Qubool Hai 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Uch Sharif, pakistan
Sanam wakes up, besides a Pakistani checkpost, dizzy headed amd boggled, eyeing the blood, her head sustained after the injury from the fall. she manages to get up somehow, and groggily starts walking in a daze thrrough the forest. A stranger calls out to her and asks her questions about her, her whereabouts and her accident and she has no memory of it, as she walks in a daze. She ignores him, while he asks her questions, and she isnt able to answer any of them. The stranger tells her that the whole city is in ruins and terrorised, and asks her to return home before dusk falls in, and asks if she knows anyone closeby.

Later, Sanam aimlessly wanders around the streets, not knowing where to go. she seels a stranger for help, and says that she cant remember where she is from, but is very hungry and tired, and asks if she can help her. But she ignores her and walks away. she looks at strangers around her walking in their families. She thinks that everyone has a name here, then why cant she remember hers or anything else about her.

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Scene 2:
Location: Faisalabad Cantonment
A pakistani army officer is shown to ride on a bike, in the backdrop of a very distressing poetry. he checks in a Pakistani Cantonment, Faisalabad. He gets orders from his superior, that since Shashi Kapoor has died, he must have gotten over his obsession by now. He complies. Then he retires for his tent, where there’s a huge collage of newsitems regarding shashi Kapoor. He says that he knows the world’s biggest detective spy, Shashi Kapoor is still alive. He gets his father’s call, who accuses him of ignoring her and says that he shouldnt forget about his wedding tomorrow. He asks why he is being forced. His father says that he has promised his only sister’s daughter that she shall be married to his son, and he never breaks his promises. he angrily cuts the call. He thinks that Shashi’s name is embedded in his heart and soul.

He exercises rigorously saying that even though 14 countries who were searching for Shashi Kapoor, might consider him dead, but he wont, as his death is meant to by his own bare hands only. While exercising and then wasking himself with water, he is surprised to see a lady dressed in military combat, Wazira Ahmad, who’s smiling at him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil’s sisters’ observe that ahil is tensed and isnt eating. they both ask him to let her anger cool down, after which she would herself back back home. he says that she has never been this angry before, and not even right now, and there’s some problem. The other sister says that in extreme cases, the anger too is extreme. Ahil gets angry and asks her to mind her business and her language. He walks off angrily.

In the kitchen, the new bride is concocting some magic potion laced with her black magic, and a weird set up around it. gazalla and razaak see this and are shocked. Meanwhile Sanam’s face appears in the potion, and she sprinkles a red powder and then some red lidquid and stirs it up yet again. She puts her finger inside the boiling potion, while nothing happens to her. She thinks that actually the way to a husband’s heart is through the stomach, and once ahil drinks it, he would forget all memories of sanam, and then only she shall win his heart. Outside, both of them are shocked, as to what she is planning to do. As she is about to come out, they hide themselves so as not to be seen. She comes out, and tells them to clean the kitchen instead of keeping an eye on her. they are frustrated and disgusted, as to how she saw them. The new bride leaves for ahil’s room. Meanwhile, ahil comes out after having taken a bath, and then checkes his phone for any calls, and is tensed to see that there’s none. the new bride stands in the doorway eyeing his bare chiselled body. she comes inside, with the tray of juice. He is still bare torsoed, when the new bride comes and hugs him from behind, and he too revels in her touch even though surprised. he too takes her hand in his and cups them. He then turns around and eyes her, while she closes her eyes in anticipation. She is taken out of her dream, by his angry hollering asking whats she doing her and what does she want, as he completely covers himself. He says that he had told her to go, as he doesnt even want to see her face. she asks him to drink aftr which she shall leave. he is about to take the glass and drink it, when he hears the azaan’s voice, and leaves to worship and pray. She eyes him going, and thinks that he can revel in sanam’s memories for a couple more minutes, after which he would forget sanam completely. The screen freezes on the new bride’s face.

Precap: The Army officer asks Wazira not to worry, as he is going to lahore, and then everything shall be settled. In the riot stricken city, sanam wanders around helplessly, and then starts running for shelter, seeing mobsters.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Sanam 2 needs this. Hopefully, that pakistani army officer joins with his pair decided by his father. I feel so bad to see Sanam helpless. But just waiting Sanam and seher to meet each other and hopefully pakistani father sister daughter to be tanveers daughter. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Wht nonsence is tht?

  3. Am sick and tired of this mess called soap operas. Can someone pls tell me if all Indians only suffer from memory list or a hole in the heart? Why make your beautiful stories such so much? I know Sanam will be mistaken as the dead Kapoor lady oh my God such sick series. Now they have succeeded in taking the story to Pakistan as if all bad stories most go the. Does anyone here remember Indira Rishj Kumar of Hitler Didi? Aaaarrrggghhhhh

    1. yes i remembered Hitler didi had similar story. I think story writers out of immagination and they are coping other serial stories.

  4. This a a copycat story from a pass show…anyone ever watched a show called Hitler Didi (I think that’s what it was called)…the main actor found herself in Pakistan with lost memory, married some Pakistani with a kid…I didn’t watch much of that show but can tell right away, this is almost a carbon copy of that story…no originality these days; and not sure where this show is going or why the story keeps going off track…there were so many other angle, like Haya should have found out Rehan was her 1/2 brother…they had the same father. Sanam/Seher/Haya have aunts/uncles who no know ever heard from again…I don’t think Tanveer killed all of them…instead they bring in useless new characters that has no association to it’s original cast.

  5. LOL, just saw someone beat me in remember the Hitler Didi show…guess the writers need to go back to their pen and paper…been there done that…don’t repeat stupidity…I wonder if they get feed back from these comments, I hope so!!!

  6. This show has really really gone now….geez! They should just end this serial.

  7. the serial is getting worse…..

  8. this show ha really lost its flavor now it is prolonging toooooooooooooo much it should have ended a long time and with the death of tanveer that should have been the climax ending but no the stupid writer had to copy cat hitler didi and now it is making the show a whole lot of shit because they do not know what to write they are lost in transition end qubool hai please once the viewers have lost interest it is because the show has become boring and monotonous so do the right thing and end it

  9. time to end this stupid show now it as no future at all

  10. Yes Sharmi I remembered that show called Hitler Didi. This is exactly what I said in one of my comments recently,They are rewriting the shows with bits and pieces of older shows that had ended thinking that we the viewers are dumb asses that we cannot recollect what happened in other shows.This black magic episodes are so belittling to us women I cant say .This is what love is all above?Please send this magician away .we do not need to see that bull.I know Sanam ,the wife will bounce back again because she went through all these things already since in Zoya days therefore I am not surprised.As Zoya she went through hell with Tanveer.As Sanam she is stil.l going through.Sanam will conquer because her love for Ahil does not depend on some selfish things so it will never pass away.Why have they draped her in all this black clothing?This makes her look morbid.Bring the story line up writers it is becoming Boring.Put some life into it.

    1. I think they should ended the show with Tanveer death. I don’t understand why they have to continue this story???

  11. I cannot believe how this show has gone down hill. It used to be my fav.Now a waste of time.

  12. Stupid show..y they use sanam 2…that sanam 2 storyline useless…very boring…common writers one end ds show otherwise do anything gud…u dnt have mind means copy from other serial…pls kill ds sanam2.i hate her..

  13. I loved only asya missing them a lot the new storyline is crazy why did they even kill rehaan

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