Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 27th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Malika say she doesn’t know what Daljeet wants, Ranveer tell Malika he want his kid and also Sahiba. Malika is shocked & ask if he knows & said how can he ingnore such a big thing. Ranveer ask her to sign the paper & leave. Malika calls Daljeet, but he said he can’t talk right about now. Conel(Ranveer dad) arrive & tell Daljeet to talk fast, why he called him. Daljeet gives him a bag & said take it, he ask what is inside. Daljeet tell him to see for himself, he opens the bag and see gold. Daljeet said he should keep it and use it properly & leave.
Sahiba mom isn’t talking to her, nor making her do any work as she is angry to know Daljeet likes Sahiba, Ranveer mom notice & talk to Sahiba mom saying Sahiba isn’t like

that, and she should trust Sahiba no matter what. Sahiba mom then apologize to Sahiba for how she behave.

Conel is calling everyone, and is dancing he got it. Everyone ask what, he replied jewellery, and showed everyone it was the ones the left at Sahiba’s house. Ranveer is shocked.
Ranveer then arrive at Daljeet’s with the bag, give him back saying he is here to give back the jewellery, his dad stole. Veera is shocked. Ranveer move to her saying he is sorry onbehalf of his dad & they can report him if they want just file the report against him not his dad. Daljeet then tell Ranveer to go & they will not filed no report. Ranveer leave. Veera asked Daljeet if he is crazy they should report the matter, Daljeet said they will not and leave.
Sahiba is waiting for Ranveer & wonder what happens. Ranveer arrive, she ask if everything is okay. Ranveer said Yeah.

Part 2
Sahiba is worried if they fight. Ranveer change his clothes and tell her he didn’t do anything just return the jewellery. Sahiba is relieve, & offer him water saying he have chnaged so much. He asked didn’t you trust me then added where there isn’t love they can’t be trust & leave.

Malika tell daljeet she understand his plan, he report the Ranveer first that didn’t work he withdrew his case, offer Sahiba the house, now he himself return the jewellery to Conel. She tell him whatever he is doing will not work, as Ranveer will keep the baby as Ranveer knows everything. Daljeet said Sahiba promise him the baby, & now she is behaving werid. Malika said Ranveer knows everything & he is afraid. Daljeet said whatever Ranveer do, let him do. Malika tell Daljeet to leave all this and what will happen if anyone find out, and stop planning against Ranveer.
The clock strike 12, & Daljeet said no more questions and take Malike on the balcony with his hand on her eyes. He aske he rto open her eyes & she saw a cake that say Happy Birthday Sahiba, & is shocked. Daljeet said today is Sahiba’s birthday, & they should cut the cake, as he start singing Happy Birthday Sahiba.

A song play in the BG, as Ranveer wish Sahiba happy birthday while she is sleeping.

I am unable to get last part of the video, Sorry Guys. I have no idea how come I am unable to get the last part.
If anyone can please, do tell me about the last piece of the episode & the per-cap.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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