Qubool Hai 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia rushes upto the roof and talks to someone, very anziously, explaining everything that the doll is the only evidence that can free rashid from the guillotines. She asks her to get the doll anyhow, as only her i.e. BILLO RANI is capable of doing this.

Badi bi has severe pain in her legs and is unable to stand up. The doctor says that he’s sure that blood stopped circulating in her legs fopr some time, as slipping would have caused her to have a sprain in the leg and not a bruise. razia blames her old age and salvages the situation somehow. The doctor says that she would need complete bed rest, and goes on to prescribe some medicines.

While razia is sleeping, somebody tries to smother her with a pillow, and when she is able to get up, she finds noone but a chit asking her to speak the truth. she thinks that badi bi is behind this, but is baffled when she finds that badi bi is sound asleep in her bed, in her room.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Zoya tells her brother in law about the clue and that she knows her visa is abou to expire but she cant leave until after the hearing. She says that she would take care of herself and cancels the phone. she finds dilshad on the door, who confronts that she knew zoya had come for a reason but didnt know that it was her father. She asks why didnt zoya tll her. Zoya says that she didnt want to burden her with extra load, and asks her not to be angry as she’s at the final step. Dilshad asks that she’s leaving her important work to attend the hearing. The person who shouldnt come, is coming, and she hopes against hopes that asad wouldnt come in the court. After she leaves, zoya is determined that asad wont reach the court.

Zoya steals asad’s phone and calls up ayan, while asad is relaxing and introducing herself as the guest staying in asad’s house. She is very happy when ayan tells that she’s famous. But is surprised when he tells her that asad keeps referring to her as a mad, crazy person. She breaks into her poetry:

Sehra ki tapti mitti, allah se maange hai pani,
main nahi, aapke bhaijaan himself hai sabse badi pareshani!!!

She tells him that she has something important to talk to him. she says that rashid’s hearing is in two days, and asad has to be prevented from giving testimony against rashid in the court. She says that she has a plan in which she needs his help to prevent asad from going. ayan doesnt seem to believe that she can actually stop asad. She says that they would together do it and asks for his approval. Ayan asks the plan and she goes on to explain it to him. after hearing, he too admits that asad was correct in calling her crazy. After he cancels, zoya keeps the phoen back into place, but in doing so, she trips and falls on him instead, and he wakes up at the impacr(MITWA MOMENT) He asks what is she doing here. At a loss for an answer, she says that she had come her to see him if he needs anything. He asks why she came through the window and not the door. She again starts fumbling and says that she never opens the door, hence came in through the window. When asad says that he doesnt need anything, she begins to leave through the window, but asad asks her to go through the door. they both think of each other as fools.

Zoya intentionally talks about NH 13 in front of asad, to nazma, also talking about which bus to take, and what are the risks of crimes on such highways. When nazma asks if she’s going alone, she says that she would have to take the risk, for her important work. She tells nazma not to worry, as she would call her, even if nazma would be helpless. She says that she has also heard that there are landslides also, and then she wouldnt even get to call nazma. But she again asks nazma not to worry, all the while thinking how it would affect asad, who seems unperturbed, as she can handle anything on her own. She finally says that if anything finally happens to her, nazma should tell her relatives. Her sob story has its desired effect and finally asad gives in into driving her to that place.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
In order to finish off with the silence, she switches on the radio, but turns it off due to the strange songs playing. She tries to initiate a conversation. Zoya starts with her poetry but doesnt when she sees asad’s frustrated face, saying that she has something very serious to say to him. Zoya says that she has been living in INDIA for so long and that this is the first clue to she wishes that this clue would lead her to her father, and she’s thankful that he’s helping her so much in her quest. Asad too says that its OKAY. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 4:
Location: Outside a delapidated building
Zoya shows asad the building, that has an uncanny similarity to the photo that she has of the building in her tab. She takes asad inside and starts to search around for clues, highly excited that she’s close to finding her father. She finally spots a photo on the wall, which catches her eyes. seeing her gazing at it so hard, asad picks it up from the wall. Zoya shows asad the pic on the wall of the deteriorated building, which matches with the photo that she has, and says that ayan was right and they have been looking for this house only. The screen freezes on her tensed and emotional face.

Precap: Asad places a hand on zoya’s shoulder to comfort her. Zoya turns around and looks for solace in his arms and hugs him tight.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad, too finally, awkwardly hugs and wraps his arms around her, while she sobs on his shoulders.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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