Qayamat Ki Raat 16th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ajay sees Mishka and Karuna

Qayamat Ki Raat 16th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says to Roma there is a door that connects to Kalasur’s house. Roma says how will we look for it? Gauri says here is the thread that Karuna cut. Please wear it.
Gauri sees Raj sleeping on the couch. She pours water in his jug. Gauri sees hair near him. She picks them. There is a scar on neck. She recalls Karuna saying you wont know what happened.

Karuna comes to Ananiya. Ananiya says you can’t do anything. Go from here right now. I will shout. Karuna says shout. Before they come I will kill you. I was missing you. I was missing you a lot. Ananiya is scared. Karuna says you will miss me after I go as well. she leaves.

Menakshi isn’t sleeping. Vikram says please sleep. Why are you disturbing me. She says in heart I have to keep an eye

on Gauri.
Karuna sees Gauri meeting Dharam. She says in heart why is he here? Gauri says to Dharam something is wrong. Look at this scar and the hair. He says send me this photo. i will try to find out.

Menakshi says I should tell Karuna. She turns back and collides with Karuna. Menakshi screams. She says what are you doing here. Karuna says I cme here. Menakshi says Gauri is with Dharma. See she is married. They are doing something wrong. Menakshi goes downstairs and stops Gauri. She says where did you go? Everyone comes. Menakshi says ask your daughter in law who was she meeting. Roma says she is our daughter in law. Menakshi says what is going on between you and Dharam? Why were you meeting him in dark. Karuna says Gauri hates Raj. Gauri share your problem with me. roma says only I will ask her. Prithvi says Gauri.. Raj comes and says Gauri I wont ask you anything. I trust you completely. Dharam is her friend. She can meet and talk to him. What’s the big deal. What do you mean by all this? I trust her. And chachi stay out of this. I didn’t tell Garui about the accident because Karuna asked me not to. Now I wont let anyone come between our relationship. Karuna says I just wanted your heart not to break. Roma says never make such issues again Menakshi. Everyone go to your room now.

Raj goes upstairs. Karuna looks at him. Gauri holds his hand. They walk upstairs.
Karuna says to Mishka we have to separate Raj and Gauri. We have to make another accident.
Raj closes the door. Gauri stops him. Gauri says Raj you said i have right to open this door. You trusted me so I can trust you too. I want to know that you didn’t do it. It was an accident. Raj caresses her face. Gauri says Raj I trust you. Raj comes close to her.

Mishka says to Karuna do something. Why should I do it all. Karuna says I already did. now show how good you are. Mishka says then see. The fan falls on Roma. She screams. Gauri and Raj rush to her room.
Everyone comes. The fan fell on her hair. Gauri says mummy ji are you okay? Gauri calls the doctor. Karuna says you wont know Gauri madam. I wanted to kill her but she saved herself. You think you can save your family with this thread? I can kill anyone. Roma could die today. Raj’s mom would die today. If you ever go close to Raj one y one all of these people would die. Gauri goes in. Ajay comes out.

Kalasur says Gauri and Raj can never be one. He says to the black hat woman you have to separate them because you live with them. Kalasur says you have to bring Gauri to me. Do something that she comes to me herself. I want her here after 15 years.
The black hat woman comes from that door Gauri sees her walking in the corridor. She says who is that. Gauri follows her. gauri wonders how she came in the house. Karuna sees Gauri following the black hat woman. She says if Gauri sees her Kalasur would be helpless.

Karuna stops Gauri and says Ananiya would be in trouble. Gauri goes running to Ananiya but she is asleep. Gauri says so she lied to save that woman.

Scene 2
Prithvi holds Gauri’s hand and says you will be fine. Gauri brings their breakfast. She says please enjoy.

Ajay says to Gauri i wanted to tell you something. I saw someone coming to Roma’s room. there was a woman in black. She ran from there. And Karuna was talking weird to you. There is something strange. Gauri says its a long story. He says after last night I know there is something. That girl in black was saying tantrik something. We should inform police. Gauri says you can’t tell police. I will tell you what it all is.
Gauri goes with Raj to take Roma to doctor.

Ajay calls Dharam and says we have to go to Sumergarh. Gauri had to go with Raj. Dharam says I will pick Gauri. She told me you know everything. Gauri asked me to talk to you. Be there. He says okay I will bring Gauri.

Gauri Raj and Roma come to doctor. Gauri says ma did you see the woman who dropped the fan on you? She says ma there was someone with Karuna as well. I have to go to Sumergarh. They are planning something big. karuna says Gauri bring the prescription from home I forgot it.
Ajay picks Gauri.

Dharam waits for Gauri. He asys where is she. She said she will come to the market. He sees something in the paper and says Gauri shouldn’t go to sumergarh. I have to stop her.

Precap-Karuna says to Raj Gauri still believes in all that. Raj sayas she promised me she doesn’t. Gauri and AJay are on their way. Dharam meets an accident. Raj is on his way to Sumergarh. Mishka stops him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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