Qubool Hai 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
While asad shocked tends to mamu, and tries to wake him up, taking the rope out of his neck, tanveer sizes her chance and stabs asad in the back. He is shocked and filled with a sharp pain. as she turns around, he is distraught to find tanveer standing before him. He takes her by the neck to strangulate her, but she jerks him off. She takes out the knife yet again. Tanveer says that he could have easily said the words, Qubbol Hai to her, but he didnt, and instead ruined, their happiness, and their lives too, just be rejecting her. As he doses off, she says that she understands that he’s in pain. Tanveer tells asad that she wont let him die so easily, as he still has to witness his zoya dying, a torturous death. He vehemently tells her that she would do no such thing, but she runs off. With great difficulty, he manages to get up, fighting the pain, but then collapses again on the floor, as he finds tanveer, rushing towards zoya, in a venomous rage, helpless and in despair, until his vision finally blurs and he gets unconscious.

Zoya hears a knock, and tells asad that it would just take her two minutes. tanveer’s voice saying that she actually has two minutes shocks her. she turns around to find her, with a blood stained knife, saying that she has two minutes to wish her goodbye. She eyes the knife, while zoya asks her what has she done. tanveer says that she has just done what she had promised, and did just that. zoya is shocked as she remembers it. Zoya begins to rush out, but she catches her by the hair and begins to throw her on the floor. As zoya tries to run, she is stabbed in the leg, and her screams wake asad out of his dizzy state. Zoya is in great pain. She drags zoya to herself, sayingt hat she would finish the game that zoya had started, and now she would win. zoya asks her to let go, for god’s sake. tanveer says that even the lord wont come to save her and her family today. dilshad is oblivious of whats happening, as she plays with the grandchildren. Tanveer tells zoya venomously that she would have to die and finally stabs zoya in the back. both asad and zoya cry in despair.(Sad MITWA) Dilshad notices a disturbance and gets tensed but doewsnt realise what it is. She asks the children to stay there only, and leaves to find out what happened. Tanveer turns her around and tells her that she wont let zoya die so easily, and would torture her to death. as she begins to stab zoya again, and zoya’s eyes are wide in horror, tanveer’s hands are stopped by asad, who manages to stop tanveer from stabbing zoya.

Dilshad comes to nazma’s room and doesnt find her there and gets tensed. she turns around to search for her somewhere else, where a blood trail coming from the bathroom, puzzles and shocks her to the core, as she opens the bathroom door, to find nazma lying in a pool of blood. she goes berserk and tries to wake her up, not believing what she sees right in front of her. she thinks about rushing to asad, and goes out of the room.

Finally Asad is able to throw tanveer away on the ground. He is distraught to find his zoya in such a condition. He takes zoya in his arms, and while they are clinging to each other, tanveer gets up, and finding her own face smeared with blood, and seeing them together, she is filled with venomous rage. She picks up the knife and stabs her yet again, and gives one final fatal blow to asad, and he falls beside zoya, much to her horror. Dilshad sees this, as she stands in the doorway and is distraught and shocked, overwhelmed with grief and horror. tanveer next gives a fatal blow to zoya, and she writhes and screams in pain. Meanwhile, tanveer’s wound starts paining bad, and says that she would have her revenge. asad and zoya turn around to find dilshad with sanam, who blocks haya’s vision so that she isnt affected. zoya signals her to leave and protect the children. Dilshad rushes out with haya, screaming for help, and sees that seher is missing. She takes sanam and haya, and runs out.

Outside, dilshad is rushing with Haya, nazma’s daughter and one of zoya’s twins, sanam on the road, dishevelled and distraught, until her energy finally gives in and she falls on the floor, tired and exhausted. she screams out in feeble voices for someone to help, in the isolated and deserted road.

Meanwhile, tanveer sprays the whole room, with kerosene oil, to burn the whole house down along with them. Both asad and zoya, lying on the ground at a distance, try to get their hands to meet, amidst the petrol, so that even death cant do them apart, as they both, in pain, still manage to look at each other with romance and love abrim in their eyes, for each other, as happy memories of their lives and marriage flash before their eyes. Finally their hands meet, and together they relive their memories from the past, about their love story and its culmination. Even as they face death together, they have a smile on their faces, as they relive the other accepting them in hands of marriage. Finally both asad and zoya breathe their last, together. tanveer splashes the entire house with petrol, and then lights up the matchstick, and sets the whole haveli afire, after giving it one last glance, the house, that recently bore testimony to four murders. She starts guffawing having had her revenge. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As the much awaited serial leap finally arrives, a young girl, perfectly resembling her mother, i.e. zoya, is shown to be praying asking the lord to let the bygones be in the past, and asking for the lord’s blessings on her and her family always. Meanwhile, in another corner, a young spoilt brat is shown to be basking having a sunbath by the beachside.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. U guyz aren’t alrite dey are nt supposed to die if anyone was supposed to die it shld be tanveer I hate u tanveer u r horrible it wld hav been bettre if dey had finished Qubool Hai dan doin dis

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