Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Episode 3

Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha Episode 3
Hey guys so so so so sorry for the delay… because of Ramadan it’s getting hard for me to post episode and I am getting busy nowadays but next episode will be very longer I promise aha… But is Nusz here now. What up my cutie pies he-he… But yes I have started on Qubool Hai and Beintehha Fan-Fiction my all time favorite TV serials. This Fan-Fiction is only based on Asya (Asad and Zoya) and Zaya (Aliya and Zain)!!!! So guys I hope you enjoyed the intro of the very first episode… (I am Nusz aha)

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Now let’s get started with this beautiful Fan-Fiction based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai… I have already planned out how long this Fan-Fiction will go now for… It’s going to be about 60-80 episodes… I know I write Destiny Vs love very long but this probably going to be shorter… Not that short but pretty short…. You guys will love this Fan-Fiction just like my other ones… Love you guys aha… aha… aha…

Main couples of this Fan-Fiction
1. Asya (Asad and Zoya played by Surbhi Joyti and Karan Singh Grover)
2. Zaya (Zain and Aliya played by Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora)
3. Hunyaan (Humeria and Ayaan played by Ketki Kadam and Vikrant Massey)
4. Zuiwan (Zuha aka Aayat and Rizwan played by my bestie Zuha and Karan Kundra)
5. Sunhaan (Sunehri aka Barkat and Rehaan played by my bestie Sunehri and Namish Tanjea)
6. Sabair (Sarah and Zubair played by my bestie Sarah and Varun Tookey)
7. Nahad ( Jo and Zahad played by my bestie Fatarajo and Karan Tacker)
8. Sahil ( Sanjana and Aahil played by awesome friend Sanjana and Karan Wahi)
9. Arma ( Halima and Armaan played by bestie Halima and Armaan Malik (Singer)
10. Kihim (Kirya and Rahim played by friend Kriya and Parth Samthaan

Before I start with the promos, spoilers and new Fan-Fiction idea I want to say my Culminating Activities start from Wednesday June 8th to Monday June 13th. Then I have my Moratorium (Studying for exams) that starts on Tuesday June 15th to Monday June 20th. My exams run from June 21st to June 27th. Then my last day of classes is Tuesday June 28th. It’s very different because in England and Canada our timetables are very different and confusing at some points aha… Also Ramadan is this Tuesday so I won’t be updating much, But I will try my best aha.

At the Abdullah house
Zain: Dad I am not going to Bhopal, no way
Osman: If you don’t go then I will cancel all your credit cards
Zain: What the hell dad, I just came back from England and I wanted to go to China
Osman: You can go after you visit Aliya’s family
Zain: Dad you can’t force me, this is not fair
Osman: Zain listen it’s only for a few days…
Zain: But dad…
All of a sudden a girl comes running into the house with her suitcases and purse… She is wearing a short dress with tights on…
Girl: DAD
Osman and Zain turn around and see who it is
Osman: Suni?
Zain: Who the hell is Suni? (Making a ugly face)
Sunehri: Hey Dad I missed you so much
Osman: My Suni, how are you?
Suni: Oh my god dad, I am so happy to see you
Zain: Dad is she the next model for our cover?
Osman stares at him with a weird face while Suni holds his nose….
Suni: Really Bhai?
Zain: Excuse me I am not your brother…
Osman starts laughing while Sarah enters the house…
Suni: I am Barkat remember?
Zain: Oh Bak Bak, then why is your name Suni?
Sarah: Because we’re dancer and singers
Zain: Oh you guys named her Suni
Sarah: After all she’s my best friend
Zain: Well I missed you Bak Bak
Suni: I missed you too Bhai
Zain: So how were your studies in America?
Suni: Well my average is 95%, how about yours Bhai?
Zain: You know me I am the biggest and smartest student in the school
Sarah: Don’t have to lie Zain Bhai, I heard you were failing
Osman: Well, you know Zain only thing he loves doing is party
Zain: Guess what
Suni: What?
Zain: Dad is not letting me go to China, instead his forcing me to go to Bhopal
Suni: What’s so bad about Bhopal?
Zain: I have to meet that Aliya
Suni: Oh my god Aliya Di, she’s a really sweet girl
Zain: How would you know that….?
Suni: I just do
Zain: You idiot you never met her
Suni: Hey quit making fun of me….
Zain: Shut up you bak bak
Suni: Oh really (she takes her sandal and starts chasing Zain)
Sarah: Well I missed India a lot…
Osman: I am happy you guys are back
Sarah: Thank you uncle
Osman: You should go get some rest….
Sarah: It’s okay uncle, I need to go meet someone…
Osman: Do you need to take Suni along?
Sarah: No I will be back soon
Sarah leaves the place while Osman calls the ticket man to send Zain to Bhopal….

Ghulam’s house
Aliya: Ammi, do you know where Zoya is?
Shabana: I think she went outside with Zuha
Aliya: What, but Zuha and Zoya don’t get along
Shabana: They went to get stuff
Aliya: What stuff?
Shabana: Remember Zain is coming to visit us tomorrow
Aliya: Oh my god….
Shabana: What’s wrong Aliya is everything alright?
Aliya: Nothing Ammi, I am going to finish some stuff in the kitchen….
Aliya (In mind): I hope that stupid Zain doesn’t ruin my wedding when he comes here… (She then runs to her room and sees the picture of her future husband (Which is Zain’s picture) But she doesn’t know that Zain…. Aliya thinks that’s Zeshaan…
Aliya: Well at least my future husband is not that bad looking… But this stupid Zain is coming to Bhopal tomorrow to ruin my life again… But Aliya Ghulam Haider doesn’t forget her promises. Every time he tries to trick me… My hair will fall down and his pants will fall off… That’s my promise (She says with a smile)
Aliya runs back into the kitchen and starts cooking food….

At the market
Zuha: You stupid girl made me skip collage today
Zoya: It’s not like you never skipped class you fool
Zuha: Oh shut up
Zoya: Hey I will tell Ammi that you’re failing Math
Zuha: Hey if you do tell her that… I will tell Ammi that you’re not fasting next week
Zoya: Excuse Ofc I am going to fast week because Ramadan is a good thing
Zuha: Yea right, like you always do everything so well
Zoya: Allah Miya what’s wrong with you Zuha
Zuha: Oh please don’t start again Zoya
Zoya: I am not starting anything, smarty pants
Zuha: Oh shut up Zoya, no more talking about this
Zoya: You’re the one started this conversation
Zuha: Look we’re in the middle of the road and someone is coming over
Zuha: Stop screaming Zoya
Zuha: You act younger than me (She sticks her tongue out and runs from there)
Zoya gets angry and starts chasing her and then bumps into a guy and they both fall on the ground while the flowers and vegetables fly in the air… They both share an eye lock while the song Kuch Tho Hai plays
Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata
Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum

Zoya is on top of the guy and the flowers start falling on them… Zuha turns around sees them like that…**********
Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..
Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye

The guy stares at her and Zoya’s hair blocks her view… Zuha starts laughing while seeing them on the ground***********
Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein
Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye

They break their eye lock and realize something…. The guy is Asad and he looks at Zoya…. They both get up and Zuha starts laughing… Zoya gives her a dirty look and then Zuha puts a finger on her mouth…*******
Zoya: You again??
Asad: Are you clumsy??
Zoya: Hey Mr. know it all, talk a girl properly
Asad: You’re always bumping into me
Zoya: Look I was chasing my sister and you came out of nowhere
Asad: Oh really?? You pushed me on to the ground
Zoya: Oh shut up I didn’t mean it
Asad: Now you’re saying you didn’t mean it
Zoya: Look stop judging people for everything
Asad: Wait, who the hell is judging here?
Zoya: Why are you talking so quietly?
Asad: Because I’ve manners, not like you
Zoya: What do you mean?
Asad: You dropped flowers everywhere and vegetables and not only is that… everyone here staring at us because of your foolishness
Zoya: Well guess what you were blocking my way
Asad: Oh so you still think it’s my fault…
Zuha: Oh god… I wonder what’s going to happen now… I should go stop them…
Zoya: You’re following me… and your car is always blocking my way
Asad: Where did the car come from?
Zoya: Stop stalking me
Asad: You’re pissing me off
Zoya: I should be the one saying this…
Asad gets angry… He carries Zoya and she screams
Zuha: Oh my god Zoya!! (She runs towards them)
Asad drops Zoya in a mud puddle and everyone is shocked… Zuha comes there…
Zuha: What the hell is wrong with you?? Why did you drop my sister in the mud puddle?
Asad: Tell her to stop for always judging everyone every time…
Asad: To teach you a lesson (He bends down)
Asad then leaves the place after putting his glasses back on…
Zuha: Zoya are you okay?
Zoya: This is your fault
Zuha: Excuse me I was trying to help you
Zoya: Get me out of here
Zuha: You look funny (she starts laughing)
Zoya: Just wait and watch when we reach home…
Zuha: So sorry Zoya Appi
Zoya: Very funny (making an angry face at her)
Zuha: Okay let’s go home…
Zoya (In mind): I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget…

Rashid’s house
Sanju: Appi let’s go… we’re going to be late for college
Nikhaat: Coming Sanju, I just need to grab my book
Sanju: Ya Allah we’re going to be late
Nikhaat: I am coming Sanju
Sanju: Allah Appi is taking forever
All of a sudden Ayaan comes there
Ayaan: Hey Sanju
Sanju: Bhaijaan I don’t have time to talk
Ayaan: Wanna lift to school?
Sanju: I go to college not school
Ayaan: Same thing
Sanju: Big difference Bhaijaan
Ayaan: blah blah, same shish
Sanju: Look Bhaijaan I am already getting late for college
Ayaan: Where’s Nikhaat Appi?
Sanju: I don’t know she’s taking forever
All of a sudden Humeria comes there…
Sanju: Hey Hummi Appi!!
Humeria: Hey Sanju, aren’t you going to be late for college?
Sanju: Well you see Nikhaat Api is taking forever…
Ayaan: Well my beautiful woman
Sanju: Wait who… Oh I see (She starts giggling)
Humeria blushes while Ayaan smiles looking at her…
Ayaan: Oh Rani are you there?
Humeria: What is it Ayaan?
Ayaan: You planning to go somewhere too?
Humeria: No I just came to give this book
Ayaan: Oh for me?
Humeria: Since when did you start reading books?
Ayaan: After you came in my dreams
Humeria: Oh really Ayaan Jiiiii
Ayaan: Uooff you’re calling me Ayaan Jiii
Sanju starts giggling seeing them together…
Sanju (In mind): They look so cute together… I just hope Ayaan Bhaijaan realizes his love from Humeria Appi soon…
Humeria: Are you trying to flirt with me?
Ayaan: No not really but I can if you want me too
Sanju: Guys quit flirting with each other
Humeria: His flirting, not me
Ayaan: Yea right
Humeria: I will see you guys later, I need to call someone
Sanju: Okay see you late Humeria Appi
Ayaan: Offou
Humeria was about to leave when Sanju trips her and falls on Ayaan…. They both have an eye lock… and she stares at him nonstop and then he lets her go….
Ayaan: Humeria Jii, I think you should see where you’re walking?
Humeria: I was though….
Sanju: So sorry Appi, I tripped you by accident….
Ayaan: Allah, Ramadan is coming next week and we’re going to keep a Roza
Sanju: When did you become so religious?
Ayaan: I was always religious
Sanju: You flirt with all the girls in my College and you also got slapped by one…
Humeria starts laughing and Ayaan starts chasing Sanju…
Humeria (In Mind): I just hope you knew what I feel for you…. (She leaves)
Sanju: Hey stop chasing me, because of you Humeria Appi left…
Ayaan: That was your fault…
Sanju: Bhaijaan can I ask you something about Humeria?
Ayaan: What about her?
Sanju: Do you…
All of a sudden Nikhaat comes there….
Nikhaat: Can we go now?
Ayaan: That took you forever
Nikhaat: Sorry I had to pray, I don’t leave the house without praying….
Ayaan: Oh okay, but can we go??
Nikhaat: Why are you in a rush?
Ayaan: I have to meet someone?
Nikhaat: Asad Bhaijaan?
Ayaan: Yes, but you guys are also getting late for College?
Nikhaat and Ayaan look at Sanju who is daydreaming about something….
Nikhaat: Sanju??
Ayaan: She was telling me something, Sanju what were you telling me?
Nikhaat starts shaking her
Nikhaat: SANJANA??
Sanju: Oh sorry I was thinking about something….
Nikhaat: Yea and you froze there for awhile already
Sanju: Sorry Appi, but are you ready to go
Nikhaat: Yes we have ten minutes to reach college now
Ayaan: Sanju you were saying something?
Sanju: Yea that I need a new phone….
Ayaan: Oh wow
Nikhaat: Can we please talk on the way to college
Ayaan: Okay let’s go…
Sanju (In mind): I can’t tell Ayaan Bhaijaan in front of Nikhaat Appi because it will cause problems… I need to talk to him later about this…
They leave and Sanju runs after them….

Abdullah house
Osman: Did you pack your suitcases for tomorrow Zain?
Zain: Dad I am only going there to make Aliya say yes… then me and Rizwan are off to China
Osman: Okay but you have to stay there for at three days
Zain: But dad
Osman: You promised me
Zain: Fine only for three days….
Surriaya hears their conversation and fumes in anger… Then she enters the room acting like she heard nothing…
Surriaya: So what are you guys talking about?
Osman: Zain is off to Bhopal
Surriaya: Wait wasn’t he going to China?
Zain: Yea mom I was but I promised Dad that I will go to Bhopal first then I will go to China…
Surriaya: You can’t force our son to go to Bhopal
Osman: No one is forcing anyone… Zain wanted to go in the first place…
Surriaya: Zain, are you sure you want to go?
Zain: Yes I am leaving tomorrow morning with Rizwan
Surriaya: You don’t have to go Zain
Zain: Mom I actually want to go… but right now I need to go tell Rizwan about the trip…
Zain leaves
Surriaya: Wait Zain
Osman smiles
Surriaya: What is this Osman Sabb?? Why are you forcing our son to go to Bhopal?
Osman: Surriaya Begum he wanted to go
Surriaya: You know that I hate Bhopal and you’re still sending him there….
Osman: You can’t always hate on Bhopal…
Surriaya: I will always hate that place because that place took all my happiness away…
Osman: Not everyone is bad there…
Surriaya: All I know is I hate Bhopal and always will till the day I die… (She leaves angrily)
Osman: You can’t always hate on Bhopal Surriaya Begum… one day you will realize your mistake…

A beautiful house is shown with two girls and a mother….
She woke up and saw the time and realized she slept in for the first time…. She knew that college started already…. So she quickly changed and rushed downstairs….
“Oh god I am going to be late for my first day at college”
Then she hears a voice calling her….
“Allah Appi you forgot your phone and books”
Then another girl ran down the stairs and her sister looked at her….
“You’re going to be late for college too”
The other girl looked at her and she said something back….
“Appi I have a spare, my classes start second period…”
The other girl saw the clock and it struck 9
“Allah Akbar I am going to be late for college and I didn’t even pray this morning”
The other girl went to the cupboard and got the prayer mat with her…
“Here take this Appi”
The other looked at her sister with a weird face….
“Why are you giving me a prayer mat?”
She holds her and gives her the prayer mat….
“Because Appi when you reach college, ask your teacher to go pray…”
The girl smiled at her sister…
“Thank you so much Kriya…”
Kriya smiled at big sister and gave her phone and books too….
Kriya: Halima Appi, you should go now… I will tell Ammi you left already and here take your breakfast with you… I woke up early and made it for you…
Halima smiled at her sister…
Kriya was a very caring younger sister… Who would always support her big sister…
Halima: Thank you so much Kriya, I love you lots
Kriya: Okay stop with your melodrama and look at the time…
Halima: Oh yea I forgot, I will see you later
Kriya: Bye Appi!!!
Halima leaves and Kriya smiles…

At Ghulam’s house
Aliya’s room
Aliya is on her bed looking at the picture of Zain thinking its Zeshaan…. She turns around her bed and hugs the picture tightly…
Aliya: I don’t know why but it seems like we’re meant to be together….
Aliya thinks that she knows this guy really well… but her hearts tells her something else…
Aliya: Ya Allah I forgot to tell Zoya to bring tomatoes…. I need to call her….
Aliya grabs her phone but then she hears Zoya screaming and Shabana laughing… Aliya runs out of the room and enters the living room
Living room
Aliya: Is everything alright Ammi?
Shabana: See yourself (Laughing so much)
Aliya sees Zoya all covered in mud and Zuha holding the groceries and laughing at the same time….
Aliya: Ya Allah Zoya what have you done to yourself
Zoya fumes in anger more
Zoya: Great now you’re laughing at me
Zuha: You look like a poo
Zoya: You know something Zuha?
Zuha: What? (Can’t stop laughing)
Zoya: Your grammar sucks
Shabana: Zoya I think you need to go shower
Aliya: Go shower and I will get your clothes for you….
Zuha: How is this my fault though?
Aliya: Guys please stop fighting…
Zuha: Appi why do you have a picture in your hand…
Aliya: Oh it’s nothing…
Zuha: Oh you’re seeing a picture of Jiju?
Aliya: No it’s nothing like that…
Zuha: Let me see it….
Aliya starts running and Zuha starts chasing her… Then all of a sudden Zoya starts screaming
Aliya and Zuha stop running and start laughing while Shabana watches them….
Aliya: So sorry my little sister…
Zoya: Appi you’re taking her side too?
Aliya: I am taking my own side…
Zoya: That doesn’t even make any sense… You’re all bad at English
Aliya: Oh so you’re so good?
Zuha: I will go take her inside before she eats everyone for dinner
Zuha: Okay I am so sorry Appi
Aliya: Since when did Zuha start calling you Appi?
Zoya: STOP TALKING (She pulls Zuha and leaves)
Aliya starts laughing and Shabana smiles seeing her like that…
Shabana: I am happy to see you smiling Aliya…
Aliya: Ammi thank you for always helping me
Shabana: I am always here for you Aliya
Aliya: That’s why I love you
Aliya and Shabana hug each other… and start laughing because of Zoya screaming from the shower while Zuha starts running out of the room….

Abdullah’s house
Sunheri is sitting on the sofa and watching TV all of a sudden Sarah starts running inside the house.
Suni: God I am so bored and this show is annoying me
Sarah comes running inside the house
Suni: Sarah where were you?
Sarah: I have to leave right away
Suni: Why is there something wrong?
Sarah: I have an interview
Suni: What interview?
Sarah: for the news article?? Remember I signed up for that
Sunheri drops her popcorn everywhere and starts screaming
Suni: THAT’S TODAY?? I FORGOT (She starts jumping on the sofa)
Sarah: Are you on drugs and look you caused such a big mess
Suni: Oh sorry hehe
Sarah: Not funny Sunheri
Suni: Okay sorry Baba, but can I come with you?
Sarah: Okay meet me there?
Suni: Okay I will see you there; first I need to get stylish
Sarah: You’re such a weirdo
Suni: Go Sarah you’re going to be late
Sarah: Okay bye!! (She runs out again)
Suni: Allah!! Please make Sarah get accepted for this job

At College
Sanju: Oh shish I forgot my notebook
Nikhaat: You should have remembered?
Sanju: Oh please that’s why people call you Joyee
Nikhaat: Very funny
Sanju: Oh look Zahad is coming this way…
Nikhaat looks at Zahad who is entering the classroom with his friends… He is the most liked and popular boy in the school…
Sanju: Appi, I know you like him…
Nikhaat: Sanju shut up, before I hit you
Sanju: You can’t hit me in class…
Nikhaat: I would if had too
Sanju: Appi, why don’t you try talking to him?
Nikhaat: He doesn’t even know me…
Sanju: How would you know that?
Nikhaat: Because I am a quiet girl…
All of a sudden Zahad sees Sanju and waves at her…
Zahad: Hey Sanju
Sanju: Hey Zad!!
Zahad: Hey Nikhaat
Nikhaat smiles a little bit…
Nikhaat: Hi…
Sanju: Hey Zahad you can call her Joyee
Zahad: But I don’t think she will be comfortable with that name and she barely knows me
Sanju: Come on Zad she’s my sister
Zahad: Huh??
Nikhaat looks at Sanju with an angry face…
Sanju: I met she likes it when people call her Joyee
Zahad: I will ask her myself
Sanju: You know she’s sitting right near me
Zahad: Sanju this isn’t your class…. And that’s my seat
Sanju: I am here for my sister
Zahad: Oh look the tracher is coming
Sanju: Oh shish
Sanju gets scared and runs away… but before she does…
Sanju: BYE APPI AND REMEMBER MY IDEAS (She smiles while leaving)
Nikhaat hits her head and Zahad asks her something…
Zahad: Can I ask you something?
Nikhaat: Yea?
Zahad: Why don’t you join the talent show?
Nikhaat: I am not that type of person…
Zahad: But I have seen you dance before…
Nikhaat gets shocked…

Around the streets
Halima is walking really fast because she missed three buses… On the way she sees everyone crowding the place….
Halima: Ya Allah I haven’t even prayed and I have to reach school but why are there so many people… I mean there are at least 8,000 people here….
Halima tries to go through but everyone is crowding the car… Then she asks someone…
Halima: Excuse me Bhaijaan do you know why there are so many people crowding the place??
Guy: Oh because the superstar singer is here…
Halima: Wait who?
Guy: You don’t know Armaan Malik?
Halima: Armaan Malik is here?
Guy: Yes he is the one in the car…
Halima: You’re not joking right?
Guy: You think this is a time for a joke?
Halima: Sorry Bhaijaan and thank you for letting me know…
Halima (in mind): I can’t stay here… I really want to meet him… But I am going to be late for College… and anyways why would a famous singer like him fall for me…. I am such an idiot….
Halima then takes the short cut and leaves from there….
Episode ends
“When someone knows a duck… It means duty but when loving is hard… you know something else”

Recap: Some goons tease Nikhaat and Zahad saves her… Zahad drops off Sanju and Nikhaat home and then they both talk for a while … Aliya still thinks her to be husband is Zain because the picture she saw…. Zuha talks to Zoya about something… Zoya thinks of meeting the Khan family because they knew her mother… She reaches the place and talks to Dilshad and by accident she enters Asad room and they both fall on the ground… Aahil tries talking to Sanju but she doesn’t hear him… Again Sarah sees Zubair again at the place where she applied for a job… they both start fighting to be the same thing… Humeria tells Nikhaat she loves Ayaan but she knows he doesn’t…. Ayaan is flirting with another girl and she sees it… Razia talks about her plan with someone….Sunheri and Rehaan meet again and this time he steps on her foot and she starts screaming and he remembers it’s the airport girl (Flashback will be revealed of the airport scene) Zain and Rizwan reach Bhopal to make Aliya’s marriage happen to Zeshaan… Aliya starts talking to Zeshaan romantically and Zain thinks something is wrong… Rizwan and Zuha fight nonstop…. At night while Halima was coming from home alone some goons start chasing her… she sees a car and goes inside the tank… and the car belongs to Armaan then he starts driving it and she gets scared… After some time he hears a voice… Kriya and Rahim have a big past… Lastly Surriaya calls someone and tells her plan while Nafessa and Shazia smirk…

So guys this was the third episode….Remember Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Aha. So guys I hope you enjoyed this intro and if I get positive comments… I will continue to this ff… Anyways I am Nusz… Here are some other Fan-Fictions I write…aha

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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time because Ramadan is going on.

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    1. Nusz Khan

      Thank you Banju.


  4. Awesome, I also loved my role… Can’t wait, the precap seems Intresting, you rocked today’s epi…
    Love you ?
    Fee Amanillah ❤️

    1. Nusz Khan

      Thank you Hali-Dalima.


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