Qubool Hai 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence, Faislabad, Lahore
Sanam keeps finding problems with the cook preparing for the feast. The cooks are shocked, as she continues to find fault, and says that she know no pakitani dishes, and instead presents a list of Indian Cusine that she excels in. while some have issues, one of the cooks asks her to do whatever she likes, as its celebration of her arrival in the house after all. He asks her about dessert. She blurts out that dessert shall be apple pie as he loves it very much, and is again haunted by faint memories of ahil. The cok is surprised, while she assures that she knows shaad’s likes and dislikes. While she gets to preparing dessert, shaad eyes her lovingly, from the kitchen window. She again starts ranting as to how she wanted to help in the kitchen, without making him say that there’s flour right on her nose. she finally asks if he had to say anything. he shows her a plate and she laughs out, and wipes it. Then she asks if he would like to taste her favourite item, and gives him Pudina Ki Chutney. One taste, and he is taken back to his childhood memories, of liking Indian dishes. He gets tensed, and she asks if there’s some problem. He says that it reminded him of his mother. She takes it as a compliment.

When she goes to her room, she finds a bful dress, and a card welcoming her to the family. Shaad comes out dressed, and she is full of admiration, and praises him too. she thanks him for the dress. He asks if she even realises how bful she is, when she smiles, and then says that he didnt get this dress. She asks who is it then. Misbah speaks from behind saying that she got it, for the bride of the house. sanam again tensedly looks at her, hanuetd by tanveer’s memories, and a severe headache engulfs her. Both misbah and shaad are tensed. he asks what happened, while she asks him to tell misbah to get lost as she doesnt want to see her face. Misbah tries to ask whats the matter as she did everything to welcome her, then whats the problem now. Shaad asks her whats the matter and why is she being so rude to misbah and her good intentions. He tries to ask what kind of behaviour this is, while she continues on her rant of sending her out. misbah leaves. shaad goes after her. Sanam says that she cant explain to him that she hasnt hated anyone in her life so much.

Misbah is hurt and expresses to shaad, that there should be a reason for hatred, and wonders what is her fault, that makes her hate her so much. she says tat she just accepted Aftaab’s descision to marry shaad, and then shaad’s descision not to marry her. She says that he can never fathom the dreams that a girl has for her dream wedding, and that she had built a future with him, and when the truth broke those dreams, she accepted the lord’s decision with a heavy heart, and that having forgotten everything she moved on, and just wanted to dress his bride. he apologises on sanam’s behalf. She says that she doesnt need to, as she has made a decision that she wont participate in this feast. He says that he shall talk to Jaanat. she says that it isnt needed, and that her decision is final. She leaves, while shaad is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While the newbride is getting ready, she is full of dreams of becoming ahil’s wife and the new begum. gazalla and razaak are tensed. she overhears them talking that when ahil finds out about her fake pregnancy, her dreams shall shatter. She says that just like her sister in law’s reports came to her use, so shall her baby. they are shocked. gazalla says that whatever it be, ahil wont ever accept her completely, as sanam rules his heart. She says that even if so, she would create situations, that he would listen to everything, and shall have to do everything she says, as the devil cant be gotten rid of, and she is a devil. she says that she controls ahil’s future as well as its ruins.

Ahil is surfing on facebook, having posted sanam’s pics, to find any tarces of her. He is tensed, when the new bride comes and stands. He asks what she wants. She asks if he means that she comes only when she needs something. She says that she knows the reason for the press conference, as he considers himself guilty of this child, and that it feels like a burden on him, and asks if he doesnt feel anything at all for the kid, as she knows that he doesnt like her, and maybe doesnt deserve his love, but today she stands in front of him as a woman bearing his child. He is tensed and shocked. She says that today for the first time, she heard the child’s heartbeat, and asks if he wont listen to it. The new bride is evilly happy, as it has its effect on ahil, who is extremely distraught. But to satisfy her, he comes to her, and bends down on his knees, while she smiles evilly. he places her ear next to her belly, with evident discomfort, but then his eyes reach across sanam’s pics kept on the side table, and he is shocked. she follows his gaze and is angry to see sanam’s pic. He gets up with a jerk. the bride asks how would he beckon the future, if he stays hung up in the past. Finally he turns around determinedly. Ahil vehemently and agitatedly tells the new bride that sanam isnt his past and his present too. While the new bride tries to make ahil understand that sanam might not be alive, ahil keeps vehemently denying this, and saying that he would do anything to get her back. He is distraught. he leaves, while she stands tensed. he is suddenly alarmed by the sound of glass shattering, and wonders how dare she break sanam’s pic. he goes up, and vents out his anger on her, and then finds that sanam’s pic is intact, and infact another of the pictures has broken down. She is meanwhile in tears. Ahil picks up the pic, while the new bride sits tensedly. Suddenly his eyes fall around her neck, and he is shocked, to see a huge wound, with blood gushing out. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: The new bride threatens ahil that for his own good, he shoulw present himself before the press conference, just like a married couple should, or else it wont take time for her to show everyone the wound. While shaad and sanam descend down, shashi kapoor, from hiding thinks that just a few moments more, and then this celebration shall change into grief soon. Later, Shaad lies unconscious and sanam is distraught wondering what happened.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Stupid episode getting tired of this boring story now

  2. this serial is going soooooooooo wrong why this witch of a sanam is getting away with her evil deeds and is about time ahil finds sanam I find gazalla and razack should start talking to ahil letting him know the truth about the evil sanam before it is toooooooooo late

  3. I just want sanam an ahil to get back together

  4. This is Tanveer back in action as Shashi Kapoor.I said it ,this is reincarnation to the highest point.Saad is Asad.Sanam is Zoya.Therefore the show has started again.I really do not care if the witch chops her neck off. She is too evil.Ahil,s heart is with his wife.I think what will happen she will take the baby from Ahil’s sister when she gives birth and use this child as his but something may happen to the child and a blood test or smome blood will be needed and Ahil will have to donate and the truth will be out.This happened in one of those past soap.I think it was Pavitra Rishna.What cuold be the matter with Saad?Perhaps she put some thing in the drink or food but why should she want to kill him.If Tanveer is plying Sashi Kapoor why did she killed his friend?This is turning into a mystery soap.Writers where are you taking us ?

  5. Hmmm perfect I love the new qubool hai . jus get that old ahil out and mk sanaam fall in love with shaad.

  6. Tanveer/mishba hates shaad she just want to get a key frm shaad thatz why she is acting too good

  7. Shaad and seher perfect. But sanam is always for ahil and could never be a shaads. Now even her real name is sanam raza ibrahim ,not sanam shaad aftab khan. Seher shaad aftab khan suits better than jannat shaad khan. Want sanam to come back to india to fight for her luv. Ahil and sanam always.

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