Qurbaan Hua 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shlok is adamant to find the women who can convince Neel

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Shlok asks Aalekh if he remembers that till Vyas je returns he is the Mant and it is his order that Toup Singh would not leave the house, Alka also asks if he would follow the orders of the Mant, Aalekh leaves the hall, Shlok immediately rushing to Toup Singh asks if he is okay and did he sustain any injuries and starts wiping off his tears, Toup Singh says that he has the angels sent from heaven so nothing can happen to him, he hugs Shlok seeing which Alka and Naveli both laugh,. Shlok thinks that he means the god and if Naveli did not tell him then he would pray to god, so he rushes inside, Chahat wonders why they did both run away.

Sahil asks Aalekh why he is not able to perform such a simple task and why is Toup Singh still in their house because he was supposed to throw him out in the absence of Neel and Vyas je, Aalekh explains that he was not able to do it because Shlok became the Mant and everyone has to follow the orders of the Mant so he was forced to at which Sahil says that he should then understand they cannot fulfil their plan till Toup Singh is in his house, Aalekh asks him to not worry saying that if Toup Singh comes ever comes in his path again then he would kill him, Sahil after ending the call is perplexed to hear that he is talking of killing Chahat whom he desired to marry for so long so he cannot let this happen.

Shlok is sitting in the room praying to god but wonders why is his prayers not being answered so he seeing the laptop wonders if god would answer his call as the laptop has all the contacts, he therefor starts searching the list and finds a lot of names with Bhagwan so decides to dial one of them, coincidentally Vyas je answers it, Shlok not knowing Explains the entire situation how his father is not ready to marry Alka because of which Aalekh scolds her, he asks for the name of the person who can convince his father, Vyas je responds that it is behind the big photo but just then the nurse comes asking why does he answer anyone’s mobile because the doctor was searching for it, Vyas je prays that Shlok find Chahat because his family needs her as she the only one who can save them.

Bopho is with Chahat who is really worried with the behaviour of Aalekh, Bopho asks why he was adamant to throw him out over such a small act and wonders if he suspects that he is actually Chahat however she is convinced that there is something else going on.

Shlok enters the room of Vyas je thinking that the largest photo is of Saraswathi bua so he decides to turn it but just then Alka calls him asking what is he doing because she was searching for him in the entire house, she asks him to take the glass of milk and drink it all, Shlok agrees after which he turns the photo but is not able to recognize the women in the photo, he recognizes the Mandir and decides to go there to inquire about the women, he also takes the mobile of Godambari to call the family if there is any problem.
Toup Singh is cleaning the house when Naveli is massaging Aalekh feet, she asks if he would not take the tiffin at which Aalekh says that there is no need from now on and orders her to bring some apples for him, Toup Singh gets worried wondering how he would then be able to find Neel and Vyas je.

Chahat then remembers the time when she went to the river with Vyas je who explained that he is not able to quench the memory of Saraswathi and how she always cared for him, Chahat is able to drop a Diya so he asks why she is afraid of the fire, Chahat reveals that there were some incidents in the past that made him get scared of the fire, he then exclaims that they both would together fight the fire so they take the Diya, Vyas je exclaims that it is said fire is a means to quench the pain that is in the life so they both must do it together, she then sat with him, she also recalls the moments in which Neel exclaimed his love for her, she became an integral part of the Dhiani family and even Neel promised to always take care of her and the child together. She starts crying standing outside the room of Aalekh.

Precap: Neel walking in the room walks to the wallet but Sahil then hits him with a rod from behind, he calls Aalekh to reveal that Vyas je managed to run away but he captured Neel, Aalekh orders him to kill Neel so he points a gun at him.

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  1. In the episode loved the mother-son moment the most Shlok wiping Chahat’s tears and them hugging.

  2. enough is enough baleq needs to get caught this is 2020 no woman supposed to go through this here disgrace to hindu and high priest evil over good

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