Qubool Hai 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 4th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
while zoya doubts tanveer, and turns around, she finds tanveer mocking her for the same. she is shocked. As tanveer leaves, zoya is sure that tanveer is behind this all. She goes to asad’s room and says that tanveer is behind all this and tells about the doubt regarding tanveer and places her as the murderer too. He is not willing to agree, and says that she knows noone likes tanveer and hence wants to put mamu’s blame for the crime on tanveer. zoya says that she has no reason to do it, as all events now indicate to tanveer. Asad is not willing to still agree and places mamu as the murderer, and asks her to stop this rant. he again threatens her, while she defiantly asks him what can he do, break off with her and he is happy to go away from her if he so feels, but she would prove that he isnt a killer. haider comes in saying that he is, but not of rashid’s.

Tanveer is lustily eyeing the jwellery, when razia asks whats she doing with her jewellery. tanveer says that these are her jewellery and not razia’s but resemble hers, and taunts her for the same. razia is confused. tasnveer tells that her jewellery is safe in the locker. when razia checks on the jewellery, and finds them the fake ones, tanveer turns around and tells razia that she can befool anyone but not her. razia agrees and demands to take the jwellery back. But tanveer says that she isnt in the age to have it anymore. Razia says that she wont let go. tanveer tells razia that if she wants them back, then she would reveal all of razia’s secrets. Razia too reciprocates the same.

Haider shows them the burnt pic, seeing which both asad and zoya are boggled. Zoya reaffirms that this proves that mamu isnt the murderer. Asad is confused whats tanveer doing with rashid. Haider says that the proof is right in front of him and he would have to believe it. Zoya says that this would save mamu. haider says that tanveer was with rashid till the last minute, but that still doesnt prove that she committed the murder. He says that mamu could still be the murderer. And hen ce mamu could still be convicted as all the evidence is still against him. Asad said that he just told that mamu didnt kill rashid, but is a murderer, then who did he kill. haider reveals to them that mamu killed his parents, and …and then stops. zoya asks who else did he kill, and is shocked to know that her father killed his parenst and asks when he did it, and why didnt he tell her. This surprises asad and shocks zoya.haider says that he would tell her. zoya says that she is his sister, and demands to know right then why mamu killed his parenst and goes berserk. haider says that she would know everything but right now, he asks her to let be, as he wants mamu to be punished but niot for other crimes. He says that they would have to expose tanveer and get mamu innocent. Asad asks why does he want to save mamu, if he killed his parents. haider says that he doesnt want to save him, rather he hates mamu, and wanted to spoil him and his family. zoya understands that as the reason why he married humaira. Haider agrees and tells them why he married humairas, to torture humaira and her father. he adds that he got successful too, and couold have left in peace. asad asks why he didnt go. haider says that he has grown up with hatred and rage, and never let love seep in. But this family loved him so much, zoya’s love and humaira’s love, which chained him back to this house. He fgoes out and gets humaira inside, who is tensed herself. He says tyhat he was emboldened by their love, and hence he told everything to humaira, who suggested that the criminal should be punished but only for their criems. He says that he wants to expose tanveer. Humaira stands beside haider, supporting him. haider says that tanveer is very shrewd and it would be very difficult to implicate her. Asad says that they have just two days to prove that tanveer was behind all this, as mamu’s heaing is in two days. Zoya says that she has a plan for that, but for that she would need everyone’s support. humaira refers to her as her sister, and hugs her tightly, shocking zoya and overwhelming her with emotions. She tells humaira that they would get mamu free.

As dilshad wakes up with a headache, she finds shirin standing there, with water. she complies and thasnks her. shirin says that when people do things for their own people, they shouldnt be thankful. Dilshad says that she is thankful that shirin accepted her and forgave her for everything. shirin says that it feels that everything slipped away and nothing remains now. dilshad asks her not to talk like this, as till the last breath, there’s a purpose of life and one day they would meet rashid, and when they do, they shall tell, that they werent at peace for a minute and whoever did this crime, would be punished. shirin says that she deserves the most punishment, as due to her, he had been tortured by razia and mamu. dilshad asks her not to feel guilty as she did nothing, but whoever did this, would definitely be punished, as asad and zoya would see that it happens.

Asad is shocked at zoya’s plan, and how she thinks. Zoya tells them that she knows tanveer and tells that tanveer thinks that asad and zoya are on the verge of a divorce and are waiting for a final blow, and that they would have to take advantrage of that. asad is not confident. But haider says that zoya’s plan has some substance, it coudl work and that this would checkmate humaira from all sides. Zoya says that they dont have time to think and they shall to implement the plan by tomorrow. Humaira says that she hoeps everything happens according to plan and no mistake happens. zoya says that there’s no scope of that. Humaira tells zoya that they share the same grief, but she was more concerned for mamu that she herself. They bod each other goopdnight, and haider and humaira leave asad and zoya in the room. zoya closes the door behind them. Asad ahnd zoya eye each other tensedly, and then look away. the screen freezes on their tensed faces.

Precap: Asad profusely asks for an apology, for mistrusting her and torturing her like that. Zoya says that she would forgive him on one condition, that he would never again talk of leaving her, and distancing himself. Asad promises that nothing would seperate them ever, not even death. Meranwhile, while tanveer is lying around, razia puts a knife around tanveer, neck, and tells her to beware beforev she plans and plots anything against her and tells her that she has no right anymore to her, her husband and her jewellery. tanveer reminds her that she is the other woman, and mamu’s second wife. razia tells her that she is sadly mistaken as she doesnt remember that she has divorced mamu. tanveer is confused. She shows tanveer the dvorce papres that she manages to implicate, by forging. Tanveer is shocked..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. Wow. You really should have some patience. I’m sure the updater is doing their best to get it done on time. If you’re that impatient, watch it yourself.

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  6. ayan is still not to be found

    1. I think that because of the leap they said that it is not necessary to bring him back
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