Qurbaan Hua 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Baleq is arrested for murdering Saraswathi

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Chahat pleads with Neel to leave the rope, Neel exclaims that he promised Saraswathi that he would not forgive the person who has ruined their lived as Baleq has made a lot of business while acting as a religious person however he would surely kill him now, Baleq also pleads with Neel to leave him however Neel is adamant to kill him so says that Chahat doesnot have the strength to make him stop as now he would kill Baleq, Neel is about to kill Baleq with an axe when Chahat takes it from his hands and throws it away mentioning that Saraswathi would not like that he has also become a murderer, she calms down Neel when he is adamant to take Baleq with him to the police station.

Baleq says that Naveli is the one to make the recording however Naveli refuses that she has even made the recording, Godambari mentions that he is trying to blame Naveli in order to further his own agenda, Baleq tries to plead how he has loved with Saraswathi so would never harm her blaming Chahat is a liar.

Chahat explains that he never desired that Neel become the Mant which is why he always created problems in the relation of Neel and Vyas je, he was the one who murdered Saraswathi so that she would not reveal the truth about his character, Baleq once again pleads with Neel saying how he has always taken care of Saraswathi and Kripa however Neel warns him to never speak the name of Kripa, the police arrive when Baleq once again tries to plead with Vyas je however he mentions how Baleq should be punished for killing his daughter, he orders the police to arrest him.

Baleq is cuffed and when they are taking him away, Baleq says to Vyas je that he is sure he would come to the police station and attain his bail, Baleq is then taken away in the police car.

Neel taking the hand of Chahat says how he would do what he should have done long ago, Neel take the hand of Chahat leading her into the house, Chahat says how she would not step inside the house until Vyas je orders because she considers him to be her father, Neel however pleads with her to step inside, he walks to the front of Saraswathi’s photo and starts weeping mentioning that he was not able to fufill the right of her Rakhi, Chahat stops him explaining that he should be proud because they have finally caught the culprit who murdered Saraswathi, Neel stops her saying that it was not them but her who was able to recognize Baleq for the person he really is, Neel asks Vyas je if he still considers Chahat to be unpure when she has favored them all for which they should be grateful, Vyas je walks upstairs to his room, Neel exclaims how he should think whatever he wishes because enow he would not let anyone stop Chahat from coming back in the house.

Chahat stops him saying how he should not be angry as there would be a day when Vyas je would ask her to come and pass the boundary of the house when everyone would live happily in the house including their child, Neel says that he is not ready to talk with Vyas je when he is forced to leave when Chahat pleads with him.

Jamuna walking to Chahat exclaims she is actually just like Saraswathi and has proved it that she should not be worried, Godamabri signals Naveli to come with her.

Godambari is slapping Naveli mentioning that she doesnot have brains and should not use them because they should now pray that Baleq never returns as he is able to attain the bail then no one in the entire family would be safe, she exclaims how it would have been better if she had killed Naveli when she was born, Naveli handing her a knife asks her to kill right now if this is what she desires, Godamabri exclaims that her wish would be fulfilled really soon as she should pray that Baleq is never freed from jail.

In the night Chahat calls her grandmother, exclaiming that she has an important news so asks her to place the mobile on loud speaker, Chahat while talking to her father exclaims how she has proved his innocence and found proof against Baleq for killing Saraswathi, Ammi jan is relaxed hearing the news while Dr Baig starts crying, Ammi Jan asks Chahat to say bad things to Vyas je as he accused them of murdering his daughter causing a lot of problems for them, Chahat asks her to forget everything that has happened and rejoice because of the victory while promising to also come really soon for dinner. Ghazala Baig hears the conversation and gets worried thinking who would help her create a rift other then Baleq, so she must help him.

In the morning Jamuna is gathering the goods when he calls the children to also help him, Neel asks what it is for, Jamuna reveals how they are donating the belongings to calm the soul of Saraswathi, Neel also asks Chahat to help however she refuses worrying that Vyas je might scold her, AlakhNanda then acts as Vyas je asking Chahat to help them after which she agrees, Jamuna reveals that Saraswathi would also distribute sweets among the poor, Baleq while coming to the house says how he is not able to forget the taste of her sweets, Vyas je asks how did he dare come to their house, Baleq revels that he was released with full honor.

Baleq remembers that Ghazala attained the Bail papers for his release mentioning that she requires Neel and Chahat to be separated in order to win the election, Baleq explains that it is also suitable for him because he would be able to become the Mant and see the destruction of Vyas jee because he cannot forget the slaps, Baleq is relaxed thinking how no one would be able to help them as he has now decided to ruin the entire Dhiani family.

Precap: Baleq accepts he has killed Saraswathi questioning if they have any proof, Neel then brings a stick and is about to kill Baleq however he puts Kripa infront of them both, Vyas je along with Chahat both cry out for Kripa.

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