Qubool Hai 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 8th April 2013 Written Update

ayan wakes up and asks for tea which rasia brings

rasia again reminds him about wedding
ayan irritated

zoya happily chatting with dilshad najma they all are happy as zoya is not going
tanu gives them all kheer
najma asks how come zo changed her mind so soon
zo says i wanted to go but all your words stopped me she remembers asad giving her job letter

rasia constantly pressurizing ayan

najma says i am very happy u will stay back
zo says a shayari

asad calls zoya she blushes seeing his name on her phone
zo goes aside and answers the call
asad asks which ticket she wants
zo surprised
asad says US tickets for friday I am booking for you as u want to go for ur sis anniversary
zo is furious/hurt that asad was just showing off but wants her to go
zo says wwhy friday do it for today and asad says fine

both are tense sad/hurt
break precap – ayan announces wedding
asad beings tickets

zoya is sad najma asks my holidays coming where will we go
zo syas i am going to US
dilshad najma shocked ask her the reason zo says she just wants to go
tanu super happy.

gosh rasia scaring again ayan saying she will call firoz
ayan asks her to stop this nonsense and says he will tell everyone
rasia happy
ayan comes to dining table all are there
ayan pulls humeeira to him and says I want to marry her

ayan’s family is shocked
rasia siddiqui are happy

zo packing luggage and frustrated angry on asad for fooling her

tanu happy to see her plight
she comes in asks why zo changed her decision
zo says asad doesnt wan me to stay back he is sending me away what can I say… he will not mind to drop me to US in his vehicle to send me packing

zo says asad has no emotion/concern towards her

zo says only u know about my sis anniversary how come asad knew
tanu says i just told while talking to him casually
zo says I know asad needs just one chance to send me off and he did all this drama to impress all…
zo says his heart is made of stone

rashid asks ayan if rasia is forcing him to marry hum
ayans ays he likes her a lot
shireen says hum is a good match for ayan
badi bee says i can clearly see rasia’s ploy in this
ayan says no he is in love with hum and wanna marry her
badi bee asks him to look into her eyes and say so

ayan cant and badi bee realises that rasia is upto all this and vows to stop her
shireen says few days back u told rasia is good and now u r saying she is evil
rashid asks BB whats all this is she hiding anythign
BB says she cant explain it now

asad comes home
dilshad says zo had cancelled going to US and now she wants to go
asad sys she booked ticket for sunday
dilshad says zo called her sis and told she wont be back then someone called her and she changed her decidion
asad is left wondering and thinks his call changed her mind
asad smiles thinking zo didnt wanted to go

nuzzat tells hum that ayan himself told he lovesu and wants to marry u
hum very happy and rasia happy to see her so happy

all ladies doing shopping in ayan’s home
nuzzat promotes DID super mom show

nikhat shows some dance steps
the guy from DID praises her… nikhat says shireen taught her
DID fellow asks shireen to take part

shireen dances with the guy for aaja nachle song

asad meets zo and they stare at each other
asad tries to explain hiding tickets but tanu pulls it from his hand where he was hiding and sys its zoya’s tickets

asya are sad
tanu says its tomorrow’s tickets
asad tries to explain zo says I didnt know you wud help me so much in going away from here
she takes the ticket and walks away
sad mitwaa in bg while asad stares

precap – asya talking to each other on webcam from their room and asad wishing her safe journey
zo walks off and asad says something which stops her and she turns around

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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