Qurbaan Hua 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ammi Jan realizes that Chahat is pregnant

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Chahat takes up the note of Naveli in which it is written that she is going to take her own life, and no one should try to find her, Chahat thinks she would not let anything of the sort happen because the Dhiani family has already lost one of their daughters.
Chahat rushes after Naveli asking her to stop because she is not guilty when Naveli orders her to not follow her because everything is happening because of her and she should not follow her, Chahat tries to follow her however gets dizzy in the meanwhile Naveli is able to get up the ramp thinking that she would take her own life, Chahat comes asking Naveli to stop however she doesnot listen and walks up the ramp, Chahat gets dizzy and falls on the ground, Ammi Jan is sitting in the car when she sees Chahat she immediately orders the driver to stop the car wondering what has happened to Chahat, she sees Naveli then pleads with her to stop however just as she is about to take her life, a man pulls her back taking her with him.

Ammi Jan orders the driver to come and help Chahat as they have to take her to their house, Chahat dreams of Naveli then wakes up, she immediately starts vomiting and sits on the bed, Chahat thinking of Naveli tries to walk away when Ammi Jan exclaims how Naveli is fine and was saved by a man, she asks why was Chahat lying unconscious, she exclaims how she was not feeling well for quite some time and is now also vomiting, Ammi Jan realizes so says how she is pregnant which worries Chahat, Ammi Jan then says how even when she has married Neel, she would make sure that her son is a Muslim as she would herself recite the Kalmah in his ears so she would now live with them and forget everything that has in the Dhiani family. Chahat asks her to stop dreaming then leaves mentioning how she has to find Naveli as she is not even answering her call, Ammi Jan exclaims how childish Chahat is because she is not even understanding that she is pregnant.

Baleq is drawing a line in the house when Vyas je and Jamuna asks what is he doing, Baleq mention that the house belongs to Saraswathi so Kripa is now the owner of half the property, he being her father is legally the owner but even then if he doesnot want him to live then he would make sure that they never see her face ever again, Vyas je stops saying that he can live in the house however Kripa is the last memory he has of Saraswathi so he cannot allow him to take her away, jamuna tries to reason with him, Baleq says that he was not able to make even a small house but has been living on the income of Vyas je. Jamuna is startled, Vyas je shouts at him to which Baleq responds how he is not like him and cannot blame someone who has worked beside him with such effort and he must always remember the Lakshman Regha, he then orders Jamuna to go on the other side, Vyas je also leaves when Baleq looking angrily at Godambari walks inside.

Chahat asks AlakhNanda if she saw Naveli in the room and if she was okay, she makes her promise to never irritate her, AlakhNanda says that she would also not take her bag, Chahat asks why does she take it, AlakhNanda says how she brings mangos in it, Chahat seeing them takes one mentioning how she was feeling like having something bitter to eat, AlakhNanda hearing this realizes then starts calling all the family members, Jamuna asks what has happened so she exclaims how there is a good news and Chahat is about to become a mother hearing which everyone is shocked.

Ghazala in confusion asks Ammi Jan if she is sure, Ammi Jan responds she has also raised three children so knows what the symptoms are and they would now ensure that Chahat lives with them in their house because she would not let her child become a no Muslim, Ghazala thinks how the child would suit her desire to win the election because she would reveal that they are raising the child as per the Islamic traditions, Ghazala exclaims that they would bring Chahat and that too with proper celebration.

Chahat asks AlakhNanda to stop when she reveals how the moment is of celebration and forces Chahat to dance, Jamuna is also joyed, Neel is no able to understand seeing AlakhNanda hugging Chahat so asks what is happening, he inquires what is the occasion, AlakhNanda reveals that Chahat is eating the mangoes and pickles, she makes him understand how he is about to become a father, Neel is not able to control himself so hugs Chahat then also hugs AlakhNanda, he exclaims that she would not dance alone and they all would dance together, he turning to Vyas je stops, when Vyas je walks inside, Neel then hugs Jamuna and also makes him dance after that picking up Chahat, Godambari however leaves in anger.

Neel takes Chahat inside, AlakhNanda also says to kripa that she is about to have a brother and sister to play with her, Baleq however mentions that his daughter would not play the child of the other religion.

Neel is excited, Chahat pleads with him to stop, he makes her lie down then exclaims how he is really happy because they both are about to become the parents, Neel mentions he would ensure that their child doesnot have any wishes that are not fulfilled as he would take good care of them, she inquires who would take care of her, he responds that the child will as she cannot expect so much from him, he then corrects himself assuring he would also be for her, Neel stands to prepare the ladoo which he used to make for Saraswathi when AlakhNanda while speaking like Vyas je exclaims how she is a daughter of their house so now they would take care of her, Chahat threatens to slap her, AlakhNanda says that she would have to talk like him when he sent the sweets for her, Neel and Chahat both are filled with joy.

Precap: Ghazala says that she is coming to take her daughter back with her, Jamuna mentions how she is the daughter in law of their family, Vyas je also exclaims how he would become a member of their family because if he goes to their house then would be eating meat and would wear a hat, Ammi Jan exclaims he would also pray the Eid prayer and come to their house with the meat, Chahat while walking towards them falls on the ground.

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