Rab ne banaiya jodian ( Maan-geet, Ahil-sanam, Dev-durga, Shantanu-khanak) introduction

Hi everyone!! Hope you guys are doing well. … I decided to write a ff on Maan-geet, ahil-sanam, dev-durga, shantanu-khanak. Hope you guys will support me and please do comments. Negative and positive both kind of comments will be accepted. So here’s intro:-

Maan Singh Khurana- a hot, dashing, angry successful business man. He is very hardworking and strict. Loves his younger sister a lot and he can do anything for his sister. Always scolds his brother for not taking interest in business. Doesn’t believe in love…
Shantanu Singh Khurana- A hot, dashing young guy. Younger brother of maan. Totally opposite from maan. He is very mischievous and flirty. Always see dreams of girls… Doesn’t take interest in work and keep teasing his sister.
Ahil Bohra- a handsome and brave young
man. He is a Cid officer. He completed his training and got job in Delhi. Stays with his best
friend. He is very straightforward and possesive towards his job. Funny loving and good hearted.
Dev Geonka- a simple and good looking young boy who is studying law. Best friend of ahil. Caring, responsible and honest. Believe in love blindly.

Geet handa- a gorgeous and sweet young girl. She is very talkative and fun loving. Came to Delhi from hoshiarpur to find a job. Staying with her cousin. Friend of Dev. She always mess up things or be can say she in a troublemaker. Loving and caring…
Sanam handa- a beautiful, daring and brave Cid officer. Cousin of geet. She is also very talkative like geet and jolly. Good from heart but always ready to fight. Very close to geet..
Khanak khandelwal- a beautiful and lovely girl. She lives in small village of Udaipur. She is a dreamer who always see dream of his prince charming that one day he will come on white Horse. She is very loving and loves to play pranks. She has good sense of humor and daring…
Durga Khurana- a simple and sweet girl. Younger sister of maan and shaan. She also studying law. Good natured and mature. She is ladli sister of maan.
Girlfriend of shaan…..* a daughter of rich business man, a spoilt brat. Very modern and full of attitude. Attention seeker, keep showing off about her status and dressing style. Durga and maan doesn’t like her. They think She is very irritating and I’ll mannered. But shaan finds her hot. Durga and maan doesn’t want shaan to keep relation with her. Crazy about fashion and brands…

*Guys I need a favor I couldn’t decide who can play character of shaan’s gf. I already described her. I have few name in mind can u guys help me to choose one. Here’s some examples:-
(Aliya from kumkum bhagya, ritika from meri aashiqi tum se hi, shagun and niddhi from yhm, karishma from yrkkh, sharddha from tpk, tanu from kkb)

Please do comments and tell me if should continue to write it or I should stop it. Have a nice day u guys*

  1. ritika from meri ashiqi tum se hi is good match for shaans gf……… 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice dear .. Continue.. I too write ff on Aahil sanam named sanam aur Aahil eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki … If u like read and comment too and dear I choose ritika from MATSH and do u write anyother ff ??? Can we be friends ??

    1. Hi thanks. Yeah I read your ff and I loved it.. u r a awesome writer*

  3. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Really interstingg dear… i think karishma will suit gf role..

    1. Sanjana ( sanju)

      N can v b frndz???

  4. I choose , Aliya from KKB , BTW I also write a FF for QH , named as Asya and Huyaan:A delicate relation.

    Hoping u will read it.

    Nice intro??

    1. Even I was thinking that aliya is best for this role thanks for your suggestion:)

  5. I lovedthe introduction well I love sahib and devga pair a lot they r awesome, I don’t know much abut Maneet but I heard about the show and I have no idea about shantanu-khanak when I saw Karan tacker pic I thought it was on virika so I think Karan played shaan’s character right ? Well then Aliya from KKB should play his gf

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    OH My god Shaan And kanak!!! I love them so much!!!! They’re my favorite!!! So is geet and maan aha, I also write a ff called destiny vs love!!! I hope you can comment on it!!!
    Waiting for this ff aha~Nusz

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