Qayamat Ki Raat 17th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidahi and raghav kill kalasur

Qayamat Ki Raat 17th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guru ji says these books have all information of the black world. Shekhar says we don’t have much time. Karan says this the place where black magic is done on turns black. Vaidahi says we should ask people.
Vaidahi asks people of the village.

Kalasur orders his people to prepare. Sanjana holds Raghav’s hand. Kalasur starts the vidhi. They come near a cave but cannot enter.
Villagers and vaidahi see so many crows at a place. SAnjana ties a thread in Raghav’s wrist. Raghav’s face turns black. He turns into Kaal and screams.

Vaidahi sits down crying. She says you can’t part us. Please show us a way out. You know our love the truth. Please tell me how to reach to Raghav. The see a fire ball and follow it. They come outside the cave.
Kalasur says he is ours now. He is ready to be ours.
Vaidhi sees a knife. It will open the door. Vaidahi says I will only returns with Raghav.

Vaidahi follows the dagger. A girl stops Vaidahi. She says Kalasur is making Raghav kall. You have to know the truth. I can only tell you the secret.
Vaidahi and that girl come to the cave. She kills Kalasur’s men.
Sanjana comes to Vaidahi. She says I asked you to stay away from Raghav. Vaidahi says he is husband. You can’t make him yours. Sanjana says I am a witch. She throttles her. Vaidahi stabs her. she says burns. Raghav comes there. Vaidahi says Raghav.. That witch. I am your vaidahi. Raghav throttles her. Vaidahi says please leave me. She throws sidnur on him.

Raghav comes in his senses. Kalasur’s men and part Vaidahi and Raghav. Vaidahi stabs them. Kalasur sys I am back. Tantriks never die. Vaiahi says you have to die. Vaidahi says I will keep fighting you. She says my dagger will work today only. Vaidai beats Kalasur. Vaidahi says raghav go from here and take this mangalsutra. Kalasur has kidnapped all this family. Vaidhi gives him the dagger and says leave my family. He leaves them and takes the dagger. He says vaidahi get ready to go with me. He drags vaidahi out. Dadi says please leave him. He can’t exit the house and falls down. Guru ji comes with the dagger. Raghav picks the other dagger. Kalasur says I wont let you kill me. You will die. Raghav faces his powers with the dagger.
Vaidahi and Raghav stab him. He disappears. Guru ji says love always wins over the devil. Raghav makes Vaidahi wear her mangalsutra and fills her hairline. Raghav hugs her.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I think show has ended… As new show is going on air from this weekend… But going to miss the show.. It was nice supernatural horror show

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