to tej. Rudra got up and from there.

Prithviraj: tej when will Kunj come from Goa.

Tej: maybe tomorrow papa.

Prithviraj:good because I want to meet with guru ji and find girl for him.

Tej:okay you find papa. Your choice is kunj choice so no problems.

Prithviraj: first I’ll meet with guru ji see which girl he found for kunj than I’ll put

This proposal in front of him what he (thinking) than I’ll go ahead without his approval I’ll not do anything. Usha and Avantika smiling to see Prithviraj love towards his kids..

Lata:so you meet with Guru ji.. after breakfast others left for their work place while om went to see art gallery for his sculptures..he wants to open his one gallery In India to till now he didn’t get opportunity because they never come India now he had so. While Yuvi message Rudra to come with him. So Yuvi pick up him from Sarna Mansion and they both left for his college.

At [email protected]

Twinkle come out of the car today Mahi didn’t come college because she didn’t have any important lectures, so she went out with Bebe. Twinkle Parked the car in parking she isn’t perfect in driving but still do it sometimes. Yuvi and Rudra to reach the college and went inside. Rudra saw the college and others girls and boys,

Rudra: so different is here.

Yuvi: why??

Rudra: when you see our college in London you can’t off your eyes.

Yuvi: hoo. First come and see my college its number college in whole Amritsar.Bro.

Rudra: okay.They both moved ahead.yuvi showing Rudra whole college he like it very much..

Rudra:woo Yuvi bro your college is really nice. You people had fun.

Yuvi: yes..let’s go my friends waiting for me. Twinkle went directly in Canteen there her whole gang sitting.. she went towards them and take her seat. Her face become so glommed.

Asha: what happened to you babes today why you become so nostalgic.

Twinkle: nothing yaar just ahead.

Chinki: where is Yuvi till now this idiot didn’t come today also he missed his lecture. Just than a voice come from back. I’m here baby.They turned and see Yuvi even Rudra too standing beside him.

They both went near everyone and set down.

Twinkle: hi Rudra good morning.

Rudra: good morning Bhabhi. Everyone got shocked to listen this. Twinkle eyes become big while Rudra didn’t say in sense it’s just come out from his mouth.

Rudra: sorry I mean twinkle didi it’s just mistakes others laughs.

Twinkle:it’s okay..

Yuvi: sometimes mistakes turn in reality he winked at twinkle she twisted his nose..

Rishi: Rudra is in our college.

Yuvi:Arey I took him. I m going to see cricket match, so I thought to take him with me too.

Rishi: good.. what about me..

Yuvi: haa you too.

Naman: I’m still alive?.

Yuvi: you busters always spend my money today you both.

Rishi: okay just for Rudra. He is new Na. Girls looking at them. In annoying way. Just than bell ring..

Chinki:guys let’s go before lecturer comes.

Twinkle: yeah..

Yuvi: Rudy you do one thing sit here I’ll be come in 20 minutes I have to attend this boring lecture so.

Rudra: okay.. they all ran from here and went in their class room.Lecturer come and give look to everyone.All take their seat sit quiet.She went near board and write something.

Lecturer: who didn’t complete their projects please simply itself get up and out of my class. All students looking at each other faces.After seeing their condition seemed like nobody did it..

Lecturer:should I call pm for you all.One by one stand now whole class standing.

Very good you all I’m impressed with you all none of them did.shameless creatures.

Out of my class.they all take their bags and went outside while giggling.

Yuvi: uff. Bach Gaya.

Rishi: yeah I thought from last night she sends us in principal office but not happened guys let’s go before anyone sees us.. they all went from there. Yuvi went in canteen and take Rudra with him after they all sit in car and left only boys.

Chinki: I’m getting bored, so I’m going.

Asha: same too..

twinkle: okay I’ll too. Chinki and Asha left together while twinkle sit in her car and left.

Soon kunj arrived Amritsar he come out of the plane. A man holding his luggage and walking behind him.He come out of the airport and his car already waiting for him.

Kunj sit in car at driver seat because he wants to drive. So he sends his diver.He started the car and left.Kunj wearing light blue shirt with black jeans along with grey jacket looking extremely hot.. the make him more handsome it’s his sunglasses. Kunj just concentrating on his driving because he didn’t use to drive here India system is totally different from abroad most important the wheel side..


Twinkle drive the car nicely just than she got call from his long back bestie.Twinkle received her call and put in speaker.

Twinkle: hi jaanvi..

Jaanvi: hi twinkle how’s you.

Twinkle: awesome what about you dear.

Jaanvi: dear I’m too good.. you just forgot me yaar.

Twinkle:Nahi yaar nothing is like that.. aur Bata what going on in your life..

Jaanvi: nothing yaar just struggling with my pregnancy. Twinkle get shocked to listen this she is pregnant.

Twinkle: what are you pregnant when how??

Jaanvi: 2 months ago.. I want to tell but.

Twinkle: chii okay congratulations babes.

Jaanvi: you asked me how I get pregnant twinkle ha asked this to your future husband.???..

Twinkle: oyye shut up yaar. I mean how that you take me wrong..

Jaanvi: okay ji. They both get busy in their talks. Twinkle mind just in call she didn’t look on roads.Just than a black Land Rover car coming from opposite direction.

The man who sitting in car it’s kunj who did his driving perfectly.. twinkle were looking down in phone her hand on wheels .Kunj see twinkle car who coming near his car..Kunj press the horn to garnered her. Still, she didn’t hear. Twinkle coming more in wrong way.Just than twinkle increase the speed and *bang *bang* sound comes.Twinkle crash her car with kunj. she breaks Kunj car lights and bumper..and smokes coming from both cars.. A sharp sounds comes when their cars bumped.Twinkle closed her eyes in fear.Kunj shake down.He looks at twinkle car. Kunj come out of the car. He eyes went on his car first he looks his car condition than to twinkles car.Twinkle see kunj and she come out the car.She too look at Kunj with anger eyes.She sees her car stage.Twinkle wearing black frock looking hell hot.


Twinkle: oyye hello can’t you see and drive. Kunj removed his sunglasses and looking at twinkle with anger eyes.

Kunj: really this should be my question to you can’t you see and drive when you girls don’t know how to drive they you take car in your hands..

Twinkle: hello mind your own business you blame on me. You 6fit man.Twinkle looking at him from head to toe to see his height. Can’t you see MAA drive.

Kunj: you don’t know how to drive. You coming on wrong direction nobody tells you that when you drive don’t you phone.

Your eyes on phone not on car who give your licence ha..

Twinkle: same here.

Kunj: god gives you so big eyes to see. Look at my car you break it down.

Twinkle:same here too.. twinkle showing her finger to kunj.

Kunj: don’t show me your finger get it.. both looking at each other in angry way and Tashan too..

Twinkle: duffer.

Kunj: same here you lizard.

Twinkle: you call me lizard. You monkey..

Kunj: go and see your face which you hided with makeup..

Twinkle: heheheh very funny.. twinkle abused him in Punjabi and tapori language which Kunj can’t understand properly..

Kunj: what type of language you used.. silly girl.. go and check yourself you are damage model..

Twinkle: don’t poke me I’ll kill you..

Kunj: really.. Kunj tune his face twinkle looking at Kunj in anger.she sees one big Wooden stick. Twinkle smirked.. she went take the stick.

Twinkle: oyyyeee mr whatever what did you say me I’m damaged model now see what I’ll do.. Kunj turned and look at her and get confused.. twinkle lift her hands in slow motion way while Kunj just looking at her.. twinkle break the kunj car mirror in Tashan kunj get shocked..twinkle giving him smile..

Kunj: you ????????.. twinkle again hit and break while mirror..twinkle done with this she went near Kunj And take his hand in her and put the stick in his hands.

Twinkle: now I’m damage model and really I don’t know how to drive.ab ache se hi tooth na ta so I did now perfectly.Anger clearly visible in kunj eyes.he throws the stick on twinkle car.. but twinkle laughing..

Kunj held her hands tightly.. Bg Tashan e Tashan e Ishq play.

Kunj: you miss chatterbox.. twinkle fly her hairs on kunj face.

Twinkle: yes mr sadu.. next time be careful.

Kunj: same here next time don’t dare to come in front of my eyes I’ll kill..

Twinkle: go first see your car.. poor man.. twinkle make pouty face.. she hit her foot on kunj foot.. Kunj screamed..

Kunj: haa you.. b*t*h..

Twinkle:you buster..now peoples started

Cluster.. twinkle smile increasing Kunj anger more and more twinkle sit in her car and left.. she pass near kunj and press the horn badly which echoed in kunj ears.. twinkle left from here.. while Kunj just looking at her car..

Kunj: nonsense girl headache she is..

Kunj phone right he takes out his phone and throw his phone in anger.. Kunj call another car later car comes, and he sits and left for Sarna Mansion.

Yuvi and rudra along with his both friends watching match happy they have fun..

after match get boring they decided let’s go. They come out of the stadium.

Yuvi: now let’s go somewhere else..

Rudra: now I have to go home I didn’t in formed anyone..

Rishi: okay.. even I have work..

Yuvi: okay.. they sit in car and left. Yuvi drop rudra Sarna Mansion And left his home. Rudra went inside the mansion. There dadi sitting with om and Anjali they chitchat with each other’s. Rudra went towards them and sit beside. Just blabbering so so hot..

Rudra: Amritsar is so hot.. ???.

Dadi: hmm. Why you went outside when you can’t Handel hot.

Rudra: get water for me.. he gives voice to servant.servant come with water glass and give to rudra he drank in one go..

om: break bro.. where were you went rudra.

Rudra: woh I went with Yuvi bro his college later we went to see match..

om: okay.

Lata: he didn’t come with you..

Rudra: nope dadi.Anjali wiped Rudra face which drenched in sweat. Just than Kunj entered in mansion he is still in anger.

His whole face become red and stress lines comes on his forehead.He just walk towards hall.. Anjali eyes went on kunj and surprise to see him here.

Anjali: kunjjjjj.. all turned after hearing Kunj name from Anjali mouth.Kunj coming towards them.. Om looks at Kunj and understand something happened to him to see his face who telling each and everything anger eyes red face he totally fumes.Dadi and om gesture each other’s.

Kunj didn’t see anyone he just went to poolside.Shut the door with jerk.

Om: something happened today surely.

Rudra: yes now I’ll not go in front of bhaiya don’t know when his all anger come out on me..

Anjali: good.. ?.

Lata: first lets see.. they all went towards poolside..

Kunj standing near pillar his one hand resting on his forehead and other his closed his fist.he just looking in straight way.They all come to poolside and see kunj back.first dadi come near him.. she keeps her hand on his shoulders Kunj feel her presence he looks at her and turned his gaze. Now they three of them too went near him.

Other side anyhow twinkle reached Taneja Mansion.She come out of the car. She totally become red tomato in anger her cheeks turned into pink in cherry red. She hairs totally mess up. Little bit Smoke on her cheeks.Twinkle went in side., everyone sitting in lobby. Twinkle went in lobby she gives voice to servant in anger they didn’t come she started screaming their names. Kabir and Mahi looking at her.. they get up and went toward her.

Kabir: What happens to you miss Amritsar.

Twinkle: please don’t mess with me today I’m already very much frustrated.

Mahi: why di.. you went college what happened. Kabir pulls her cheeks.

Kabir: my lill sister why you become red bomb haa.. who lit up you ???..

twinkle give him rumbling look.Which make Kabir and Mahi laugh out..

Mahi: do tell us what’s the matter why your temper is so high.. what made up yourself.

Kabir: yes twinki.twinkle throw her bag.

Twinkle:this all happened because of this sadu governor.He wasted my time.. Kabir raise his eyes in curious way.

Kabir: sadu governor who he is???.

Mahi:yes di and this smoke.She touches her cheeks and wiped smoke.

Kabir: tell na what happened actually.

Twinkle: hmm..

at Sarna Mansion..

Lata: kunj puttar What happens to you.

Om:yes why you make your mood so off. And you come didn’t in formed us..

Anjali: yes kunj..

Rudra: Papa shout Bhai sure.Kunj give him fiery look rudra get scared to see his eyes.. he stands beside Lata. Kunj just quiet.

Om: speak up bro.. Lata cupped his face. His face burning like hell.. due to anger.

Lata: kunjjjj why this much anger who is the reason behind this. Kunj closed his eyes twinkle tashan look comes in front of his eyes when she breaks his car front mirror with wooden sticks.They all looking at Kunj face sense that something really beyond his limits happened.Rudra slowly in Anjali ears.

Rudra: today bhaiya takes real Rudra look. ?.. Anjali gesturing him to stop his just try to call his death angels.. ?.

Om: now say na.Kunj take deep breath.

Look at everyone.

Kunj: she is just headache Dadi..

Lata: means!???

Kunj: today she really did bad to come in my way the way she behaved with me I’ll not leave her at any cost. This all make everyone confused.. whom he talk about.

Om: we are not understanding say clearly.

Kunj: that girl om.. after listing girl name from kunj mouth Rudra immediately give smile say loudly girl.. Kunj see him with narrow eyes he knows in what way he takes it.

Om: Rudra stop. Kunj you continue.

Kunj: Arey I was coming home in the way. She was driving the car but miss attitude lost somewhere else.She was busy in her phone and don’t know how to drive. She breaks my whole car. After she still blames me that I don’t know how to drive.

Screen shifted twinkle sit.

Twinkle: don’t know what think about himself like he is the king of whole Amritsar.He called me damage model. And lizard too. I’ll not Leave him.. I’ll crash his life like his car.

Kabir: what you crash his car ha..??.

Twinkle you take car you know na you don’t how to drive perfectly. Twinkle remembered kunj words he too said same.

Twinkle: bhaiiiii…he yell at me..

Kabir: still Twinkle..

Second scenes..

Kunj: you know dadi she doesn’t know how to talk she used so cheap language.Think about herself that she is queen of Amritsar.She called me money and sadu is showing finger to Kunj Sarna.. everyone is surprised.. they were giggling inside very much curious who she is. Who even talk in front of kunj Sarna like same in his way.

Lata: what she did??

Kunj: come I’ll show you.. they all went outside.. Kunj show them his car condition. They four of them laughing loudly to see the condition of kunj car nobody can’t scratch his car but she totally breaks his car.that really very big thing..

Mahi: but di why you break his car. Twinkle looking at Mahi with balderdash look.

Twinkle: what you wanted to me that I’ll do his Aarti.. haaa.

Kabir: with naughty way haa Mahi like he is your jiju???..

twinkle: Bhai Jiju my foot I’ll die before getting marry to her..he is so annoying anger just sitting on his head.. Babaji give him height bad didn’t give him mind.

Kabir:you check his height very soon twinkle.. and what he did in return.

Twinkle: he too breaks my car.. till now no boys can’t show me anger he did this much.

Kabir: hmm he really powerful.let’s see what he did.. they too went. They see car and looking at twinkle.

Kabir: thanks god twinkle he didn’t do anything with you..

twinkle: huu as if I’ll leave him Bhai..

Mahi: but do you both are compatible for

Each other’s.. twinkle make face on them and went inside. While Kabir and Mahi laugh..

Kabir: who he is man?? I’m really curious to meet with him. It’s the first time who give same Tashan to beauty queen.

Mahi: yes Bhai.. Kabir sit on car.

Kabir: jo bhi kaho car crash toh kaam ka hai.

Kunj: ek number ki badtameez Ladki..god give her eyes to see but she applied numbers of makeup layers how will she see. It’s the first time someone affected Kunj this much.. she breaks my car wait.

I wished I’ll never see her face.

Rudra: how she look Bhaiya..

Kunj: really go and asked itself.. Don’t know who will be her husband his is deep trouble.

Om: why???

Kunj: nonestop Amritsar express..

Lata: leave it kunj..they all went inside.. Kunj still in anger he went in his room while Lata and along with om and Rudra or Anjali they sit together.

Om: who she is??? For the first time someone messed with him that also a girl,

Lata: yes I can see Tashan in kunj eyes after listing Kunj about her she is too

Same. What she did with kunj car..

Anjali: yes she breaks his car o god..

Lata:don’t know who she is but whatever she is really good for him.

Rudra: means bhabhi mil gai.. they three of them look him..

Om: shut up Rudra if he listens hang you with the car..

Rudra: Hu..

Lata: Kuch bhi bolo today I see sprinkles in kunj eyes.. Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na HO. Lata giving winning smile.

After sometimes later.

Kunj standing in his room near his window. He takes out his jacket and throw it on bed.

Kunj: ek number ki siyappa queen hai..

Twinkle come out of the Washroom chance her clothes into night dress.

Twinkle went near dressing table. She looks at herself and Kunj face coming in twinkle eyes. Twinkle doing anathema of kunj..

twinkle: sadu ceiling tower.

Later Mahi come to call twinkle for dinner she went downstairs sit with all family members. Servant serving them dinner twinkle quietly having her food.

Rt: what happened twinkle..

Kabir: today really happened with her??.. your dearest daughter break someone car.. all shocked..


hansh: Twinkle Puttar you should drive carefully.. twinkle nodded her head in yes and murmured.

Twinkle: my family taking side of him as If like he is my husband ????.. huh.

Kunj get freshen up and went downstairs.

He come downstairs and see Prithviraj sitting with guru ji they both busy in their conversation. So he leave it.. he went in his mother room. Kunj entered in room and see Avantika sitting Kunj went near her. Beside her and resting his head on her shoulder. Avantika see kunj and keep her hand on his face.

Avantika: so finally you come..


Avantika: you didn’t in formed me. ??

Kunj:I want to give you surprised. Avantika cupped Kunj face.. she caresses his forehead small hairs.

Avantika: okay good.. she kiss on his forehead. I missed you so much.. Kunj kiss her back i too mummy.. Kunj cuddles her tightly..

Avantika: what happened???

Kunj: why???

Avantika: today dadi ka beta come to me.

Kunj: why can’t I come to you.

Avantika: yeah you can after all you are my part❤️. Rubbing his hairs.

Kunj: where is pa.. ?

Avantika: your pa stuck in some meeting he will come soon.

Kunj: who is that man who sitting with Dadu.

Avantika: he is guru ji.. Kunj look at Avantika.

Kunj: what guru ji???.. mummy now again alliance drama.

Avantika: so what?? Kunj..

Kunj looking down.his mother can see sadness in kunj face.

Avantika:don’t no pressure on you..

Kunj:hmmm..: after all come down..

everyone sitting in side while Prithviraj and guru ji together..Kunj standing in side playing with his watch. He astray himself.

While rudra and om seeing kunj face. Rudra giggling to see guru ji..

Rudra: bhaiya ke potte utgaya after see guru ji..

Om: true????..

episode end..


Precap: guru started showing girls pictures to Prithviraj.Kunj getting tensed. While his sobbing making fun of him..

make his food oppressive to have..he just giving them furore look. And let’s see what happened in maha pooja..

When this two opposite personality meet what will happened.


How was the episode???

I hope you all twinj tashan I hope

I entertained you all..This episode is really special and near to my heart because today episode writer is kiya and sameera.. thanks for this ????.. to write amazing siblings bond.. today..

I don’t have words how to thanks you..

Kamini ????????… love you babes???dilruba. Good work.. jaaneman?????..

Bye love you all..



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  1. Twinjsidminfan

    This was brilliantly amazing
    Plzzzzzzzzzzz do post sooner Zameera and kiya ?????
    Luv u both ❤❤❤

  2. Sameera

    Awwwww pehle to bas why you wrote my name ??? the words you used touched my heart even I am luckiest to have a buddy like you Simran jaanam ??????????????…
    First part to chod de Uske baare me kya batau ???? the rest scenes were fantabulous marvellous superbbbbbbbbbb loveddd the way yuvi and rudra is bonding …college part was fun lovedd it so so much …
    Hayeeee finally twinj meet wo bhi tashan wali ?????love it so much Yaar hahahaha Twinkle didn’t knew proper driving hahah their tashan ufff she breaking his car …
    Hahaha damaged model ???????????…
    Just loved every bit of it Yaar can’t stop laughing amazing their anger toh uff so hot ..loveddd the bonds …
    Hahaha rudra dialogue Bhabhi mil gayi hahahaha eagerly waiting when they will have another face off that too with omru yuvi n rest ..can’t wait seriously ?????????
    Hayeeee I was saying wo dushmani hi kya jisme jalan na ho that dialogue took my heart and I started liking tei after reading today I cherished the memories back ?????
    Kunj and avantika seen was also Amazing let’s see how these two cross the paths together …
    Byeeeee love you ??????????????????

  3. Superb episode twinj tashan wali meet ?????
    Can’t wait to see their reaction on meeting each other with their siblings ? post soon kiya ?

  4. Awesome epi…..loved it a lottt

  5. Awesome epi…..

  6. Wow…..superb epi….
    Loved every scenes…….
    I was for this eagerly…..can’t wait for next

  7. Anusha

    Wow superb episode dear
    loved it lot
    twinj tashan wali meet ???
    Cant wait for next episode dear post soon

  8. Omg kiya and sam both my fav writers tighter yeh toh sone pe suhaga ho gaya lovely combination and twinkle ka toh kya kehna loved it twinj fiets meet was brilliant man both of u have done a mind blowing work love u take care both of u post soon and eager to see another combo ff by u both

  9. awesome…superbbb….
    loved it…
    twinj’s tashan wali first meeting was really really amazing loved that scene very much
    and yaa avantika kunj moment was also amazing…wait for the next part…post soin and plz also plz love ka hai intezar soon plz
    take care

  10. Wow …sam & kiya …..Kya bat h aaj toh dilkhush ho gya
    Tum dono ko sath me dekh ke …..
    Epi was jhakkas…Tum dono ne jo likha h …..luved every part of it ….specially the tashan scene & when rudra said bhabhi mil gayi ????it was my favourite part ..??finally dono ki tashan wali meeting ho gyi …..luved it yr …❤❤❤❤????avantika and kunj ka bond was lovely…????
    Every thing was perfect ??????
    Aagey bhi aise surprise dete rhna….luv u both ???

  11. SSK

    Wow, I loved it. It was a surprise by both of you Kiya and Sameera. thank you so much for that. Now please post the next episode soon as I am really eager to read more. 🙂

  12. Kiya and Sameera .
    Keep up the great work. ?!,
    Loved the episode.
    Twinj meet and the tashan !!
    Can’t wait to read the next part

  13. What an episode
    Filled with Tasha
    I loved each and every part of twinj specially
    Superbly written
    Kiya and sam.
    You both just rocked it.
    It was amazingly
    Love you both

  14. Superb episode. Lovely.

  15. Superb fantastic episode dear
    Twinj tashan awesome
    Rudra ko bhabhi mil gyi usko bhabhi ki badi jaldi h ☺
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvvvv u

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