Qurbaan Hua 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel suspects Toup Singh has a connection with Chahat

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Chahat covers her hair disguising as the Toup Singh, she thanks Allah exclaiming that Shlok has agreed to hide her relation with Dua she says that he is a really innocent boy and even when she has made him go back to the house she feels that there is a strong relation with him which she doesnot know off, Chahat hears that there is someone inside so enters with a stick, Neel covers her face with a cloth demanding that he tell him why did he kidnap them both, he lifts the cloth while trying to see the face, Chahat is perplexed on seeing Neel and cannot move, Neel asks who is he and what rift does he have with their family.

Chahat hugs Neel who doesnot know what is happening, he gets the feeling that Chahat is near him. Toup Sigh reveals that he cannot be his enemy as he is his lover, Neel asks what does he mean, Toup Singh reveals that he is his worker because his family has hired him as a cook, Neel says that he feels Toup Singh is a criminal and demands his mobile, Neel calls Alka who is delighted to see Neel, she asks where was he and Neel reveals that he was kidnapped, he confirms if Toup Singh is really their servant and then Alka confirms it, he asks if Vyas he came home however Alka says that he has not come back, Neel explains he will leave to find Vyas je.
Neel walking out wonders who might have brought his bike so Toup Singh reveals that he was sin a hurry to find them so he is the one who brought his motorcycle, Neel warns him to never touch his motorcycle ever again, he demands the keys but when Toup Singh throws he questions why is he throwing like a girl, Toup Singh is also adamant to be with Neel however he orders him to go back to the house and inform everyone but Toup Singh is adamant to always be with Neel, he asks what kind of a person is he, Toup Singh after sitting exclaims he cannot leave Neel bleeding because he is his master, Neel drives off, he is really angry with Toup Singh.

Aalekh force fully brings Naveli exclaiming he will punish her because she has gotten the habit of disobeying him, Naveli is stunned asking what does he mean, Aalekh replies that she had sent Shlok to check his mobile in order to find Neel and Vyas je because she knows he is the one who had kidnapped them, Naveli however cannot understand what Aalekh is saying, Bopho and Dua also arrive, when Aalekh asks what they are doing, Dua reveals that they have come to find Shlok because he called back at the house, Bophandar receives a call from the house and it is Shlok who explains he was able to reach back, Dua gets very tensed and takes the mobile asking what was he thinking going alone, Shlok explains she always claims to be strong however is crying, Dua responds it is because of him, Shlok says that he was saved by a women which worries Aalekh who sits down asking but Shlok immediately changes his stance saying that he was saved by Toup Singh, Aalekh sends them both back home.

Aalekh exclaims that he feels Toup Singh has a connection with their family which is why he is so worried for them, he would do all he can to find out the truth about Toup Singh.

Neel and Toup Singh have both gotten in an accident and are lying on the ground, Toup Singh getting up says that he doesnot feel any pain from such little accidents, he helps Neel stand and then desires to ride the bike himself however Neel exclaims that he is fine ordering Toup Singh to sit at the back, he while sitting recognizes that the entire petrol from the bike leaked on the road, Toup Singh exclaims to Neel what has he done because they are stranded now, he asks Neel to come with him, they will seek help from one of the house where he can also bandage him however Neel is still adamant to not leave, Chahat exclaims he has gotten even more stubborn then before, Chahat however vows to place the bandage because she knows how to deal with him, Toup Singh says that he saw Vyas je around the corner, Neel leaves to search for him but ends up inside a vacant house.

Neel asks where is Vyas je, Toup Singh reveals that what if there is no Vyas je because he can lie down on the bed and then the bandage can be applied on him however Neel is not ready to follow his orders and so refuses to even listen, he is forced to accept the order and lies on the bed, Toup Singh says the head injuries should not be taken lightly because they can cause head concussion and brain injury, Neel remembers that this is the same thing which Chahat said to him when he got hit by a ball, Toup Singh picks out the alcohol bottle and desires to place it over the wound of Neel he starts drinking it, Toup Singh asks what is he doing, Neel reveals that Toup Singh is a really clever person because he reminds him of the person whom he has been trying to forget for the past five years.

Precap: Toup Singh exclaims she cannot see him like this and feels there is no other way other than to come in front of him as Chahat, Neel is sitting drunk when Chahat comes in front of him, he gets perplexed so stands for her.

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