Qubool Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At asad’s relative’s residence
Asad comes close to zoya, with the rose in his hand, and gives it to her, and places her hand on the stem, and engulfs it with his own, and says that what she wanted him to say, with feelings, that he is the luckiest man on the earth to have gotten him. Zoya is boggled.(MITWA MOMENT). He retreats back, and asks if her condition is fulfilled now, and leaves. Tanveer sees this and is disgusted, that zoya is increasingly growing close to him. Razia joins her from behind, startling her, when tanveer turns around. Razia mocks the lie that tanveer had concocted about zoya on the phone, and reprimands her for that. She says that she knows about the engagement. Tanveer tells her what happened. Razia says that anyone can guess that their engagement may be fake, but their love is real, and that this task is beyond her now. She says that she made a mistake trusting her, and goes away. Tanveer is disgusted

Dilshad while socialising, sees rashid when she turns around and is shocked. she quickly turns her head away. Asad asks her what happened, but before she answers, she finds zoya talking again animatedly about the ring, and says that he should head home. Dilshad agrees. While asad goes to get zoya, dilshad tries to go away from there.

As dilshad tries to escape seeing rashid, she collides into shirin and is shocked
Shirin says that she thought, after the gap of 17 years, they might become friends someday, but she didnt know the venom she had in their heart. Dilshad tries to clarify that its a misunderstanding. But shirin says that now she knows her true face, and asks why she spoiled her children’s happiness, juts because her asad wasnt getting married. Dilshad reprimands her fr talking like this, as she’s easily mouldable by people. But shirin doesnt listen to anything.

Razia also watches them amongst other guests, and thinks that before this misunderstanding is cleared, she should intervene. Razia asks why is tlking indirectly, and should straight forward say that razia is behind this. Dilshad asks her to stay out of this. Razia instigates shirin, that she knows that razia knows her truely, therefore doesnt want her to interfere. Dilshad tells shirin that she would talk later, and hence they shouldnt create a drama about this. She turns to leave, but is stopped by shirin, who holds her hand. she says that they would talk right now, about what they hd to face because of her, and asks why doesnt she leve her and the kids alone. She accuses dilshad of sppoiling ayan’s happiness, just because his engagement was happening before asad. Dilshad stops her, and says

rashid is shocked to hear this.

Zoya talks to her brother in law

Asad says that he hopes that she didnt tell him about the engagement. Zoya asks him to stop talking about the same thing, and that he shouldnt interfere about what she talks to

Zoya says that he would never understand this, as he’s emotionally challenged, that she can never explain this to him

Asad asks what does she want from him. Zoya says that

Asad says that he has said everything. She tells him that he feels that he has just sympathised with her, and saved her from going, and if it mattered to him anyhow, that she would stay back, and if that ring never meant anything else for him. Asad says that does she want to hear that he feels for her. (MITWA MOMENT)Zoya composes herself, and says that

Nazma comes in and asks her to come soon.

Shirin accuses her time and again, about stopping ayan’s marriage. haseena too says that who would give their daughter to such a woman who has been deserted. Rashid stops her, and reprimands them for saying liek this. Shirin says that what everyone’s saying is right, and asks dilshad if she felt bad hearing the truth. Shirin asks

Razia says that such women are habituated to

Shirin says that haseena is right in calling her a deserted woman, and this would forever taint her and her kids. She says that what dilshad has done, she would never be happy herself, and since ayan

Shirin says that asad may be rashid’s elder son, but asad would never get married and that is a crse that she places as a mother. Dilshad is shocked to hear this.

Dilshad, unable to hear this, curses shirin that she herself is a second woman, who can never be the first wife. She says that shirin might think

She says that she was quiet for 17 years, but not anymore. she tells razia to have some shame, as she would one day go to God. She goes to rashid, and says that its good that he’s silent, since that was expected of him, just like he did 17 years back. She says that now she understands why his own son hates him so much. She goes to shirin and says that she was never her enemy, but she never blamed her for anything, but regrettably she never could cme out of the trap that people built around her, and hence she stayed

She says that a wife can stay quiet, but a mother cant. Dilshad declares in front of everyone, especially shirin that asad would get maarried, and that too in the next ten days. Asad is very tensed hearing this, and everyone is shocked to hear this. Dilshad says that if they come, she wont be pleased about it. Saying so, she leaves, taking asad along with her. The screen freezes on Shirin’s shocked face.

Precap: Dilshad asks asad that he would have to get married in ten days. She asks him continuously if he loves zoya, as he has officially gotten engaged with her. Asad is in a dilemma to answer, as he feels zoya’s presence in the room, over his shoulders. zoya is tensed to hear the answer. Dilshad says that she has found her daughter in law. When asad asks who is it, she points to a direction, where both tanveer and zoya are standing expectantly..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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