Qayamat Ki Raat 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav says no to Vaidahi

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Qayamat Ki Raat 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjana screams due to voice of Mantra. Vaidahi tries to run but the wall stops her. she says what is it that I can’t see? Karan.. The masked man comes and says your death is in front of you. I wont let you go. Gauri screams for help. A guru ji comes and helps her. The masked man runs. Vaidahi says Karan.. She says him injured. Vaidahi says Guru ji please help me. They take him to hospital.

Raghav calls on Karan’s number. Vaidahi picks and says he is injured. Come to the hospital. Raghav comes to the hospital. Vaidahi recalls her past looking at him. Guru ji tells him he is injured badly. Sanjana says Raghav would be mine but that Sadhu stopped it. He is going close to Vaidahi. He has to be mine.
Doctor says he is out of danger now. Vadidahi says don’t worry everything would be fine now. She says I recall everything. The picture you were talking about. The flashes.. I know what happened. I saw myself and you and our incomplete story. He says what are you saying.. She says you were right. I didnt trust you. I remember you. He says you weren’t the girl in my flashes. It is someone else.
Sanjana says Ragav would only remember what I want him to remember. With that thread in his neck he will see what I want him to see. vaidahi says I am your Gauri. He says my Gauri is someone else. Stop lying and doing this drama.

Raghav comes to haveli and starts working.
Sanjana tries to call him outside. Vaidahi says where are you going so late at night? He says I have to go somewhere. She says see who is with me. It is Raghav’s family. He is glad to see them. He hugs them. she says they met me outside. They were looking for you. is mom applies tika frmo temple on his head. SAnjana is angry. Sanjana says my magic wont work on him until he has it on
Vaidahi says I don’t know who is trying to part us like ur last life but i wont let them succeed.

Vaidai looks at Raj and recalls their moments together. She says we have to be together in this life at least. Raghav’s mom says we have to go now. Vaidahi says no you just came We have to talk a lot. His dad says you have work. Vaidahi says I would be glad to host you there. You can live here. They agree. Raghav shows them their rooms.
Raghav says thanks for being so nice to my family. She says I have a good heart. Raghav says you were saying something? SHe says says we didn’t meet in right team right. She says I was trying to make you understand. We were connected in past life. You were Raj and I was gauri. He laughs and says it wasn’t you. Please don’t joke around. She says I am not joking. He says why are you playing with my emotions now? Stop all this.She says no please try to understand. She says I dont’ want to understand.

Doorbell rings. Vaidahi opens the door. It is Raghav’s sister. Vaidah says talks to him. She says I feel like you like my brother. Like the way you respect our family. She says he isn’t ready to listen anything he is mad. She says dont’ worry he will calm down. He has a clean heart.

Scene 2
Next morning, Raghav’s dad says this is such a huge haveli. Raghav says I have planned how will we renovate it.
Sanjana comes there. She says Raghav would be in my magic again once I remove this tika. She asks her man to remove that teka. Vaidahi says Sudhesh you have to take care of our guests here. Raghav vaidahi start the work. Sanjana looks at them she is angry. Sanjan says I have to get grocery. She says yeah take this money. Sanjana makes the chandelier fall on Vaidahi. Raghav saves her. They fall on each other. Sanjana is angry. Everyone comes. Raghav’s mom says are you both okay? How di did it fall? Vaidai says I don’t know but he saved me. She says is tika applied on your head too. She says the relation you have is stronger. Raghav says what.. Vaidahi says stop denying that we have a connection. raghav says are you crazy? Stop playing mind games. There is no connection between us. He leaves.
Precap-Raghav says I really love sanjana and want to marry her. Vaidahi is in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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