Qubool Hai ~~ Pyaar Ka Afsana (Episode 24)

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Episode 24:-

Will Sanam be able to figure out a solution with help of Seher and Afeeza?

Night, Afeeza’s flat .

Seher, Afeeza and Haya is listening to Sanam.

Afeeza – “ What’s happening? One after the other , you are getting into problems”.

Seher – “I think Bhopal’s wind is not good for Sanam . But you are life has become interesting. If you try to get these things and write them into a book, you will be a bestseller author”.

Seher smiles but she closes her mouth when she sees Sanam looking her angrily.

Afeeza looks Seher .

Sanam – “ It’s not funny Seher. You won’t understand the situation. Here ,I don’t know what to do “.

Afeeza – “ You don’t worry we will figure out some solution “.

Seher – “ Sanam , my dear ! I can understand your situation but what is the point in worrying. We have to think about a solution “.

Meanwhile Dilshad is standing behind them hearing everything. Just then Seher turns and see Dilshad.

Seher – “ Badi Ammi !”

Everyone gets up and turns back and shocked . Dilshad looks all with serious gaze.

Dilshad- “ Sanam , you are so grown up that you won’t share your problem with me !”

Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, it’s not like that ! I didn’t want to give you any stress”.

Dilshad- “ Sanam, Iam not that weak that I will collapse hearing about problems. You children haven’t seen problems like me “.

Seher – “ What a dialogue! That’s like my Badi Ammi. Now you tell this girl not fall weak “.

Dilshad keeps her hand over Sanam’s shoulder and she makes her sit . She sit near to her and others sit around them .

Dilshad – “ Sanam, what’s your real problem?’
Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, I feel like… I am lost somewhere”.
Dilshad – “ Why do you think so ?”
Sanam – “ It’s not because I am facing problems one after the other. When we were in Punjab , we had problem there too but I never felt so low there. I am feeling confused. The way everything is happening , everything seems like unclear”.
Dilshad – “ Sanam, we can’t design our life the way we want . See, take the case of river. What is it’s destination ? It’s destination is ocean , but it’s path is not easy. It has to cross hills, mountains, deserts , lands and its path gets diverted by stone and pebbles. But after crossing all hurdles river reaches it’s destination. We human’s life is also like that”.
Seher – “ In simple words, take life as it comes. Keep eye on your aim , take every problem as a challenge, solve it and move forward”.

Afeeza – “ That’s it. There is something called fate, everyone’s fate is already written. We can’t change it, but we can handle things which is in our control. And you have us all with you, we help you out to solve this problem too. So chill !”
Dilshad smiles . Sanam feels relaxed. She looks all with a small smile.
Sanam – “Yes , this too shall pass”.
Dilshad – “ That’s like my girl. You know when Asad gets low, he use to suppress it. And when he feels like it’s too much he use to get low. Then I use to talk to him like this. But once he comes out of this zone, he use to amaze everyone by getting out of the problem like champion”.
Sanam – “ So what do you think about me ? Will I be able to do like Abbu?”
Dilshad – “ Yes, my dear. You are just like my Asad . Just believe in yourself”.

Sanam – “Thank you , Badi ammi. I will face everything bravely”.

Dilshad – “ Just remember , everything happens for a reason. It’s okay , if you can’t figure out that reason. Just wait for things to get unfold slowly, one day you will get a clear vision”.

Dilshad gets up. Everyone gets up.
Sanam – “ Is there something for me in this city to do ? Is that the reason why all these things are happening?”
Dilshad gets into thought as she hears it.
Dilshad (thinks) – “ Even I am thinking the same, is everything connected to our past? I had left everything incomplete last time because I wanted to save my kids. Is it all fate’s game to bring us all back to this place for some reason”.
Sanam – “ Badi Ammi”.
Dilshad comes out of her thoughts and see them all looking at her.
Haya (signs)- “ What are you thinking?”
Dilshad smiles instantly to hide her fear.
Dilshad – “Nothing. Now, you people think about the solution. I will bring you all some tea to awake your brains”.
Afeeza – “ We will prepare it. Badi Ammi, you should sleep now”
Dilshad – “ Making a tea won’t reduce my sleep. You all are my kids, I am elder one. Now, you all take my orders. You start your discussion , I will bring you all hot tea. Then I will go to bed”.
Seher (mimicking ginnie style) – “ As you say my lord, your wish is our command”.
Dilshad – “ Okay Ginnies”.
She leaves . Afeeza and Seher laughs. Sanam smiles. Haya looks Sanam and holds to her.
Afeeza – “ So, let’s analyse the situation clearly. There’s something else happening behind you ,Sanam. There are 2 chances , one – Aahil has his hand behind it , for obvious reasons and second one- someone used you as shield to do something against your company”.
Seher – “There are chances for first option since Sanam and Aahil is not in good terms”.
Sanam – “ If there was someone else on his position, I wouldn’t suspect that option. But since it’s him, even that’s possible”.
Afeeza – “ Yeah… but chances are more for 2nd one. Reason no.1 – This issue isn’t something silly, someone with brain won’t do such things just for winning a silly fight. Reason no.2 – This has affected their company reputation as well as his image, these rich people is very much concerned about their image. Reason no.3 – If he had to trouble you , why would he let you go so easily?”

Sanam – “ You make sense. To be frank, he was really tensed by this whole issue”.
Afeeza – “ Then we should proceed with 2nd one”.
Seher – “ From your explaination , your video is fabricated . I watched it again. Why would someone do so?”
Sanam – “ So that Ruby can have good witness to support her point”.
Afeeza – “ Exactly, but question is who told her about your issues with Aahil?”
Seher – “ Someone who knows about this “.
Sanam – “ Which means someone from office is involved?”
Afeeza – “That’s the point”.
Haya (signs) – “ How to solve this mess?”
Everyone thinks for a while . Dilshad brings tea for all. Everyone have it.
Dilshad – “ Got any idea ?”
Haya (signs)- “ We are thinking, we will figure it out. Please go and sleep ‘.
Sanam – “ Haya is right. Badi Ammi , you go and sleep”.
Seher – “ I agree “.
Afeeza – “ Me too”.
Dilshad – “ Okay, you guys carry on. I am going”.

Dilshad goes to sleep. Others keeps thinking.

Haya(signs) – “ What is the solution?”
Seher – “ Solution?”
Afeeza – “ We have to start things quickly. We have only 3 days”.
Sanam – “ We have to get all details about Ruby , who is she associated with , her ally from office and we have to get her confessions & proofs to prove my innocence”.
Haya (signs)- “ I think you should tell these things to your boss. What if he helps you?”.

Sanam – “ He would never help me. He just hate me. Even though this situation is critical for him, he is still trying to use it against me. We can’t expect his help”.
Seher – “ Why don’t you take Rehaan’s help?”
Afeeza – “ Sanam , you should do that “.
Sanam – “ Yes, he would definitely help me. Even today, he is one who interfered between us and I got this opportunity”.
Seher – “Okay. But you should also try to get some details from Aahil too”.
Sanam – “Why?”
Seher – “ When I tried to know more this situation, I got to know that Ruby has also filed case against him on grounds of cheating, harassment and physically hurting her”.
Sanam – “ What ? I wasn’t aware of all these things. But how did you got to know all this ?”
Seher- “ My friend , Rocky told me all these things. Actually, his journalist friend had went to cover this news”.

Afeeza – “ Maybe that’s the reason why Aahil was super angry. The case is so serious”.
Sanam remembers Aahil’s expression while scolding her in office.
Sanam (thinks) – “ So he was upset and he burst out on me because this thing. Oho. I was thinking he was simply getting angry with me”.

Haya pats on Sanam’s shoulder and enquires what is she thinking so deeply.

Sanam – “ Nothing, I was thinking about Aahil bursting on me this morning. I wasn’t aware of his situation. He was already upset and I was getting angry on him too”.
Seher – “Oho.. what’s happening ? You are feeling sorry for him? Hate to pity!”

Sanam looks Seher angrily when she realize Seher is teasing her .

Afeeza control her smile.

Sanam – “ Seher, stop it. Iam not sorry for me getting angry on him, by the way .. it was all because of him ,I got angry. That’s it”.
Afeeza – “Guys, Leave it for now . Let’s concentrate on solution”.

Aahil’s house.
Aahil is at his room. He is thinking about the issue. He gets a call from Ruchika. He picks the call.
Aahil – “ Ruchika, what’s the matter?”

Ruchika – “ Aahil, did you watched the news. Ridiculous things are coming on it”.
Aahil – “ Do think I would do all these things ?”

Ruchika – “I know you ,well. You can shout at people but you won’t raise hand on any woman. I am your friend. I know everything is just a false allegation. Aahil, please don’t get stressed. It’s time to fight”.
Aahil –“ I am completely confused. Ruby is cunning and her case wasn’t surprising. But that testimonial part was shocking. I didn’t expected that she will support Ruby in her plan”.

Ruchika – “ You mean Sanam?”
Aahil remains silent. His disappointment is clear in the way he gets sad hearing Sanam’s name.
Ruchika – “ But Aahil ,I don’t think she is involved in it. Why would someone leave a strong evidence like CCTV footage? I do suspect some foul play in this whole case as Rehaan said”.

Aahil – “ I don’t understand why you people think that Sanam won’t be involved in all this ? Even Nazia , said the same”.
Ruchika – “ Think it yourself. You will get the answer. I really think you should now concentrate on the real problem . It’s really serious. Everything is at stake”.

Aahil – “ Yeah , I know”.

Ruchika hangs up after sometime. But Aahil gets into his thoughts. He thinks about Sanam defending herself in the morning. He remembers her innocent expression when she was explaining herself.
Aahil (thinking) – “ In fact, somewhere I too feel she can never do this intentionally. What if she was trapped in this ? But all this evidences is making me confused”.

Aahil scratches his head.

Afeeza’s Flat.
Sanam – “ But there is a problem in between all this . 3 task, 3 day !”.
Afeeza – “ Oho.. will that tasks be easy ?”
Sanam – “ No way… he won’t be that kind. He will give me something which is surely tricky and tough. I can guarantee that “.
Afeeza – “ We have find a way out”.
Seher – “ Isi baat pe sher arz karna chahungi”.
Afeeza – “Irshad, Irshad..”
Seher – “ Jab kaam ho tedhi aur risky , Jab kaam ho tedhi aur risky , Fikra not.. kyunki mein hoon yahan fix karne har kaam jo hain tedhi . Shukriya..Shukriya.. (When the job is tricky and risky , Don’t worry, because Iam here to fix all jobs that are tricky. Thank you .. Thank you )”
Sanam keeps her hand on head. While Haya and Afeeza encourage her. Seher smiles.
Sanam – “ If you are done , let’s talk something sense ?”
Seher – “ Sanam, this is your problem. You are so rigid, one should be flexible according to situation and people around you. If I were in your place, your boss would have been funnier. You don’t know to deal things according to its nature”.
Sanam – “ I am like this ,I can’t change. I don’t know to act, I react to people according to how they treat me”.
Afeeza – “ Guys, let’s focus”.
Haya show solidarity to Afeeza. Sanam and Seher stops fighting. They hatches a plan.

Next morning ,

Sanam reaches Aahil’s house as usual. She does everything as usual. She notices Lateef behaving differently, as if being upset with Sanam.

Sanam – “Lateef !”

Lateef looks Sanam.

Sanam – “ Are you angry with me?”
Lateef – “ Sanam, how could you do this to Aahil Baba? I never expected this from you”.
Sanam – “ Lateef, I haven’t done anything. Your perception will change once I prove my innocence”.

Shazia comes into the kitchen being angry.

Shazia – “ Oho.. really? By the way, you haven’t made me surprised. From the beginning , I knew that you will create some problem for my Bro jaan. But I didn’t thought you had such evil plans. How cunning? You middle class people are always mean”.

Sanam – “ You can think whatever you want. I will give you a proper reply once I get free from this fake allegations”.

Sanam goes to Aahil’s room with coffee. Aahil is already awake. She knocks the door, then she opens the door. She spots Aahil sitting on the couch with laptop. Then he notices Sanam. His face clearly conveys how upset he is with her. She keeps the coffee on the table near him. He looks her. She give him a glance and turn back to leave.

Aahil – “ How can I trust that you haven’t mixed anything extra added in this coffee ?”
Sanam stops hearing his comment. Aahil looks at her to hear her reply.

Sanam – “ If anything happens to you, how will I stand in front of you with my head held up after proving my innocence. You can have it without worrying, I won’t harm you or let anyone else harm you till then”.

(Junoon tera ishq ka song played in the bg)

Aahil’s eyes are on Sanam being confused. Sanam leaves the room with attitude.
Then after getting ready and they reaches his office.

Aahil’s office.

Other staffs doesn’t mind Sanam . Everyone is upset with her. Sanam feels bad seeing them all behaving like this but doesn’t let that appear on her face. Rehaan comes to her . He smiles at her . This makes her feel good.
Rehaan – “ Hai, Sanam”.
Sanam – “ Ha,i Rehaan”.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai is calling you”.
Sanam – “ May be , for giving me my first task”.
Rehaan – “ Probably, that’s the case”.
Sanam – “ I think , it will not be easy ”.
Rehaan – “ I agree, but try it by whole heart”.
Sanam – “ You are really good”.
Rehaan smiles. Sanam goes to Aahil’s cabin. Aahil is sitting in his chair . There is file kept on the table. Aahil looks Sanam . He pushes the file towards Sanam.
Aahil – “ Take this file, study it. Present it well and crack the deal ”.
Sanam – “ What ?”
Aahil – “ Your first task – today, you have to present our idea in front of our client and you have to impress them . If they agrees for the deal , you will win this task otherwise you willout of this office”.
Sanam gets shocked. Rehaan looks Aahil in confusion.
Rehaan –“ But Aahil bhai,…”.
Aahil – “ Wait Rehaan. Sanam , meeting is at 2pm. You can start your preparation, so see you at sharp 2pm. Now you can leave”.
Sanam – “But..”.
Aahil – “ If you can’t do it , you can apologise to me in the way I want and you can leave this office by accepting that you can’t win infront of Aahil Raza Ibrahim”.
Sanam gets tensed. Aahil looks her with a sarcastic smile and he waits for her reply. Rehaan feels pity for Sanam.
Sanam – “ I will do it”.
Aahil smiles happily. Rehaan looks her being shocked. Sanam looks Aahil being determined.
Sanam – “ I will complete this task , that’s what I meant”.
Sanam leaves the cabin. Rehaan looks worried. Aahil smirks.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, this task is too much”.

Aahil – “ I know. For someone , who has even seen steps of college , who is just 12th pass and have just an experience of dealing customers at her local restaurant ; this task is a herculean task. And that’s what I want . She should know where does she stand”.
Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, but this client is not someone who is easy to impress. It’s Mr.Farhaan , he is a perfectionist. Thus he won’t tolerate any mistakes”.
Aahil – “ I know that , he would give just 5 minutes to someone. If a person can hook him to the presentation in that 5 minute , then he will listen to the presentation even if it is boring . That’s what I want “.
Rehaan – “She don’t have any such experience. If she fail , it will affect our company’s reputation”.
Aahil – “ It won’t , I will handle it . By the way, he is coming here just to keep his word, as he had promised us before. He is here to dismiss further talks over this deal after presentation. So this won’t be a problem”.
Rehaan – “ But ..”
Aahil – “Just chill,man . Go and get back to work”.
Rehaan leaves the cabin. Aahil gets back to his work.
Sanam looks the file and just flip pages. She gets into tension.

Rehaan see her looking the file being tensed. Rehaan walk towards his desk. As he reaches his desk, he takes a bottle of water. He walks to Sanam’s desk and he keeps it on Sanam’s desk. Sanam looks him being confused. Rehaan smiles.
Rehaan – “ Have some water and relax. Then think about all this , you will get a way to solve all this”.
Sanam – “Thank you”.

Rehaan goes to his desk. Sanam drinks water and looks Rehaan with a smile. She tries to relax herself . She goes to a quiet place and calls Afeeza & Seher on conference call. They both picks the call.
Sanam – “ Guys, I got my first task”
Afeeza – “ What is the task ?”
Sanam – “I have to give a presentation in front of a client , and I have to get the client sign the deal”.
Seher &Afeeza – “What ?”
Sanam – “ I don’t know what to do ? But I have to do it somehow but I don’t have any idea about all this”.
Seher – “ Should I come there ? I can take over your place and complete this task”

Sanam – “ No. I won’t do any cheating in my tasks , I have to do it all myself”.
Seher – “ Why are you getting so adamant ?”
Sanam – “ Because I don’t want to be a dishonest person. I won’t compromise on my principles”.
Afeeza – “ Sanam, just listen to me now. This isn’t a big deal that you can’t do it anyway. Sanam , you had a experience of running your dhabba right?”.
Seher – “ She was an expert there to make her every new customers fan of her food and dhabba. Due to her way of handling , people use to come back again”.
Afeeza – “ That’s it. Sanam , you can do this too. At your dhabba, it was your food and service that made your business work. Business is simple , all you have to do, is to impress your client with quality of your product & service and you should be transparent . And sell your product and service well , so that they feel like their spend money is worthful”.

Sanam – “ But .. this company is something else”.
Seher – “Afeeza is right. Sanam, you should think about this scenario in your way. Think that an investor is coming to have meeting with you , you have present things in that way, that they agree to invest in your restaurant project”.
Afeeza – “Exactly”.
Sanam – “ Will that work ?”
Afeeza – “ It will work for sure”.
Seher – “ Just think that you have to win in front of your boss and prove him that you can do anything. Prepare a good PPT for the meeting”.
Afeeza – “ All the best, Sanam”.

Sanam – “ Okay , thank you”.
Sanam cuts the call. She gets determined . Sanam goes in and check the files clearly. She takes out a paper notes some details. She goes to some staffs to get some details but everyone ignores her. None of them help her. She then goes Rehaan and ask him about some doubts. Rehaan helps her. When Aahil comes out of his cabin he witness Rehaan and Sanam . He looks them being serious.
Aahil – “Rehaan..”
Rehaan and Sanam turns hearing Aahil calling out Rehaan’s name. They look Aahil .
Rehaan – “ Yes, Aahil bhai”.
Aahil – “ Come to my cabin , right now. Both of you”.
Rehaan and Sanam gets confused. Aahil goes to his cabin and he sits on his chair being irritated. Rehaan and Sanam enters the cabin. Aahil gives a stern look to Sanam and then to Rehaan.
Aahil – “ I had given the task to Sanam and she has to do it alone. You shouldn’t help her”
Rehaan – “ She was asking for some information that she need about project so that she can prepare well”.
Aahil – “ Sanam, why are you disturbing Rehaan for such pity things? You could have asked about such things to other staffs”.
Sanam – “ I asked others but everyone is just ignoring me. That’s the reason why I had to take Rehaan’s help”.
Aahil – “So you were just asking informations regarding project . Fine. You can clear your doubts from Rehaan. I will give 15 minutes , you ask about every resource material regarding this project from him but you have to do it in presence. After that you have to do it all yourself, without anyone’s help sitting in my cabin”.
Sanam – “But how can get all my doubts done within 15 minutes?”
Aahil gets up from his chair and stands close to Sanam. Sanam looks him being confused.
Aahil – “ I will give you a 5 minutes cool off time to decide what are your doubts, then I will start the timer. If want you can use it because you won’t get another chance other this”.

Rehaan – “ Aahil bhai, it’s okay . I don’t have any problem in helping her”.
Aahil – “But I have.. so Sanam your cool off time starts now”.
Sanam (thinks) – “ This man will make my life hell”.
Aahil steps back and rest himself against the table. Aahil starts the timer. Sanam starts to write down her douts in her book. Rehaan feels pity for her. Aahil smiles. Rehaan looks her writings while she is writing. He reads it.
Rehaan – “I will come now before her 15 minute starts”.
Aahil – “ But where are you going ?”
Sanam looks Rehaan being confused. Rehaan blinks his eyes to assure her. Sanam continues her work.
Rehaan – “I will be back in 2 minutes”
Aahil – “Fine”.
Sanam finishes writing her doubts. Cool off time finishes. Aahil starts timer for 15 minutes and signs it to Sanam. Sanam looks for Rehaan. Aahil smiles and sits on his chair. Aahil thinks Sanam will struggle as Rehaan is getting late to come back. Sanam gets worried. After 10 minutes, Rehaan comes inside with some files and pen drive. Aahil gets confused seeing those things, Sanam become clueless. Rehaan smiles .
Sanam – “ There is only 5 minutes left”.
Rehaan – “Sanam, these files and pendrive have almost every information regarding this project that can help you”.
Sanam’s face lit up with surprise.

Aahil gets angry.

Rehaan takes her notepad and reads her doubts and scribble down answers to very few doubts.
Aahil – “Rehaan, this is not fair . You can’t do like this”.
Rehaan – “ Why not Aahil bhai, you had given me order to clear her doubts, right? I am just following that , you didn’t give any instructions regarding how should I do it? When we have time constrains ,we have to think out of the box , right?”
Sanam – “ You are absolutely , right. Thank you so much”.
Rehaan – “ Welcome”.
Aahil gets irritated seeing Sanam and Rehaan’s friendly bond. Sanam looks Aahil with attitude this irks him more.

15 minutes gets over then she remembers something. Sanam tries to speak but Aahil taps on the table.
Aahil – “Time over Sanam. Rehaan , you can get back to work”.
Sanam – “ It’s an important thing “.
Aahil – “ It doesn’t matter . Rule is rule”.
Rehaan – “ All the best, Sanam”.
Rehaan leaves Aahil’s cabin. Aahil smiles. Sanam sits on the chair near side desk. She looks everything. Aahil gets into his works
After sometimes, Aahil checks Sanam. Sanam reading files and writing down points to her notepads. She is completely immersed in her task. He finds her completely dedidated in what she is doing.

(Junoon tere ishq ka starts play on bg)

Aahil’s eye doesn’t move from Sanam. She taps on table with pen as she is thinking something. She probably gets an idea , she writes it down being happy. Unintentionally, her happiness brings a smile on his face.

Then Sanam turns her head. She see him and she looks him back being confused. Aahil suddenly takes his phone and goes out of the cabin.

Sanam (thinks)- “ Maybe, he is thinking how he can trouble me more”.

Precap :- Sanam is standing infront of their client,Farhan. She is nervous. Aahil looks Sanam with victorious smile while Sanam is tensed.

Ruby opens the door and she gets shocked seeing Sanam.

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