Qurbaan Hua 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat plan to find her father before Neil

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Ghazala is washing the clothes when Bopho drops pan purposefully, she is about to say the o Allah but seeing Bopho stops asking what has he done, he says that he could not hold it so she must also work fast and make them, Ghazala wonders that they can make her do all those hideous chores but really soon she would have the reigns in her hand when she makes Chahat kill Mant Viyas.
Viyas jee calls Chahat explaining that he is not feeling well so she should check his blood pressure, Chahat after checking it says that it is at the optimum level, he exclaims then it might be his blood sugar, Chahat is amazed to find that it is also below the standard she inquires how he is feeling, Viyas jee laughs, Chahat realizes that he was joking she asks him to not do anything of the sort as she really got tensed wondering what has happened to his health, Viyas jee exclaims that he had stopped talking with people after the death of Saraswati but ever since she has arrived to their house he has gotten a new life so would be glad his entire life.
Bopho exclaims that he has given Sunita a new pot of filth but why is he torturing her, Neil says that he has a secret and Sunita is actually the wife of Dr Baig, Bopho exclaims that this means she is the mother of Chahat, Neil says that she was trying to convince Chahat that she should take revenge from his family, Bopho mentions that this means he cannot see that someone is hurting Chahat, Neil threatens to hit him but Bopho manages to escape, Neil says that he has not seen anyone who is pure then Chahat but what life has she got as her father is a murderer and a step mother who desires that she harm his family. He orders Bopho to look after Sunita meanwhile he would look after Chahat.
Viyas is sitting when Baleq comes explaining that the banks are closed so now he should keep the money of the Mandir, Viyas jee says that Baleq should keep the money as he trusts him completely, Viyas jee explains that when Baleq was not in the house Naveli accepted that she was the one to send the message to GauriShankar so her mother has advised that she get married to Baleq so he wants to know if she has any issue, Baleq mentions that how can he take any decision when he is present in the house. Viyas jee stops Baleq as he is leaving saying that he should find out who the parents of Chahat as he desires to meet them but should insure that she doesnot find out about his plans, Baleq thinks that he has made his life easier as all he has to do now is find out about something relating to Chahat’s life.
Chahat is talking with her mother thinking that she desires to meet her father but cannot hurt Viyas jee, Neil also comes into the room, he starts talking with the pack of potato crisps mentioning that they have dried as Chahat is ignoring him, Chahat mentions that she doesnot have a diet but then Neil makes her eat them, she gets her appetite and starts eating them, he is looking at her so wonders what has happened with him and then shows her a video of Ghazala working with filth as she made Chahat cry. Chahat exclaims that she is really worried about what would happen, Neil says that he has a plan for her as well.
Ghazala is in her room, she exclaims that she cannot get the smell of filth off from her clothes, Neil comes to her saying that he is really impressed with her work so she should just clean the utensils which are used for cooking for charity as they have gotten back because of the wood fire, Ghazala thinks that she should check on the driver if he has been making Baig do some work because he cannot talk so should have just made the wooden decorations.
Baleq comes to the room inquiring why they both talked about his marriage with Naveli when he was not present, he takes Naveli by hand which angers Godambari she pushes him away saying that Naveli might be scared from him but he cannot scare her, she exclaims that she does not believe his promises and if he has exclaimed that he loves Naveli then should marry her, Baleq acts nicely saying that she should teach Naveli how to be a good mother as he would surely marry her, then going outside thinks that he would have to teach them both a lesson.
Bopho asks Neil if Ghazala was suspicious, Neil mentions that he did not even think of what he has done as he has placed a tracker in the packet of money that would lead him directly to Dr Baig, Bopho asks then why did he not tell Chahat, Neil mentions that he knows Chahat has been longing to meet her father but she doesnot know what kind of a person her father is so he feels sorry for her, he shows that Ghazala is in the kitchen cleaning the pots.
Chahat stands behind Ghazala without her knowing, she exclaims that she would have to follow Ghazala as is sure that she would directly go to meet her father, Ghazala also thinks that she would have to leave as soon as possible so that she can meet Mr Baig. Chahat thinks that she would have to beat Neil as only then will she be able to prove that her father is innocent.

Precap: Chahat reaches the room in disguise saying that she desired to meet her father and would now finally be able to meet him, when she opens the door Dr Baig is suffocating in the bag and runs towards the window, Neil exclaims that he knows Dr Baig would be in the same lodge, Chahat calls for her father as he is about to fall out of the window.

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  1. My friends, & Sonaji thanks for your write up & comments. Enjoining quer ban so much feeling a little down as we do not know it’s future. Why do we take so much to heart when we know these are fictions? Trying to come to reality. Are you all feel the same pain? Thanks.

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