Qubool Hai ~~ Pyaar Ka Afsana (Episode 25)

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Episode 25

Will Sanam complete her first task successfully?


Aahil’s cabin.
Sanam is working on PPT . She is looking her notepad. Aahil comes back . He gets back on his chair. He looks her while working. She is busy in her work.

At Seher’s fm station.

Seher is sitting with her team discussing about a new show.
Mohit – “ Seher, I hope now you understand technicalities . Now we have make a format for our new show. We can collect details and prepare a rough script but you have to make sure that you engage audience with your voice”.
Tina – “ Are you ready?”
Rocky – “ Naming ceremony is pending”.
Mohit – “Yeah, right”.
Seher – “ Naming ceremony? Oho.. we have to name the show , right?”
Tina – “ Not only show but also our RJ”.
Seher – “ Why should I be named? I already have a sweet name”.
Mohit – “That’s right but here we don’t use real names of RJ”.
Seher – “Oho..”
Rocky – “ So we have think about an attractive name. Suggest something guys”.
Mohit – “ Niya”.
Tina – “There is a famous RJ in that same name.. something else”.
Seher – “Mona Darling”.
Rocky – “ Where is your Don?”

Mohit – “ Guys, be serious … we need something exclusive and that attracts audience… like..”

Tina – “Like..Kashish”

She looks everyone for response. Everyone smiles and shows thumbs up.

Seher – “ Kashish , it’ good. Ishq ki Kashish with RJ Kashish, how’s that?”
Mohit – “That’s perfect. We will go with this”.
Rocky – “Sure.. so that’s fixed”
Tina – “ Very good. Now let’s focus on format”.
Seher – “Guys.. sorry I am asking something out of context. Do anyone of you have button camera and a pen recorder?”

Tina – “ Why do you need that?”
Seher – “To bring out truth of a person.. personal matter”.
Rocky – “ What personal matter? Boyfriend issues?”
Seher – “ Not at all.. to expose a girl who trapped my sister”.
Tina – “ Oho.. that girl Ruby ?”
Seher – “Yeah”.
Mohit – “She is very crooked , one of my friend’s friend got trapped by her and he had to give a huge amount to avoid her”.
Seher – “ Oho.. so it’s her usual job. Interesting”.
Mohit – “She has a team for such fraud games”.
Seher – “Mohit can you help me to get details like how did she trap your friend’s friend. His details won’t be given to any and details about her team too. But I want that by tomorrow”.
Mohit- “ Okay.. I will help you”.
Rocky – “ I will give you that button camera and pen recorder. I will give different sets of hiden camera and audio recorder”.
Tina – “ If you need other help just give us a call, we will be there”.
Seher – “Thank you so much guys”.
Mohit – “Once everything gets sort out well, don’t forget to give us a treat”.
Rocky – “Right, no compromise in that..”.
Seher – “ Done”.
Tina – “ Then let’s come back to our matter”.
They get busy on their work.

Time passes.

Aahil’s office.
Aahil checks time. It’s 12.45 pm on the clock. Sanam is working hard .
Aahil – “ Just 1 hr left to complete your task, you have to reach the conference hall at least 15 minutes prior to meeting. By the way, I hope you remember our deal”.

Sanam looks him and gives him a cold look. Aahil goes to out since it’s lunch time. Sanam gets more anxious.

Sanam(thinks) – “ I can’t lose this opportunity, I can’t lose to Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim, I have to prove my innocence. I will clear all hurdles”.

Time passes, It’s 1.40pm.

Sanam is still working. Aahil comes inside the cabin but Sanam doesn’t notice it. Aahil stands near the door inside the cabin and he looks her . Sanam doesn’t notice him still and she whispering something regarding PPT. He notice her table with files , laptop and papers. Everything is neatly kept.

Aahil(thinks) – “ Not bad.. her table is so neat even when she is busy in her work”.

He then knocks on the door. Sanam looks at door and see Aahil standing with a smile. Sanam looks him being confused. Aahil then signs at the clock.

Sanam looks the clock and see the time , it’s 1.45pm. Aahil goes near his table and takes his iPad. Sanam takes the laptop and her notepad. Aahil looks her while she arranges the files to other side neatly. Aahil then turns and leaves the cabin, he gives a look to Sanam.

Sanam then gets ready to leave the cabin. Aahil opens the door and is about to leave but he stops of a sudden. Sanam who was standing behind him , hits him and take a step a back. They look each other. Aahil gets irritated.

Aahil – “Where are your eyes? Can’t you see?”
Sanam – “I don’t have any 6th sense to understand that you will turn back all of sudden. It’s just an accident”.

Aahil – “ Meeting you was also an accident for me”.
Sanam – “ I too have same opinion, I do consider our meeting as a horrible accident”.

They look each other with angry face.

Sanam – “ Are you going ? If not ,please give me a way to go”.

Aahil moves aside leaving a space for her to leave. As she leaves , they look each other. Her hand rubs on his hand unintentionally. Aahil looks her but she doesn’t notice him looking her. She leaves. Aahil gets into the cabin.

Rehaan is already inside the conference hall. Sanam relaxes seeing him. She keeps the laptop near the project.

Sanam – “It’s good, you are here”.
Rehaan – “Nervous?”


Sanam – “Little.. I haven’t done anything like this before and I haven’t seen such presentations”.
Rehaan – “ Okay, I will tell you technical functionality  of projector and PPT slideshow”
Rehaan quickly explain it to her. Sanam looks him.
Rehaan – “I will be here, don’t worry. Now forget all this, you just sign to me when you want to change the slides. You focus on the presentation. And one more thing…”.

Before he could complete, Aahil enters with Farhan and his assistant. Rehaan and Sanam look them.

Aahil see Rehaan standing near Sanam and becomes suspicious.

Everyone takes their seat while Sanam stands near the projector after getting ready for the presentation. Sanam closes her eyes and imagine her parents and family. Then she imagine her explaining things in her dhabba.

Sanam(inside her mind) – “ I can do it”.

She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. Rehaan signs all the best. She smiles. Aahil signs her to begin. She nods. Farhan lean back on his chair looks forward to hear her presentation.

Sanam – “ Good Afternoon, I am here to give a brief note of our business proposal. Before I begin, I have a request to you Farhan Sir”.

Farhan gets surprised. Aahil and Rehaan gets confused. They look each other.

Farhan – “What request?”
Sanam – “ Can you give me answers to few of my questions?”
Aahil (thinks) – “What is she doing?”
Farhan looks Aahil and then he looks at Sanam.
Farhan – “Okay, shoot your question. I will answer”.
Sanam – “Thank you,Sir. What is your favorite dish?”
Aahil gets shocked hearing her question. Farhan smiles.

Farhan – “ Gobi Manchurian”.
Sanam – “ Okay.. which style you prefer? Authentic one or authentic but style which suits your taste?”
Farhan – “ The second one”.
Sanam – “ Thank you.. Whether it’s our favorite food or events , everyone prefer it in that way which suits your taste/ theme . We get satisfied only if thinks happens according to our imagination. Our company make sure that our client’s idea is executed in the way they wish. Coming to our proposal , our client will be the master and we will play the role of the Jinnie. Won’t that be cool?”.

Rehaan checks his watch and looks Aahil with a smile. Farhan looks her with a smile, now he leans forward . Aahil gets surprised seeing Farhan happy.

Farhan – “ Yeah.. it will be cool. So, will this Jinnie fulfill wishes which not possible?”
Rehaan awaits for Sanam’s answer. Aahil looks on. Sanam smiles.
Sanam – “No, Sir. If it’s not possible then we won’t do it”.
Aahil looks to the other side being disappointed.
Farhan – “ Why ? Being Jinnie you should fulfill all my wish, isn’t it?”
Sanam – “ If the thing is not possible at all, what’s use of wasting time and money on it? Why not invest those on things that are possible and beneficial? We will be that Jinnie who will think well and work towards your goal in such a way that it will be cost effective & quality output”.
Farhan – “ That’s a good explaination. Is that all for the presentation ?”

Aahil gets surprised. Rehaan becomes happy.

Rehaan(thinks) – “Sanam, nice start”.
Sanam – “No..It’s just an introduction”.

Farhaan gets impressed. He smiles and looks Aahil. Aahil smiles back. Farhaan turns to Sanam . Aahil is shocked and he is confused. Rehaan becomes happy.
Sanam does the whole presentation smartly. Farhan claps after her presentation. Aahil is completely amused seeing everything.

He blinks his eyes in disbelief. Rehaan shows thumbs up to Sanam . Sanam gets happy and she relaxes. She then looks Aahil in attitude.

Farhaan – “ I would like to talk to Ms.Sanam , personally. Aahil , hope you don’t mind”.
Aahil – “ No problem, you carry on we will wait outside”.
Rehaan and Farhaan’s assistant leaves the room immediately. As Aahil leaves the room, he looks Sanam and she looks him too.
Sanam is standing infront of Farhan. She feels nervous.
Farhaan smiles and he signs her to sit opposite to his seat. Sanam sits.
Farhaan – “Are you nervous?”
Sanam – “ Little nervous and more curious”.
Farhaan – “ Okay.. where did you work before?”
Sanam – “ I was running a Dhabba in Punjab”.
Farhaan – “ What? Really?”
Sanam – “ Yes.. this is the first office , I am working as an employee”.
Farhaan – “ You are new to this company, right?”
Sanam – “ Yes”.
Farhaan – “ Interesting !By the way, I liked your presentation. You did it well”.
Sanam – “ Thank you so much , Sir”.
Farhaan – “ When a company representative like you present your proposal and when I like it .. I would definitely agree to their proposal. I liked your proposal and your presentation was really impressive but..”.
Sanam – “ Is there any fault from my side ?”
Farhaan – “ It’s not regarding presentation, but your company reputation.. hope you understood what I mean?”
Sanam – “ Yes. Sir, but is it right to assume a person as culprit just because someone has accused him? He is not a culprit”.
Farhaan – “ See, Sanam.. even you testified against your boss. I don’t get it , then why are you defending him?”
Sanam – “ Sir, that video is fabricated. I haven’t said those things . And that is the prime reason why I believe that he is not a culprit”.
Farhaan – “ What?”

Sanam – “ If you watch the video , you can see that my face is shown very less and that mostly when I am not speaking. Apart from that , in some place there is problem with lip sync too. I don’t know who is right ? And who is wrong? As per my belief , there is no need of creating any fake evidence if truth is on our side. People does such things to turn their lies into truth. I haven’t seen him behaving badly to anyone in this office , he behave well with every staffs and I haven’t heard any other staffs saying any bad remarks about him. Please don’t think that I am saying all this to secure my post here or he have asked me to say all this. I am saying this because I felt so”.

Farhaan looks Sanam with a happy smile.

Farhaan – “ Okay.. can I ask you something out of this context ?”
Sanam – “ Yeah..”.
Farhaan – “ Which job you like more this one or your old one?”
Sanam – “ Cooking is my passion , that is something which I do with love and care. It is everything for me. I do this job as a part of survival”.
Farhaan – “ I wish, you get opportunity to go ahead with your passion. By the way, do you think that Aahil will be proved innocent ?”
Sanam thinks for a while.
Sanam – “Truth is like sun, how long can cloud of lies push it behind the shadows? It will come out. I believe that he will come out with clean chit once the truth comes out”.
Farhaan – “ If Aahil gets out of all this mess with neat image, I assure you that I will sign this contract with this company”.

Sanam gets happy.

Sanam – “ Thank you so much , Sir”.
Farhaan gets up. He leaves the hall. Farhan goes with Aahil to his cabin. Rehaan comes inside the hall being tensed. He comes to Sanam.

Rehaan – “Sanam, what did he say?”
Sanam – “ He agreed to sign the contract once this fake case of Ruby gets dissolved”.
Rehaan – “ Really? Finally, you did it.”
Sanam – “ Yes… Thank you, Rehaan for your help and support. It wouldn’t have been possible without you”.

Rehaan – “ You are my friend, it’s my duty to support you. But it’s you, who did your task within this limited time. Thus all credits belongs to you”.

In Aahil’s Cabin,
Farhaan – “Aahil , I trust your company and your dedication. That’s the reason why I considered your company for this event. I must say I am impressed with your proposal”.
Aahil – “That’s so kind of you”.
Farhaan – “ I must say that she too did a great job . PPT was little amateur. But the way she presented everything was really different and unique. She sounded honest throughout whatever she said. I really liked it”.
Aahil smiles.
Aahil (thinks) – “ What specialty did he saw in her presentation? Seems like he is impressed”.
Farhaan – “ Despite this I can’t sign this deal because of that case against you”.
Aahil – “Farhaan , it’s scandal created by my rivals . They did this for taking away our contracts. I am innocent”.
Farhaan – “ Maybe.. but you know that until you don’t prove it .. it is a black mark on your company reputation. I do feel you are innocent , I do feel that video of your staff is fabricated too. If you believed that your staff Sanam wouldn’t be here still. It shows that how well you treat your employee and tries to understand their side. But I am helpless, Aahil”.
Aahil – “ I understand. But please give me some time to clear this mess of fake case”.
Farhaan – “ I can do that for you. Once, you are proved innocent ,I will sign this deal. But remember, I can’t give unlimited time. All I can give is 3-4 days”.
Aahil – “ Thank you so much”.
Farhaan – “ Okay, now let me take the leave. Hope we meet again for signing the deal”.
Aahil – “ Sure.. we will meet very soon”.
Farhaan leaves . Aahil goes to see off him. After that he comes back to his cabin and ask Sanam to come inside.
Aahil – “So Sanam, get ready to leave after apologizing owing to your failure in the first task”.
Sanam – “ How did I fail? He got impressed and he applauded for me. Then how come I fail?”
Aahil – “ Yeah , he liked your presentation but he didn’t sign the deal . So technically, according to the task specification , you failed”.
Sanam – “ He didn’t sign the deal because of your case and it isn’t my fault. But still he told that he will sign the deal if you are proven innocent. So it implies that I haven’t lost this task since the result is pending”.
Aahil – “But you haven’t won too”.
Sanam – “That doesn’t mean that I failed, so technically speaking you can’t declare it as my failure”.
Aahil – “I decide the rules in this case and I am the one who owns the right”.
Sanam – “ I do have some right being the one who is doing the task. But if you want to be unfair to me, I will be forced to think that you are afraid of my victory and you don’t want to lose in front of me”.


Aahil – “ Just shut up!”.
Sanam – “Why should I ? You can do anything but don’t expect that I am going to leave this office now and that too apologizing to you. I won’t do that, I am not going to explain the reason again”.
Both of them looks each other with attitude. After a small silence.
Aahil – “ Okay.. until result comes you are safe . But that doesn’t mean I am giving in to your side, I am just trying to be fair. Afterall, my mind is not that shallow. So, now you can leave now”.


Sanam (thinks) – “ He knows that I am correct but he won’t admit it. Adamant man!”.
Sanam leaves. Aahil looks her angrily.
Aahil(thinks) – “She is too arrogant . You may have won this task but you won’t be able to win the other tasks. I will make that sure. I will make you apologize to me for all your mistakes. Sanam Asad Ahmed Khan , it’s a challenge”.
Sanam gets to see Rehaan in the cafeteria . She goes towards him.
Sanam : “Rehaan!”
As she calls him out , he turns towards her . He keeps his tea cup on the table and gets up. Sanam sits opposite to him near his table.
Rehaan – “ What happened? Did Aahil bhai understood you?”
Sanam – “ He had to agree to my point , but he didn’t admit that properly. He was behaving like he is doing a charity on me. By the way , I need to talk to you about something else”.
Rehaan : “ Yes.. tell me “.
Sanam: “ I need a help”.
Rehaan: “ Okay.. what help?”
Sanam : “ Can you accompany me to that Ruby’s house?”
Rehaan – “ Ruby’s house?”
Sanam – “ Yes.. I have planned something to prove my innocence, I will tell you that on the way. For that plan, I need your help but trust me you won’t fall into trouble”.
Rehaan smiles. Sanam gets confused.
Sanam – “ Why are you smiling?”
Rehaan – “ You need not reassure that , I know you won’t do any harm to me. I will help you . Just tell me , when and how”.
Sanam – “ Thank you. Can you pick me from my home after office?”
Rehaan – “ We go straight from here”.
Sanam – “ I have to take some things from home and I don’t want your Aahil bhai to know about all this before I get my plan executed. And one more thing, can you bring a car which looks like a taxi?”.
Rehaan – “Yeah, I can. We will do as per your plan”.

Sanam leaves the office early . After a while, Rehaan leaves the office by making excuse of headache. Aahil finds Rehaan’s behavior weird. But he doesn’t suspect Rehaan. Rehaan leaves for home and comes to pick Sanam from Afeeza’s flat in a taxi like car. Rehaan calls Sanam to inform her that he has come.

Afeeza’s flat.

Seher is getting ready as Sanam. Sanam comes to her.

Sanam – “Seher, why don’t we tell Rehaan that we are twins?”
Seher – “ Sanam, why do you want to be the symbol of Lady Truth? Please, trust me. Let this remain a secret, as per the information you gave about him.. he is an innocent person. So he won’t be so good at hiding secrets. I am saying this for your benefit”.
Afeeza – “ Sanam, Seher is right. Let it be a secret , what if it becomes a boon in future?”

Sanam – “ Okay,fine. Listen, you remember all things ,right? I mean , whatever things I said to you about today’s whole day and things which happened past days. Please do have a control over your tongue, don’t spoil my friendship with Rehaan with your stupid talks”.

Seher – “Sanam! This is too much… I going there to solve your problem and you are still criticizing me. I recommend you to stop all this , otherwise your irritating boss Aahil will stick to your life forever as a punishment for taunting your sister”.

Sanam – “ When you are cursing me , why don’t you say that I will get washed away by Tsunami instead this one ?”

Afeeza – “Guys, stop fighting with each other. It’s time for the real action. Seher , everything is ready ?”
Seher – “Yes. I am ready, guys. Everything is set. Don’t worry , Ms.Perfectionist . I won’t create any problem and once I get you out of these problems , you will understand my worth”.
Sanam – “ Okay, fine. Rehaan is waiting outside. If you feel unsafe at Ruby’s place, just leave everything and come back. Don’t put yourself into any trouble just to execute the plan. Your safety should be your priority”.
Seher makes puppy face and looks Sanam. Sanam looks being clueless.
Sanam – “ Why are you looking me like this ?”


Seher – “ I got emotional my Sis, seeing your love for me. And on this note…”.
Afeeza – “No.. it’s not a time for Shayari but time to be Sherni (Lioness). Now , don’t waste your time. Leave”.
Seher – “Okay fine. Bye guys”.

Seher hugs Sanam.

Afeeza – “Okay. Take care , Seher”.
Seher(speaks like Sanam) – “ I am not Seher, I am Sanam”.
Afeeza – “ Sanam, All the best”.
Sanam (thinks) – “Wow.. how well she is imitating me ?”
Seher leaves . Sanam and Afeeza watches Seher from the window. Seher reaches near Rehaan’s car. Rehaan gets down. He opens the door for Seher/Sanam. Seher gets in. Rehaan gets inside.
Afeeza – “See , she changed her style of walking and mannerisms too”.

Sanam – “ She knows me well and she has experience in imitating me”.
Afeeza – “So , you know that she use to pretend to be you?”
Sanam – “ Yes, of course! I know everything around me. It was 2 years ago, when she did that for last time. After that I warned her strictly from doing so. Then she had to quit that habit but now it’s because of me , she had to do this again. What an irony?”.
Afeeza (thinks) – “Oho.. poor Sanam! She is thinking that Seher haven’t done this after her last warning. I don’t what will happen if she gets to know the truth”.
Sanam notices that Afeeza is lost in her thoughts.
Sanam – “What happened? What are you thinking?”
Afeeza – “Nothing”.


Inside the car.
Rehaan – “Sanam, are you sure about this plan? Will she fall into this?”
Seher – “ Of course, she will ! By the way, keep this recording of our plan with you. Otherwise, your Aahil bhai will make some excuse”.
Rehaan – “ Don’t worry , Sanam. Once you prove your innocence, Aahil bhai will trust you. He is not that bad. It’s first time he got challenged by someone, I mean it is just an ego problem”.
Seher – “ I hope so! Since he is Mr. Aahil Raza Ibrahim, anything can happen. His ego is bigger than his body ”.
Rehaan – “ You may feel that I am exaggerating but trust me , he may seems like cold hearted person but he is soft inside”.
Seher – “ Seems like you loves him like brother”.
Rehaan – “ I consider him as my elder brother. Let me add something, I am sure you are special to him”.
Seher – “Is that why he troubles me a lot?”
Rehaan – “ It is all a mask layer, if he really hates you .. he wouldn’t have such petty things. He is doing all this just not to let his ego bend down in front of you. I guarantee you that if you fall into any genuine problem and he is around you , he will be the one who support you like pillar. If he does such things for you ever , then just understand that you means something to him”.


Seher – “So I have to fall into some trouble so that he stop troubling me ? Wow.. what an idea?”
Rehaan – “ Sanam, it’s not like that I was just giving you an example”.
Seher smiles. Rehaan continues to drive.
Seher (thinks) – “ Is this means it’s just a silly ego clash between these two? This Aahil seems to be an interesting person. I think I should interfere in between these two too”.

Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, told me that Ruby has got some connection with our rival group. Since that deal’s paper too got stolen on the same night”.
Seher – “ Really? So she can be spy from the rival side”.
Rehaan – “ Yes, it is possible”.
Seher – “ I haven’t done this and on that night I had locked the cupboard and locker, then how did it got stolen?”
Rehaan – “ May be , she had some duplicate key. Since she had came to the office at least 2 times before you came to the office”.
Seher – “ Then it’s possible . But what if someone else from the office is involved in this plan?”
Rehaan – “ I don’t think so, everyone in our office are loyal to the company. I don’t think someone will cheat us”.
Seher – “What if my doubt is right? You are innocent and your Aahil bhai thinks that he knows everything in this world. Please don’t take it in a wrong way, both this attitude may make you fall in trouble”.
Rehaan – “ Let’s see if your doubt is right or wrong. If your doubt is right , if have to get that person out of the office”.
Seher is carrying Sanam’s phone and it starts to ring. Seher looks and screen reads Nazia name. She picks the call.
Seher –“ Hello..”
Nazia – “Hai, Sanam. Are you busy?”
Seher – “ No.. what’s the matter?”
Nazia – “ Is one of your bracelet missing ?”
Seher – “My bracelet ? No”.
Nazia – “ Are you sure? Today I got it under my table. A silver coloured one with 3 beads”.
Seher – “ Silver .. 3 beads.. wait .. it looks old right?”
Nazia – “Yeah.. exactly! I think it dropped from your hand that day..”.
Seher – “ Which day ?”
Nazia – “That Sunday when you came to room, you changed my fused bulb and while doing that Bhaijaan called out your name all of a sudden and you losed your balance . Then he catched you in his arms .. don’t you remember?”
Seher (thinks) – “ What ? Sanam didn’t told us about this . How angry did she got when we teased with Aahil’s name?”

Nazia – “Sanam.. are you there ?Sanam..”
Seher (in low sound)– “I was thinking about Sanam only..”
Nazia – “What ?”
Seher comes back to sense and realize her mistake. Rehaan stops the car and looks her too. Rehaan is about say her something before that Seher keeps her finger over his lips. Rehaan stops and looks her.

But she makes his head turn and makes him look on the road. Rehaan’s eyes are on her. While she doesn’t notice it.
(Bg – Romantic track plays )
Seher – “Nothing.. I am here . Since these days are tension packed , I really forgot about it. I will get it from you tomorrow . Bye”.
Nazia – “Okay. Good night.See you”.
Seher – “Okay”.
Seher hang up the phone. She looks around noticing that car is stopped. Then she looks Rehaan and then she realizes that she haven’t taken her finger from Rehaan’s lips. She pulls back her hand and she smiles to hide her embarrassment .

Rehaan too comes back to his sense. Both of them look to other side. After a moment,
Seher – “Why did you stopped the car?”
Rehaan – “ Because we haven’t reached near Ruby’s house, you only told me to stop somewhere near to Ruby’s house instead of stoing exactly near her place”.
Seher – “Okay.. fine .Let me just set up few things”.
Seher keeps her bluetooth and checks her bag. Seher signs at Rehaan. Rehaan starts to shoot her on his phone.
Seher – “So I am now going to Ruby’s house, I will execute my plan. Everything is ready. An advanced sorry to Aahil Sir, to get her into believing me Iam going to badmouth you if that requires”.
Seher signs him to stop. Rehaan stops.
Seher gets down from the car and Rehaan gets down too.
Rehaan – “Sanam, if you feels it’s not safe , just give me the signal. I reach there and will do necessary to safeguard you”.
Seher – “ Yeah .. sure. Okay. Won’t you wish me luck?”.
Rehaan – “All the best!”
Seher – “Thank you”.
Seher goes to meet Ruby as Sanam. Seher puts a shawl over head and covers her face partially. As she walks to Ruby’s house , she calls Afeeza.


Afeeza immediately picks the call and puts it on speaker mode so that Sanam can hear her.
Seher pretends to be a journalist and watchman let’s her in.
She reaches near the front door. She rings the bell. Ruby opens the door. Seher removes shawl from her face.
Ruby is shocked to see Sanam . She tries to close the door. But Seher(disguised as Sanam) keeps leg between the door and keeps hand over the door.
Seher – “ I didn’t came here for any fight but if you are okay.. we can have a talk and what if you get some benefit from it? Wha’s your thought?”
Ruby looks on being confused.

Seher smiles.
At same time, Afeeza’s flat.
Sanam – “I hope this plan work..”.
Afeeza – “Ofcourse , it will work ! Afterall we have sent best drama queen to checkmate the fraud queen”.
Afeeza giggles. Sanam is anxious.

Scren splits- Tensed Sanam , Confident Seher and Shocked Ruby!

Precap :- Seher and Ruby talking to each other.
Ruby – “ Why would someone like you risk your job just because you are angry with him? Why should I believe that you will help me without expecting anything in return?”
Seher looks on .
Aahil see Rehaan and Seher(disguised as Sanam) on road side. He gets suspicious.

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